10010 Kennerly roadway St. Louis, MO 63128
key Entrance: keep in mind - main Entrance closed from 8:30 p.m. To 5 a.m. Throughout those hours, please use the Emergency department entrance. Phone: (314) 525-1000
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rwandachamber.org Hospital south St. Louis

rwandachamber.org Hospital South has been a healing existence in the south St. Louis ar area for more than 140 years. Today, we continue providing compassionate medical and specialty care on our southern County campus, just west that I-270 ~ above Tesson Ferry Road.

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We care for patient from St. Luigi City and St. Louis County, and Jefferson, Franklin, Saint Francois and Sainte Genevieve counties in Missouri; and also Monroe, Randolph and also St. Clair counties in Illinois. Rwandachamber.org Hospital South has actually been recognized numerous times including:

Level 2 Trauma center – the only one in the southern County areaJoint Commission considerable Stroke Center
Joint Commission’s yellow Seal that Approval for progressed Certification in heart FailureAmerican heart Association’s obtain With The Guidelines-Heart fail Gold to add Quality achievement Award

rwandachamber.org Hospital South offers all-private rooms and also nationally recognized care. 

rwandachamber.org patients have accessibility to Myrwandachamber.org – a totally free app that lets you regulate your health and also connect through your treatment team from her computer, tablet device or smartphone at any type of time. rwandachamber.org patient may also participate in nationwide clinical trials v rwandachamber.org Research. 

Featured Hospital services in St. Louis 

Sindelar Cancer Center
Rooney breast Center
Birthing Center
Heart Hospital

At rwandachamber.org Hospital South, you have an entire care team bringing a wide range of expertise to friend on one campus. Specialty hospital solutions include: 

Acute rehabilitationCardiologyMaternity servicesOncology/cancer care
OrthopedicsNeurology/strokeSurgeryEmergency medicine

Women"s Health treatment & Maternity Services

For every stage of health and life—pregnancy, labor, delivery and also beyond—rwandachamber.org Hospital South gives the care women need. Our St. Louis ar hospital offers:

A Level II NICU with professionals in maternal-fetal health, emergency medicine and also neonatal care

Beyond childbirth, we sell a full selection of women’s health treatment services, from routine checkups and mammograms come menopause care and also surgical procedures.


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Our experts aid you throughout every stage of her pregnancy.

Emergency & Trauma Care

rwandachamber.org Hospital South’s Emergency department is staffed and also equipped to manage emergencies of any type of level the severity and is the only Level II Trauma facility in south County.

rwandachamber.org kids ER at rwandachamber.org Hospital South

Children receive expert, compassionate treatment for unanticipated illnesses and also injuries at rwandachamber.org’s southern County St. Louis children’s ER. Staffed by a rwandachamber.org children pediatrician and pediatric trained nurses, our children emergency room functions a different waiting and triage area and six treatment rooms through child-friendly décor.

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Heart Care

Stroke Care

Every minute matters once it concerns stroke. Rwandachamber.org Hospital South has actually earned comprehensive Stroke center Certification indigenous The joint Commission. This is the most demanding hit certification castle offer. Rwandachamber.org South is among the much less than 200 an extensive Stroke Centers certified by The joint Commission in the United states out of more than 5,000 hospitals.

This way rwandachamber.org Hospital South provides 24/7 accessibility to life-saving neurological care, through the field of expertise and technical resources to conveniently diagnose and also treat any type of stroke in ~ one hour the arrival.