Nitro country Drag & Drift: Beginner’s Guide

What is a drift? Drift is a brand-new mode whereby burning her tires is good! In Drift Racing through Betting, you contend face to challenge with another player and also earn clues by drifting as much as possible and an ext professionally.In the Drift Seasons, to compare the results of your race through the leaderboard! every cars assistance this brand-new driving style. The Suspension enhancements menu is specifically designed to help you enhance your drift capabilities and also increase the number of points girlfriend score. Test drive - Drive mode will become your finest friend to produce the suspension setups as ideal as feasible and allow you to practice your drift skills.

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Management choices in Drift. You can select and customize the controls because that Drift as you wish. There room 3 varieties of acceleration control:

The pedal wherein you press while holding the pedal icon for acceleration.The slider wherein you pick the desired level the acceleration.Auto-acceleration , non-stop acceleration, so girlfriend only need to emphasis on controlling the machine.

There space 4 types of steering:

Steering wheel , where you rotate it, like a actual steering wheel because that driving.Arrows whereby you should press or hold to pick the direction that rotation that the car.Slider to change and have an ext control end the direction of your turns.Gyroscope , to regulate the machine, turning the phone from side to side.

There are two driving settings for drifting: realistic and also simplified. To select your preferred driving mode, go to "Settings" and select "Power Steering" - enable or disable AI-control for far better handling and also freedom the control.Traction control level - lower settings allow much more aggressive drift, the minimum setting completely disables traction control. You can mix and match various manage schemes in the control designer to adjust the position of the controls the method you desire (for example, a slider because that speed and a gyroscope because that control.)

Keep in mind the the control an approach you select will be tied come the an equipment on which friend configured it.Therefore, if friend play on number of devices, girlfriend will require to develop control anew for each certain device.

In the designer the controls, you can also expand the area that ??each control to boost or decrease your size. To do this, hold and also drag the green edge of the selected icon.

How to earn points in Drift? The significance of Drift events is to earn as many points as possible in a details amount that time. Thus, you need to drift as lengthy as possible and more professionally to acquire the maximum number of points. Errors and also crashes into any type of object top top the map will cause the loss of all points earned for this unfinished drift. As soon as the drift motion is completed and also you drive directly or completely stop, every the points friend earn will go to your full points for this race.

To get bonus points, you can collect distinct gold tokens and blue multipliers scattered transparent the map. But be careful, these tokens include points to your current drift maneuver and also will only rise your total score when you complete it. Over there are likewise various objects, such as a ramp, i m sorry will give you bonus points or multiplier if you drift ~ above them. In general, in Drift over there are numerous different ways to knife points, and the more you practice and also learn all the intricacies of the map, the car and also the drift itself, the sooner you will end up being the ideal drifter in Nitro Nation.


Are Drift improvements Different? regardless of the fact that they look like the others, the suspension illustrations work differently for the Drift mode. You can install 4 drawings in the suspension, and each form of drawing unlocks that is slider to adjust the suspension. There is no straight increase in indicators, however there are just 3 colors of the drawings - yellow, blue and also black. No kits are required to install them, so as shortly as you obtain them, simply install them and start customizing! Blue is the most simple drawing, and also it will open only a little range of adjustment of the slider, yellow will provide you much more freedom, and also the black color plan enables you to freely customize the slider.

The drawings are also attached to the car, so friend cannot change them from auto to car. You additionally cannot take these drawings, just replace them from blue come yellow and also then come black. However, because you don’t need to redraw or upgrade the illustrations of the pendant, you require to focus only ~ above drifting, no drawing. You must be careful and also keep the maker level, also if you have actually all the black drawings installed. Nothing will avoid you from shedding points if girlfriend run right into something top top the map!

What execute the steering assistant alternatives do? There are 6 different choices for the Steering Assistant to make drifting easier.

"Auto Stiring" - Steering Assistant - help to keep the auto in a drift, yet does not provide full regulate in driving it."Traction manage Level" - Traction regulate (or Traction Control) - identify the procedure of the traction regulate system the counteracts the slipping of the wheels and also removes the car from skidding. The greater the value, the earlier the traction manage is triggered. At 0, the BSS is disabled.Steering sensitivity - identify the rate of rotation of the wheels (with the selected regulate using the arrows or keyboard). The higher the value, the much faster the wheel turn.Return wheels - determines the rate of returning the wheels to their initial position (with the selected control using the arrows or keyboard). The greater the value, the much faster the wheels turn back.Sensitivity that the gas pedal - identify the rate of the gas pedal (with the selected manage using the gas switch or keyboard). The higher the value, the quicker the accelerator pedal is pressed.Gas pedal return - determines the rate of releasing the gas pedal (when the manage is selected using the gas button or keyboard). The greater the value, the much faster the gas pedal is released.

