GQ has revealed Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s an initial photo shoot together for the October issue. In the sexy pictures, the pair who the magazine calls “2015’s Bonnie and also Clyde” is not afraid to display PDA (public display of affection),as they do love in the club and also count your money in the back of a car.

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Meek Mill and also Nicki Minaj

Meek defines their connection as “very un-normal,” while Nicki adds, “I absolutely think we have a normal partnership off-camera. We’re like any type of other couple in the hood.”

They admit that their ideal twin dates incorporate Jay Z and Beyoncé and also Alicia Keys and also Swizz Beatz. “Those are already friends. Us admire and respect them. So it is a no brainer,” says Nicki.

She gushes about making love to she man. “Actually ns love kissing him. My favourite thing around Meek is kissing him, i beg your pardon is weird. Just now i was favor ‘damn, you’ve been asking have the right to I kiss friend a lot now,’ and also it’s contagious because I supplied to be constantly asking him come kiss him once we an initial started talking. I love kissing him.

I love the means his lips feel.”

At first, Nicki wasn’t certain Meek was prepared to be in a connection with her, however he was “very convincing and also persuasive.”

“One the the points that do me want to be with him is since we spend so much time talking, and he always made me feel like he was okay through me being me,” she says. “As an artist and just as a woman. Obviously i’m a strong woman in a the majority of ways. I’m no a solid woman in every way. Ns don’t desire to make it seem prefer I am some superhero due to the fact that I’m not, but I do understand that that takes a particular kind of guy. And time will certainly tell if Meek is that kind of guy, since it’s certainly not easy.”

Meek reveals that he to be attracted to Nicki’s ambition, independence, and also beauty. “That you room a hustler. The you were doing your thing. A lot of of civilization coming up. People don’t really have actually a girlfriend it is doing much more than lock or the exact same thing. I choose girls that hustle. She a boss. She’s pretty . Negative as shit. Ambitious.

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What else do you want.”

Although they’re in love, Nicki go not constantly agree with her man. “Meek is a grown ass man. I may not agree with everything he says,” she says, while she adds, “Of course you know Meek Mill doesn’t regret nothing.”


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