NIVEA Skin Firming human body Lotion, formulated through Co-Enzyme Q10 complicated and Hydra-IQ, is proven to provide firmer much more toned skin within two weeks.

benefits The Q10 and also Shea Butter enriched formula firms and also improves skin elasticity in as little as 2 main attributes Dermatologically tested and also approved

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First product evaluation ever however I wanted to present some love because that my favourite product.I got this Nivea gelatin stuff because I was finished v the emerging wrinkles on my neck. I"m 44 and have really good skin however my neck was beginning to look at crinkly and also my chin had actually a little turkey waddle. I read that retin-a was good but couldn"t find that in the drugstore. I uncovered retinol or whatever but the Nivea v CoQ recorded my eye b/c it was 2 because that one and also I thought it can tighten increase those areas. Well, ns swear top top a stack of Bibles, it works! i am going come buy a bunch that bottles hang on to them therefore I never ever run out!!! totally shot it.

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Most Helpful critical Review

Not a good Lotion because that Dry Skin

I supplied the product daily after bath for a month and did not see any difference in skin firming on mine target locations of arms and legs. I have dry skin so it also was not moisturizing in ~ all. It can work because that those with regular to oily skin. I found another brand that uses both firming and also moisturizing for my dried skin type; so ultimately I went back the Nivea Q10 to add Firming.

Reviewed through 127 customers

A Staple!


Alyssa fromNY

Been making use of this lotion because that over ten years!! It"s so lightweight and also no extreme scent, either. For sure love it. I definitely feel and see a little of a difference in mine skin in regards come firmness, but nothing extreme. Still, this product is my absolute favorite!

Love LOve LOVE!!!


Kayla11 fromIowa

Silky Skin, good Scent, No Greasy Feel!!!!

Quick and Simple


Siobhán fromGeorgia

I prefer this product due to the fact that it isn"t thick and is basic to apply. That doesn"t have actually a odor either i beg your pardon is a plus for me. If it greatly absorbs fast, I carry out feel choose my skin feels tacky because that a couple of hours afterwards. No sticky, so in its entirety not the worst, but I feeling like as soon as my arms room bent I have the right to feel the pull on the inner elbow once I stretch out, if that provides sense.. Still will continue to usage the product until it"s gone however doubt I will certainly repurchase it.



meg fromMiami, FL

I simply wanted a human body lotion, however this is so nice! blends into my skin effortlessly, and has a irradiate scent. The odor is prefer a floral infant powder mine mom has stolen a few pumps here and there because she loves the to. I do have to re apply every couple of hours or so yet that"s because I have actually psoriasis/dry skin.

Longtime staple


Jean fromMN

Over 15 years utilizing this lotion, staple in mine bathroom and also bedroom

Nice and also soft


Aging well fromCharlotte, NC

Love the way this isn"t sticky or heavy. Had actually a quite smell! ns beverage understand whether to to trust comments so i took a chance and also glad i did!!

Great for aging skin


Kappy fromPennsylvania

When I reached my mid-40s my skin started transforming quite a bit. Ns went through a many of various brands to discover something that worked. This one was best by much of keeping my skin soft and also eliminating the aging/crepe point that starts happening as we age. It"s mine go-to now.At first I didn"t choose the odor - it"s not bad, just not really lot of anything. It"s definitely not a scented lotion, which is probably good for perceptible skin like mine.

Best skin tight


Runner Jackie fromDallas

None greasy lotion- really works in tights the skin on you body.

Good product


frannymae fromAlabama

This lotion works an excellent for me & the price, is an extremely reasonable, for sure.

Love it!


Jackie fromPlymouth, MA

This product leaves me skin so smooth. It seems to it is in diminishing the figure of cellulite (of course, follow me side a wellness diet and exercise). I gain the smell. I took one star off due to the fact that it does show up to it is in a bit sticky, together others have mentioned. However, it"s no a vast deal to me, particularly for the price and results. I will proceed to purchase.

Lifelong user


Lrk fromMI

I began using this in the late 90"s once it first came out. Needless come say ns went through 2 pregnancies there is no one large mark. This is by far the ideal firming lotion. Lately it seems sticky come me. Not sure if they changed the formula however I"ll tho use.