Will the suspension impact the automobile in various other modes? drawings in the Pendant perform not increase or decrease her rating that nuts, and also after including them you will certainly not see any type of difference in power in drag racing.However, the settings you make in the Pendant will have very small effect ~ above the car in any Drag gyeongju mode.Maybe this will offer you the benefit that you always needed!

What occasions are easily accessible for drift mode? Drift seasons are component of consistent seasons through a few notable transforms - every races are divided into drift and also drag races. Drift points will be calculated individually from the clues you earn in traction racing. However, the leaderboard will integrate drift and also drag tournaments to display who is the finest of the best! RTM is a real-time race with bets in drift mode. Everything is essentially the very same as because that the dredge, yet the winner will be selected on the basis of clues earned for a particular amount that time.

Nitro nation Drag & Drift: basic Knowledge


What is a drawing? illustrations are provided to improve various parts the your an equipment and boost its as whole performance. There space three categories of drawings: blue, yellow and black (the highest). The greater the group of the drawing, the much better the result of the improvement. Illustrations usually fall out after ~ victories in different races (Underground tournament, series of Toyo races, virtual races v bets, etc.) friend can also buy drawings for your auto through the in-game market.

How to usage the drawing? ~ you obtain the drawing, you can uncover it in your Warehouse (Garage - Items).You will likewise see them once you walk to the renovations section in her Garage. If you have actually the money and kits necessary to download the drawing, walk to the advancement section the the maker and parts. At the bottom of the display screen you will watch a illustration icon - just click on it and also then ~ above "Install".

How to sell a car? A vehicle can be offered with the aid of a mechanic, and also it opens up at the beginning of the 3rd stage of a career. In the key section of the game, click the icon with a wrench and also a screwdriver. There, select "Dismantle the car", discover the wanted car, click "Sell" and confirm her choice.

How to rise my VIP level? Each brand-new VIP level is attach by one-time gifts and also increases bonuses for win in races. High VIP levels permit you to reduce the remainder time of your team, rise the dimension of discounts, boost the bonus ~ above victory, etc. VIP points are awarded through the server every time after purchase for actual currency. VIP points do not disappear, and also the VIP status will stay with girlfriend forever.

What is Reverser, and also how to use it? The skewer enables you to adjust the parameters of your drawing and improve the power of the auto as a whole. Please note that the color of your drawing will remain the same.How to use it:

Go to the Mechanic;Click top top "Improve Drawing";Select a drawing and also click on "Redraw drawing";Take your drawing.

What is drawing Enhancement, and how to usage it? boosting the drawing enables you to interpret the drawings into a higher category. For example, a yellow illustration Enhancement card permits you to convert a yellow drawing to black. How to usage it:

Go to the Mechanic;Click ~ above "Improve Drawing";Select a drawing and click top top "Improve drawing";Take her drawing.

What is a joker, and how to usage it? The joker will create for you the best feasible drawing the you have chosen for your car. Castle are tough to get, which provides them an extremely valuable. Jokers deserve to be won in tournaments, derived from box or bought in the in-game market. Just how to usage them:

Go come the Mechanic;Click ~ above "Create a brand-new drawing";You will have a choice of two options: "Create a random drawing" or "Create a illustration using the Joker";Select a category and cell, then choose up your drawing.

The brand-new drawing will be the same shade as the Joker friend used.

How to get upgrade kits? update kits deserve to be obtained in the adhering to ways:

Set for the engine: virtual racing with bets, race for ranking and Career;Set because that nitro: underground Tournament;Set because that transmission: society Tournament;Set because that weight: battle of the Drivers;Tire Kit: Toyo racing Series.

Use the certified dealer in bespeak to rise the variety of sets fall in races. Lock can also be obtained from daily and luxury boxes.


Can I readjust the club? Not. Friend can pick a club (one of 4 available) only as soon as - right after completing the second stage of your career.

