(I recognize this is in the not correct section but no one has actually replied to my thread and also I have waited like half a day)

Both same price. I m sorry one has far better performance.

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Is this instance fan exhaust or entry or can be both?


Noctua fans are beast. Lock have better airflow and far better static pressure. I haven"t looked at tough numbers yet I have the right to probably safe say that the Noctua is better.

Also Noctua fans have the right to be quite quiet if lock aren"t spinning also hard, but they have the right to be pretty loud too. Given Noctua pan on that one i don"t view it gaining as loud as their commercial brand however.. I am a substantial fan of Noctua, heh, obtain it?


But yeah, your fans are good when it comes to getting air v heatsinks, rads, or just used as an entry or exhaust. Lock are an excellent fans with great static pressure and also airflow.

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Posted October 30, 2015

I"d guess the Cryorig would be far better just since it"s watch a little bit thicker, i haven"t got much to walk on. I couldn"t even find any reviews because that it.


Edit: Infact, looking in ~ the specs, the Noctua apparently has more mass, so perhaps that can be better
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The Noctua has actually a 65W TDP if the Cryorig has actually a 100W TDP. Therefore, The Cryorig has actually way far better performance 보다 the Noctua. 

All TDPs space the "official" pmes indigenous Cryorigs and also Noctua"s websites.

A coolers TDP is how reliable it is in ~ dissipating warm from the CPU so higher a coolers TDP is, the better it is in ~ cooling, choose

A coolers TDP is how effective it is at dissipating heat from the CPU so greater a coolers TDP is, the better it is in ~ cooling, prefer
PumaXCS said. Where you can be confused is the a CPU/GPU"s TDP is just how much heat the chip provides off and most human being prefer a reduced TDP GPU/CPU as it way less heat produced and also less power consumed.

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TLDR: Just get the Cryorig C7 and also take our word because that it.

I can"t right two brand-new CPU coolers


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