Excellent lotion


Nana11 fromOregon coast

I usage this morning and also night ~ above legs, arms, chest, feet, and hands. Offers me smooth soft skin. Eliminates those dry bumps that type on earlier of arms. Use throughout the work on my hands, and keeps skin moist and cuticles soft. Love this lotion.

I love the scent!!!


Marina fromRancho Cucamonga, California

I made decision to buy this after buying the firming gel. I"m at this time using both. I"ve noticed some distinction in the texture and also firmness of mine skin. Even looks like my cellulite is reduced. I have really dry skin and also usually to buy lotion simply for that yet Spring is here and I don"t feel confident put on shorts yet. I work-related out 4-5 days out of the week but the earlier of my legs space not as much as my standards yet. Anyway, after buying this and also using it, I execute see innovation in my skin. Doesn"t dry out as it has to others. Surprisingly, it"s feels really supple. Yet to me that is sticky. Ns can"t sleep comfortably ns wake increase at the very least twice in the middle of the night since it renders me sweat even though i sleep through the pan on. Together I to be going through my cabinets recently, i realized i had an additional bottle indigenous a few years back. Ns guess ns forgot I have tried this before and also the factor I quit using the was since it do me feel uncomfortable resting with this on and also at that time ns guess having actually firmer skin wasn"t that necessary to me lol. So 6 years later on my skin has become really important come me and also I will proceed to use in addition to the gel because I carry out see improvement. Ns just need to wear my slinky trousers at night. I use both products twice a job to through the hopes it will keep firming mine skin.

I would certainly not purchase this again


Carrie fromChicago, IL

This lotion has actually a very perfume smell and dried the end my skin. I additionally feel like it didn"t firm mine skin at all and maybe even had the contrary effect. Ns don"t have cellulite (humble brag!) so, perhaps I would have seen a distinction if i did?

Smells good! but...


Meltheskincarelover fromWarsaw

I use this lotion as soon as trouble locations because that is what it"s for. I obtained rubbed the lotion on mine skin and after about 30 seconds. The skin is sticky. Ns don"t prefer the emotion I acquire from this lotion. Don"t obtain me dorn the smell is great. It"s a shame since I really wanted to offer this product a 5-star rating. Overall it"s no a devastating lotion however not the best.

The smell!


Pezz18 fromNew haven, ct

This lotion number one has actually the most amazing smell ever. If her not right into scented lotion, ns wouldn"t buy, however if you are, this scent lasts every day and also makes your skin sooo smooth!!! I supplied it on my cultivation belly as result of pregnancy and it is mine number 1!

The Best!!


Steph fromDFW

Best moisturizing lotion I"ve ever used helps tighten skin too!

2nd time I"ve tried this


Hannah fromLouisville Kentucky

I do the efforts his product about a year back and discontinued use once I i found it my skin peeling and looking very dry. I chose to offer it another try recently and bought one more bottle reasoning the first experience could"ve been just a coincidence and also wasn"t led to by the product. After a few weeks of using the product my skin started looking really dry and peeelibg again.

My everyday must have


Chris fromMenifee

I use this daily



Island girl fromFlorida

The ideal lotion I"ve ever used because that my dry skin.

hydrating but not tightening


Mae fromOKC

I provided this lotion for 4 main in mix with 20-30 min of practice per day. I honestly didn"t see any type of changes, periodically I also feel choose it accentuated the cellulite on mine thighs. I"ve provided other lotions that are admittedly an ext expensive but ultimately much more effective. It regularly felt difficult for a few hours ~ application yet it was hydrating for this reason in that sense it worked. The odor is tough to describe, it"s no a perfume, perhaps a light chemical smell but fresh enough to stay around.

The ideal lotion


Lisa loves scent fromHamilton Ohio

This lotion really Smooths my skin leaving that soft and moisturized I have actually my husband making use of it currently also.



Betsy fromPlymouth Ma.

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I do the efforts this for a week prior to I composed this review. This moisturizes okay however it was extremely tacky ~ absorbing. I did not feel it took in enough and also did not like the tacky feeling it left on my skin. I wasn"t a pan of the fragrance either.