Connection troubles - what come do? We recommend you:

Check the security of her Internet link (it is ideal to usage Wi-Fi instead of 3/4 / 5G);Clear the cache of her device;Reboot device;Make certain you have actually the latest version of the game.

How to disable game alerts? walk to settings - Applications - Nitro Nation. Uncheck package "Show notifications." It’s much better not to rotate off alerts, because, in this case, you deserve to skip events in the game or exclude, offers.

Can I convert my street form car right into a racing type? No, it is Immpossible.

Can I usage third-party programs to enhance the gameplay? using third-party programs, clickers, etc.prohibited. If together programs room detected, the player’s profile will be blocked.

How can I placed "Like" on another player’s car? You just need come click "Like" alongside the file of another player. The icon will show up on the display at the finish of the Race through bets.


Nitro country Drag & Drift: generally Asked Questions

I can’t access my video game profile! contact customer service! Be certain to encompass your exact nickname in the game, and also the surname of the team. Additionally describe your development so that the assistance team is 100% sure that this file is yes, really yours:

At what stage in her career have you been?What cars to be on the profile? have actually some of them to be given unique names?How much game money was top top the profile?Enter the email attend to that is associated with this video game profile;Have friend made purchases indigenous this profile? If so, please send the purchase numbers or screenshot confirming the order.When was the last time you gotten in the game?

My slot disappear, help! You have the right to store only among the adhering to items in one slot:

Drawing or joker;Re-translator;Improver.

For example: You have one complimentary slot that shows up on all three tabs in the "Items". If girlfriend buy or win an item and save it, it will show up in one of the sections, and also the available slot will certainly be instantly deleted from the two remaining ones. Check your profile and also contact support if you require help.

I perfect the pursuit from Tapjoy, yet my prize is still no there! The execution the each job is very closely monitored, yet sometimes the developer’s partners space unable to complete all the actions on their part.In this case, it is possible to prize the assignment manually immediately after receiving check from Tapjoy. Very first contact the Tapjoy assistance team - this have the right to be done ideal on the screen with offers. As soon as the Tapjoy team considers her application and also confirms the possibility of receiving a reward, contact the game support team and attach their response to your message.

How to disable music / sound in the game? In bespeak to uncover the sound and music setups in the game, walk to the Garage - file - Settings. There will certainly be 2 windows "Music" and "Sound effects."

I sold the automobile by mistake. In this situation, they will not be able to help you. Be mindful from currently on!

The game crashes / close the door - what have to I do? Remember your username and password, go to settings - Applications - Nitro nation - clean Cache, force Stop. If it does not help, reinstall the game.

I updated mine game, however I execute not see brand-new cars - what is wrong? dare are currently stored in your version of the game, but will it is in unlocked after ~ the start of a special auto tournament. If you want to know when the auto is plan to it is in released, friend can inspect the official game groups on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) for news and also announcements.

Will you include my favorite auto to the game? before you include a auto to the game, developers must very first agree with the manufacturer of these cars or a licensing agency. The developers have actually a lengthy list of cars that they setup to include over time, and also the automobile that you would prefer to see in the video game is probably already in it. Nevertheless, girlfriend can always tell the developers which cars girlfriend would favor to check out in the game. The best means to carry out this is to compose support straight from the video game or share concepts in CM gyeongju Club top top Facebook!

How deserve to I acquire styling coupons? Coupons can be derived from boxes and as a price for some races. Friend can likewise get coupons once you move to the following VIP level.

I offered the article on the market and also did not obtain the money. What should I do? The game works together follows: after friend place any item top top the market for sale, it will be there because that 24 hours. If the item is properly sold throughout this time, you will receive a an alert confirming this. If the is not bought by anyone in ~ 24 hours, that will automatically return to the warehouse. Therefore, make sure that your warehouse has enough totally free slots.

Nitro country Drag & Drift: racing Events


Seasonal Guide. A season is an event that large a whole month in i m sorry you deserve to win cool prizes. The season is composed of number of stages. The very first stage is the Qualification ring of the Season.

You should qualify making use of a car that meets the minimum requirements of a seasonal event.To continue, you need to finish in the height 50.The qualification round is obtainable throughout the season, therefore it deserve to be perfect at any time.You deserve to see your an outcome by clicking on the Table the Records.To get a one-of-a-kind prize, you should receive seasonal points (SP), which you can earn by participating in the league.

