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Episode 147: now We’re just Falling Apart


Amethyst foreshadows her upcoming designation together the most mature crystal Gem by acquisition over exposition duty indigenous Pearl, and by gift pretty chill around the Pink Diamond expose after her loud reaction at the finish of A single Pale Rose. On optimal of obtaining our details down, her flippancy sets up a fast tone of levity because that Garnet come shatter: Estelle barely it s okay to mutter a single line prior to Garnet’s wedding, but she does she duty fine by priming the bomb that explodes once she defuses.

The most obvious comparison for Ruby and also Sapphire’s fight is Keystone Motel, which gift the usual dynamic of Ruby’s temper matches Sapphire’s temperance the gets flipped ~ above its head together Sapphire screams through rage and also Ruby do the efforts to patience her and talk that out. However while their first on-screen hit is a helpful touchstone, i think the more compelling moment to reexamine is as soon as Garnet speak her means through a breaking suggest in maintaining It Together, especially considering the heat from Ruby the prompts Sapphire’s terrible outburst in present day: “We couldn’t have known!”

They’re the specific words that Sapphire supplied when faced with an abomination the was once several of her friends: “We couldn’t have known castle would perform this!” after ~ going earlier and forth in between Ruby’s livid red eye and Sapphire’s grieving blue, the seer’s following line said us whatever we need to know about her rage in retrospect: “Rose couldn’t have known.”

Both of these statements end up being false: Pink Diamond certainly could’ve known around her sisters’ experiments (I frankly don’t think she did, however we obtain no evidence either way), and Sapphire could’ve cracked the whole situation if not for she love and also her loyalty. Which, that course, brings her to question her third line in the scene: “It’s not our fault!”


From here, the illustration shifts in the direction of Pearl, because this is a story around the decision Gems regardless of Garnet being the key character/concept. Sapphire remains appropriate as the recipient of this story, specifically considering how this version of events clashes v Garnet’s from your Mother and Mine, and also how the flashback is framed as a counterpart to The Answer. However it soon becomes clear that we’re wasting no time learning much more about Pink Diamond currently that the dam has opened.

We’re introduced to Pinky and the mind as they do the exact same thing they perform every night: shot and take end the world. Because that the 2nd and last time, Susan Egan dram Pink Diamond, ushering in the birth of her new identity ideal after reflecting us the death of she old one. And also true to what we’ve viewed of she so far, she’s a dorky boy with no principle of her intense power.


For the just time in the series, the Kindergarten is viewed as a place of development rather 보다 destruction, through chipper music to enhance Rose’s glee at seeing life emerge “from nothing.” The emphasis on the decision Gems as a whole is reinforced with a quick aside because that Amethyst: not only is she explicitly shown to be late, however Pearl’s long-running feud arguably gets its start when another amethyst pushes rose to the ground.

It’s likewise here that Rose an initial starts flirting with Pearl, through Egan including some sass together she whispers around getting in trouble before switching back to kid setting with a dopey chortle. Together Pearl continues to administer ideas, Pink continues to praise her, and also Pearl is presented to have method more leeway 보다 her yellow and also blue counterparts by straight-up objecting come Rose’s plan to store hanging out with Amethysts. Even though Pink clearly has more power in this relationship, you obtain the sense that Pearl was sent out to dual as butler and babysitter by the Diamonds, and both that these roles are filed under as their adventure continues.

Despite the Kindergarten’s hopeful portrayal, its mute palette permits the vivid colors of planet to shine when our duo ascends from the canyon. Your montage mirrors Ruby and also Sapphire’s own expedition of the world’s wonders, fallout’s in love with the planet and each various other as they walk (so plenty of blushes!), however in this instance there’s a clear progression of what life has to offer. First we get the gorgeous flora the thrives just past the Kindergarten, climate insect life as climbed tries to catch a butterfly, climate fish in the stream, till at last she watch her very first humans. All the previous examples of necessary life fit right into Pink’s recorded appreciation for it (see: her adoption of the silly caterpillars from readjust Your Mind’s dream flashback), yet this time the organics look an horrible lot like the constructs jewel have created for millennia.

By the time they go back to the Kindergarten, it’s morphed into the blight we understand so well. Choose Ruby and also Sapphire when they land on the surface, and also like Peridot as she bring away a vast step right into the unknown, Rose and Pearl come to be Crystal gems in a renewing rain.


And the results shows an additional nuanced optimistic on Rose’s end: she has actually selfish instincts, however given time she does think about others, as she only now realizes that she should’ve helped Garnet quite than flee. It’s a reversal of her son’s problem, which is instinctively help others yet needing time to realize he deserves aid as well, and with this new insight we can return come the pivotal scene of The Answer indigenous a new point that view. Climbed didn’t love Pearl in a healthy and balanced way, and also she wasn’t as saintly together Garnet thought, however for all her an individual failings and also all the unrepaired damage she caused, our critical solid watch at she reveals a Gem who had every reason to it is in evil however tried to it is in good, and that’s what made she something the a hero, even if she flaws made she something that a villain.

This brand-new perspective isn’t minimal to Rose, together we cut back to the future and also get a brand-new perspective for Sapphire and also then Pearl as both the them realize back-to-back the Garnet and Pearl to be the original Heart of the decision Gems. Her Mother and also Mine to be a myth around a god, however Now We’re only Falling personally is the origin story the a family, emphasize by showing the actual occasions rather 보다 stylized silhouettes. Us still obtain style, however it comes in subtler ways, favor our focus on Rose and also Pearl’s feet as they become much more connected to the Earth, and also surrounding Rose’s Fountain with bitter ice fairly than soothing water until Sapphire thaws.

Sadly, no everyone benefit a brand-new perspective, and I’m not just talking around Ruby and also her note that was thoughtful sufficient to usage blue instead of red yet couldn’t also predict exactly how much an are was essential to fit Sapphire’s name on one line.


This isn’t the critical time we’ll hear Susan Egan top top the show, together she voices most of the Pebbles together Zach Callison, and also her old tape summary plays in climbed Buds. However in valuable terms this is her last appearance as Steven’s mother, which fits in perfectly with Lion 3: then we were presented to Egan as climbed in her last chronological step (continued summary in Lion 4), and here us say goodbye come Egan as increased in her first chronological scene. Climate she was pure and also loving and wondrous, and also now she’s complicated and real, and also both time we’re left wanting more.

It’s a satisfying finish for rose Quartz, in part because it’s eventually unsatisfying: we learn so much around her, yet there will constantly be additional questions that require answers, and also we’ll never gain them. That’s the tragedy of death. No issue how big she looms end Steven Universe, she’s gone, and all we have actually of she from currently on space stories and also the echoes of her voice. Because that the rest, every we deserve to do is imagine.

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If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have inconsistencies…

Granted, the title of this episode is quickly followed by “nothing we can say, a full eclipse of the heart” and also it works. Yet given right here Comes a assumed exists, I’m baffled that this illustration isn’t called This is exactly how We loss Apart.

We’re the one, we’re the ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

An fantastic last watch at climbed Quartz, and an excellent first step in the mainly of Garnet. I think excellence is worth loving!

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