After months of obtaining ready, you’re lastly ready because that nursing school. Every those months of research, test-taking, acing your exams, and picking the right programs… and also now the actual fun is about to begin.

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Maybe no one told girlfriend – but nursing school is expensive! and you have to buy so lot of your own equipment. Your list is walking to have scrubs, laboratory coats, parenting shoes, and… a watch through a sweeping 2nd hand.

Is the a normal watch or a one-of-a-kind watch?

Let’s take a look in ~ what kind of watch the instruction manuals average in stimulate to collection you up for success – both in the classroom and with a patient.

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1) because that Nurses, a sweeping-hand watch is just a typical analog clock
2) need to my clock Sweep, or have to it Tick?
3) So do Nurses require an automatically Watch, or is Quartz (battery) okay?
4) Watches the DON’T fit the Sweeping-Hand Criteria for nurses
5) Conclusion: Watches v a sweep for registered nurses

For Nurses, a sweeping-hand clock is just a common analog watch

The bottom line is this: “sweeping hand” has had plenty of definitions over the last few centuries (which us will acquire into later). In the context for nurses, it way a constant old-school watch the looks choose this:


This Orient Ladies’ Automatic is the only readily-available sweep-hand clock (both concentrically-mounted seconds and automatic) that I might find that was under $100, from a trustworthy brand (Orient is owned by Seiko – a really reputable Japanese watchmaker), and had a legible dial.

If you’re identified to follow all the rules to the letter, do yourself a favor and also get this watch. I think the overkill though – a proper quartz clock will perform the trick. This one should survive program hand-washing, yet I wouldn’t soak it – even with 50m water resistance, it’s still just a dress watch.

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To far better understand, let’s take it a look at part watches that perform NOT fit the sweep-hand criteria for nurses, and also why.