Season League - this is wherein the funny begins!

After completing the qualification you will start to contend in the bronze League.Keep in mind that you cannot retrain - the qualification race will certainly not be accessible until the end of the season.You can participate in every league occasion with a vehicle that meets the important parameters, and that is just how to earn season clues (SP).The more you win, the much more points you get, and the higher your rating in the tournament. The higher your rating, the higher your chance of getting a cool prize.The league has actually its own high score table whereby you can inspect your current position.Each league occasion lasts 24 hours on weekdays, and 48 hours on weekends. Depending upon your results, girlfriend can acquire promotion come the next league, continue to be in the present league or go under to the league. If you miss out on an event, you will certainly either go down to the previous organization or stay in the bronze league.When the League occasion ends, the outcomes are calculated and also you gain your SP.

At the end of the season, your full SP will certainly be calculated. Your ranking in the High Score Table will depend on your SP amount. The higher your position, the higher the possibilities of gaining cool prizes this season.

Online Racing with bets. The continuous rating setting of drag racing, in i beg your pardon you compete with various other players in genuine time. Before the start of the race you location a bet and also you can win a most in-game money (cache and also even gold)! at the end of the race you will see how your rating has adjusted in the form of stars and a numerical value. The higher the rating, the cooler!

Each auto has its very own rating, and also you need to start from scratch every time you decide to take it a new car into this mode.

Team Tournament. There room 4 Team Tournaments, each with its own demands for participation. You have the right to only take part in one competition at a time. For different Tournaments you will certainly need different classes that cars come participate. This is a mode in which every members of your team will drive to accomplish one common goal! Team Tournaments consists 3 stages, where the last stage is the Finals.

Each stage has actually a duration of 24 hours and consists that 10 races. If friend win an ext than 5 races, you will certainly go come the next stage. In the 2nd stage, girlfriend will obtain 3 points for winning the race and 1 for losing. On the third you will get 6 points because that winning and 2 for losing. In the Final, girlfriend will receive 10 points because that winning and also 3 for losing, and if you success in every 10 races that day, friend will get the main Prize!

Drag league aka Seasons. This is a permanent tournament the lasts a entirety month. For participation, girlfriend can obtain cool prizes both during the tournament and at the end.

Tournament auto Introduction. This is a distinctive event dedicated to the release of a brand-new car. Participate, study and upgrade your brand-new car! Moreover, you have the right to win prizes because that your various other cars!

Career. Career is composed of 9 stages v 10 gyeongju in each. Each stage has its very own boss, after beating which girlfriend will receive a distinct prize! at the finish of every stage, girlfriend will open up licenses that will allow you come buy cars of a higher class from a vehicle Dealer. The additional you advance, the more challenging the race will become. For particularly difficult races, you may need a pair of maintain races and also specially selected tuning.

Club Tournament. Weekly tournament in which you will compete with racers from various other clubs and also earn society Points when you win! every clubs compete with every other! your Club points (RC) in ~ the finish of the race are multiplied depending upon the place of her club. You have 5 stages available at a time, however, you can unlock the tournament after the finish - you simply need to call the Agent.


Underground Tournament. The secret Tournament is composed of 10 races, and you have 3 lives to go v the entire tournament. The steeper the car, the greater the expense of participation, but prizes are much more valuable. To participate in the secret Tournament, the selected car must collection a details time record, which relies on the car and also the distance! In this mode, you can select your foe from 4 presented.

You have the right to use the "illegal" boosters the are accessible only in this mode: distinct fuel, Illegal Tires, Extra Nitro cylinder and also Timer. The first two boost the power of her car, additional Nitro will rise the nitro’s operation time, and the Timer will allow you to start at the starting traffic light on time automatically. All these boosters will assist to loss the opponent and become a winner even in a seemingly losing race. You deserve to buy them prior to the begin of the gyeongju or obtain from the boxes, also as part of the final prize that the secret Tournament!

Toyo gyeongju Series. A short series of 5 races. Participate and also win the tires kit and also blueprints after beating all 5 opponents.

Race for Rating. A setting that will expose the best rider v the finest time because that the auto at a details distance. Choose a car, select a distance and also prove that you are the finest of the best in the whole world! ~ each gyeongju you will see your rating and also how nearby you room to the very first place! Each new opponent will be a little faster 보다 your previous record, so it will never bore you.

