Is it ok to usage this phrase once somebody ask girlfriend to perform lunch sometime and you actually carry out not desire to go yet want to it is in polite?

If friend actually perform not desire to offer the choice of law Lunch one more time, what is the best way to say "no" politely without hurting this person"s feelings?

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I am not feeling up for it is not idiomatic come me. It appears to it is in a conflation that two various expressions.

I am not feeling approximately it.

means "I am not well enough to execute ...",


I to be up for it

means "I am willing to take component in ...", through an implication the the activity is in some way challenging.


"I"m not feeling up for it" is one expression used in the us to show that, while the speaker might be ready to engage in the proposed task some time in the future, right currently they"re so tired/ill/busy/nauseated by the various other party the they don"t feel choose participating at the current moment.

The expression has the "advantage" the some degree of fatigue/illness is comprise to it is in the cause of this rejection (and it"s not generally polite because that the various other party to "pry" regarding the reason for the "feeling"), therefore it"s not (overtly) a enjoy on the various other party or ~ above the propose activity. As such, it"s a fairly polite means to refuse an invitation.


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