Battle of the Drivers. A 3-stage competition in i beg your pardon players complete in the same cars. All you have to do is prove the you are better than your opponent. A setting in which every little thing depends just on the ability of the riders. Participate and also win sets to alleviate the load of your car! Prove that you room the coolest! ~ 3 races, you have the right to use the certified dealer to unlock the mode.

Racing Series. A specially designed tournament v a fixed variety of races that deserve to remind you of a career. However, each collection is based roughly a particular topic (brand, class, nation of manufacture) or the auto itself. As usual, the additional you advance, the steeper the prizes. Sometimes episodes show up that are energetic for a restricted time, as a rule, they are timed to calendar holidays (for example, Christmas collection or Halloween Series).

Each collection has its very own brand and vehicle demands for participation. In this mode you deserve to win Jokers cards, assorted sets and also gold rewards. However, it must be remembered the repeating the collection or the gyeongju after the end will no work, and you will need to move front to the next. In this series is as similar as possible to a career.

Dashing Racing. Various lobbies with one run and bets ~ above 25 thousand, 50 thousand cache and 5, 10 gold. Each lobby has a fixed number of players come start. Further, every player receive the same random car, through the exact same tuning and also upgrade level for all, but only the peak three will receive prizes. The actual test through high stakes!

Nitro country Drag & Drift: Tuning


What is tuning and also how to usage it? If you perform not get in the details of mathematics theory and also engineering, then we have the right to say that the engine to produce a details amount that energy. Tuning is the division or multiplication of this energy from the engine to the wheels using gears. Greater gear ratios will increase the talk (power) of your car, while lower gears will boost the maximum speed of your car.

What does the tuning food selection do? setup gear ratios is a an effective tool with which you have the right to adapt the power of a auto to a specific task, such together driving 1/4 mile in a particular configuration. That is used by experienced racers and car makers, and it is recreated exactly in Nitro Nation. A skillful tuned auto can loss a much an ext powerful car that works with factory gears. Moreover, the transmission values ??are surprise from her opponents, which makes your setup a surprise weapon, which have the right to lead come victories the seem impossible.

Tuning is a complicated task that needs an understanding of the inner operation the the machine. Fortunately, any readjust can it is in tested right away in Nitro country and that is cost-free (as protest to redesigning a genuine gearbox). Experimenting with different settings is one interesting method to learn much more about exactly how cars work, improving personal results.

The use of tuning in practice

All devices come through a specific factory setting, which was established to it is in the best for the initial construction for the guess use. Most street cars room trying to discover a balance between acceleration, everyday handling, economy and also performance on assorted tracks. Speak in a straight line is always sacrificed come one degree or another. Moreover, when you boost a car, you automatically encounter one of two problems (or both):

The wheels scroll through the an initial 2 or 3 gears, regardless of the speed at start;You reach the optimal of your highest gear before the gyeongju is over.

It is in such cases that gear tuning can assist you accomplish a much better time. If her wheels spin as well much, then a good very first step would certainly be to mitigate the an initial gear ratio, which in turn will mitigate the torque. Shot to continue to be on the edges of scrolling (quite a little of scrolling is thought about optimal) when beginning with high enough engine speeds. Carry out not touch other gears yet.

Once you discover the right an initial gear, you will need to adjust the staying gears for this reason that none are too brief or as well long. Friend will need to spend a little an ext time ~ above each subsequent transfer and finish the longest 1-mile race, close come the red line in the critical transmission. Then you can check your tuning in much shorter races come make sure that you end up each the them, close come the red line, in the proper gear (usually third or 4th in 1/4 mile) so that the automobile doesn’t unused potential left.

Chart Analysis

Use of charts. Two easily accessible graphs (transmission and also dynamo) serve as intuitive cues. The infection graph screens your gear ratios together the ratio between engine speed and vehicle speed. More often than not, friend would prefer this chart to present gradually decreasing lines, and the lower points of every line make up a parabola. For reference, you deserve to look at the manufacturing facility sports cars.

The dynamic graph mirrors smoothed graphs that torque and also power. Naturally, you must participate in races being at the preferably torque, and looking at these graphs, girlfriend can discover the ideal switching points. Most cars have greater torque in the second half of the lane, and also shifting close come the red line is a great rule that thumb, however radical improvements (especially large turbos) deserve to lead to change results.

Engine Red line / speed ??Limiter. In enhancement to adjusting gears, Nitro country allows you to raise the engine rate limiter by 20% native the typical red line. Having actually a wider speed selection may give some cars more breathing space, yet this boosts the risk of an engine explosion once working exterior the limit. ESL should not be seen as a "giving more power" slider. This is an thorough setup the does little good if you don’t recognize what demands to it is in changed. It is recommended the you master equipment settings prior to ESL alters in bespeak to avoid the frustration of working through multiple variables and the explode of your engine in a race.

Finally. Tuning is a challenging task. It needs a an essential understanding of automobile physics, helpful experience and accuracy. No write-up on aid can cover every the nuances and replace practice. Fortunately, Nitro nation players have created countless training videos and general configurations for most cars, which have the right to be uncovered on YouTube or asked for on the official pages that the gaming community.

Nitro country Drag & Drift: virtual Bet Racing


The balance in digital racing is dishonest, when will you deal with it? Matchmaking in ~ Nitro country is extensively tested and also tuned. The game algorithm walk not find rivals according to the class of the vehicle or the variety of horsepower - the calculates the most an ideal opponent by to compare the ideal time that the players and the results with the selected an equipment at a certain distance. The data provided in this algorithm comes from the verified results the thousands and thousands of races. If girlfriend have any kind of doubts about a specific situation, write a article from the video game to the developers, enclosing screenshots that show the an outcome of the race, and they will respond as quickly as possible.

What walk DNF mean? DNF - abbreviation "Did no finish" (not finished). This situation can happen for several reasons:

Exploded or stalled engine;Strong lags and also high ping;Loss that connection;Interruption the the game, because that example, due to an just arrive call, notification, or inadvertently exit.

DNF equates to defeat during ranking and rewards.

My adversary disconnected and also I lost. Is this cheating? Not.If a player disconnects during a race intentionally, in the window with the results of the race you will see "DNF", and also your adversary will be counted defeat. However, if over there is a short-lived out of sync in between you and also another player (this periodically happens as result of an unstable web connection), the game will allow you both to finish the race. If the link is revived within a short duration of time, the server will take into account the result of both riders and give the victory to the fastest.

In various other words, if the link is not steady enough, the video game will switch to asynchronous mode, in i beg your pardon you will participate individually of each other, and also then both outcomes will be confirm on the video game server. Returning to the question of cheating: a deliberate exit from the game immediately after the start of the video game is for sure useless, due to the fact that each gyeongju is re-modeled and also checked by the server prior to the results are announced. However, the developers have not yet invented a means to resolve those who turn off the gyeongju simply due to the fact that they understand that they will not pull such a strong opponent.

In the Race v bets, i was considered defeated, return I observed that i won. Why?Each online Race calls for ongoing interaction from both sides. The exchange that information in between one player and also the server can occur quicker than with another. Return it might look favor a victory, the video game server, in fact, receive data from both sides, to compare them and also sends the result, i m sorry is always accurate and also true.

Since the game aims to unite players from anywhere the world, the video game algorithm have the right to pick up two players with various speed and quality that communication. If this annoys you, then remember that someone may experience the same obstacles with you. Honest races in i m sorry the most experienced rider wins through the best car and also not the finest Internet room the main priorities in the game.

Why do rivals bypass ~ above me weaker cars? Winning a race counts not only on exactly how much a specific car is pumped. The an outcome is impacted in no much less degree:

Start (you can shot to start from reduced / higher rpm);In what equipment is nitro inlet;Tuning setups (competent tuning is your an enig weapon in digital racing).

In addition, part cars are much better suited for quick distances, while other cars expose their potential in ~ 1 mile.

Why do I come throughout the same opponent? If at some suggest in the digital there room no perfect opponents for you, it may occur that friend come across the same adversary several times. The can additionally happen if you and also your previous foe pressed the new Race switch at the very same time. However, later on the list of players will certainly be updated and also you will meet the following opponent.

"The gyeongju results might not be verified." What does it mean?. Be certain to recognize the automobile with i beg your pardon this error occurs. Then, in the Tuning section, shot moving the slider of the key Pair a tiny to the left or best by one unit (0.001). If this does not help, shot the very same thing with the speed ??Limiter.

Why was ns disqualified? This can take place in the Toyo racing Series, the underground Tournament, and also at part stages of a career. You have to wait because that the green traffic light, and only then start. If you revolve on the yellow light, climate the traffic lights will certainly switch to red and also you will certainly be disqualified.

The competition does not accept mine car. Why?There are two varieties of cars in the game: Street and Race. Most likely, you simply need to replace the automobile with the appropriate class forced to take part in the tournament. Moreover, part tournaments may have actually their limitations within the kind itself. Always pay fist to the running line listing all permitted cars. Remember the the colour of the class icons additionally vary: orange-black because that Racing and red-white because that Street.

Nitro nation Drag & Drift: Garage and Cars


Can I acquire paint, sticker labels or discs without utilizing gold coins? They deserve to only be derived in exchange for gold or coupons (coupons deserve to be winner by participating in assorted tournaments or in boxes).

Why can some cars be purchased just for gold? Most cars can be bought for both coins and gold. If the car is sold just for gold coins, then most most likely it is an exclusive or rarely model.

Why room some dare unavailable or the end of stock? This way that this automobile is classified as "rare". Such machines have the right to only be winner in crate or together a one-of-a-kind prize during events. In addition, from time come time, some "rare cars" become accessible for purchase at the "Car Dealer" during special events.

Why can not I adjust the look at of few of my cars, like ABT models? Due to the distinct license agreement, the capability to configure part models is limited. Because that example, such together ABT, LibertyWalk and Rocket Bunny.

Why do I need a distinct license to buy a car? The existence of a license is a sign that you have actually reached a specific stage in your career and have gained accessibility to buying cars of a distinct category. The bespeak of receipt is as follows:

D street.C street.B street.B1 street.A, A1 Street.D, C Race.B, B1 Race.A, A1, S Race.S1 race.

I mounted the drawing and its parameters are various from those that i saw as soon as buying in the market. The technical attributes that friend see as soon as buying a drawing on the market are calculate taking right into account the manufacturing facility settings of the car. After installation the drawing, the parameters will certainly be adjusted based top top the present pumping that the car.

Why can’t I song my car? Tuning will open up as you development in your career. Simple tuning will open up after the 4th race of the fourth stage of a career, an ext opportunities will open after the 10th gyeongju of the fourth stage that a career. Speed ??limiter settings will open after the fifth race the the fifth stage that a career.

What walk PR mean? PR is calculated based upon the maximum feasible car performance, that is, "how fast the automobile can go" after ~ the ideal of the football player have functioned on it. If you space aiming to finally get a top-end car after all the upgrades, then us recommend selecting a car with a higher PR value.

PR is based upon the results of various other players in the past. This way that if the maker is relatively brand-new or not very popular, climate its potential may not yet be totally revealed. If the store does not screen PR, then the machine was recently added and has actually not however been tested by a sufficient variety of players. Yet even in the case of cars that currently have a PR rating, it is not uncommon that who finds brand-new gearbox settings and also still opens up up the concealed potential of a specific car!

My auto has no headlights! This is no a bug - your automobile has a modification of the waiting intake, which helps to cool the engine effectively. Countless professional street racers usage this: the developer simply duplicated this common change in the game.

How to conserve the design of the machine? After you choose a design, click on the "Back" arrow, then on the icon with a basket - "Buy".

How come return stock tuning settings? To execute this, go to the Garage - improvements - Tuning - factory Settings (in the upper appropriate corner).

What is Reliability? Reliability is a parameter that affects maintenance. The reduced the reliability, the greater the cost of maintain after arrival.

Nitro nation Drag & Drift: Shopping


Someone made a purchase without my knowledge. To protect against such cases in the future, make certain that you set a password request before each purchase. Because that Android:

Open Google Play and also click on the Menu button in the top left the the screen.Click settings at the bottom of the screen and select "Authentication upon purchase."Select "For every purchases" on this device.

For iOS:

Go to the setups menu.Select iTunes and the application Store, find "Password Setting". Be careful: this setting is accessible if you carry out not use Touch ID for authentication at the moment of purchase.Click ~ above "Always ask." after ~ confirming the choice of setups by start a password, all further purchases will certainly request a password.

I make a purchase in the game, but did not receive it. It might take as much as 48 hrs to complete a payment because that a purchase. If you have actually not obtained it in ~ 2 days, please send a screenshot that the acquisition confirmation to the support service (including the bespeak number) and do no forget to show your username in the game. Castle will number out what the difficulty is.

I purchase a subscription, however did not receive all my gold! After purchasing a subscription, you will obtain 25 yellow every day because that 28 days indigenous the day of purchase. The very first gold is given automatically after purchase. Then the complying with principle is included: if you execute not go into the game, her gold coins will accumulate - but only for 3 days. If you get in on the third day, you will receive 75 yellow coins. Yet if you go on the fourth day, friend will obtain 25 yellow for today only and also lose 75 gold because that the previous 3 days the you missed.

The game sends push notifications about this. Everyday notifications space sent between 19.00-21.00 (local time for each player).

What game currency is there in Nitro Nation? There are two varieties of game currency in Nitro nation Online. Yellow coins or "gold" is a premium game currency that you have the right to earn by offering unnecessary drawings on the market and when subscribing come game channels in social networks. Networks.Tapjoy’s searches also aid you knife extra gold. The 2nd game currency - loans, you have the right to earn by win races. Castle can likewise be received everyday in complimentary boxes. Gold and also loans can likewise be bought for genuine money.

Nitro country Drag & Drift: profile Settings


Can i log in to mine profile on one more device? Yes (if the device meets the mechanism requirements that the game). Download the game, open up the application, select "Your Profile" and also then walk to your profile by entering your player name and also password.

How to attach a file to email? To connect a profile to email, go to the game - Garage - file - edit / readjust profile - click the E-mail line, then get in your email deal with in that - click OK. A blog post with a confirmation connect will be sent out to your email address. Follow the connect to check the profile is linked with this email in bespeak to recuperate the password.

Can I have actually multiple video game profiles? Yes friend can. Girlfriend cannot use profiles of other players and also ride for them.

Is it feasible to usage profiles of other players and also ride for them? Using the account of various other players and also playing because that them is prohibited. Intruder profiles will certainly be blocked. If you share the password from her profile or give your profile to another player, this is your responsibility!

How to start the video game again? Go into the game - Garage - file - modify / change profile - click on the "+" sign and also then select "New player". After ~ that, you deserve to delete the previous profile in the video game settings.

How to add a profile photo to the game? You require to link your profile to your on facebook account, then the photograph of your profile on facebook will immediately be presented in the game.

When I enter my data, a message appears stating that my account is currently in use. Most likely, friend either entered your data incorrectly (and the mechanism cannot identify your credentials due to the fact that it is case sensitive), or readjusted your username / password and forgot about it. If girlfriend still cannot regulate to get in your file - contact support.

Why can’t ns play Nitro country on mine Amazon Fire / Kindle? Unfortunately, Nitro country Online 5.0 was the last version supported on Amazon devices. Her account is quiet stored on the video game server. If you desire to proceed playing, you deserve to log in to your profile on any type of supported device.

Nitro country Drag & Drift: those New?

Ticket system for Seasons. With the brand-new version 6.6, developers have actually introduced a ticket system for Drag and Drift Seasons. Now the problems are the very same for all players: because that those who do not have actually time for long-term participation in the Seasons and also for those who want to repeat the gyeongju in the Season. For each race you need one ticket. At the start of a new Season event, girlfriend will receive three tickets, and then three every 24 hrs after the start. The maximum variety of tickets is three, and also accumulating an ext over time will certainly not work. If the tickets space over, you have actually three options:

Get 3 tickets for Drag and 3 for Drift by watching the video;Buy one ticket for 25 gold;Purchase a collection of 3 tickets in ~ an in-game store.

Drift mode is here! Drift is a brand-new and exciting method to pat Nitro Nation! The an ext you drift, the much more points you get! Earn more points 보다 your foe in Drift Racing with Bets and also Drift Season to come to be the king the drift! Suspension renovations are unlocked, the time to install brand-new blueprints! lock will give you accessibility to good tuning because that drifting. Simple to learn and eventually come to be a setup wizard.

You will certainly be delighted with various new Drift events, some of them are currently familiar to you, like Drift Racing through Betting, yet some are completely new, particularly designed because that Drift! There space 2 new tracks to explore (each has actually a night and day version). Drift around the brand-new Dock map, designed for skilled drifters, or maximize your rate on the monitor map, designed to go into drift turns.

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