Never Too much Prologue


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rush 13 years ago... There to be a knock at the door then just the little shuffle the feet. My chest currently ached. Mommy had dubbed me top top their method home to tell me what she'd done and that now she required to go the end to have actually some cocktails with friends. I'd be the one the would need to soothe Nan. My mom couldn't manage the anxiety it involved. Or so she'd said as soon as she dubbed me. "Rush?" Nan's voice called out through a hiccup. She'd been crying. "I'm here, Nan," I claimed as i stood increase from the beanbag I'd been sitting ~ above in the corner. It to be my hiding spot. In this residence you necessary a hiding spot. If girlfriend didn't have actually one then bad things happened. Strands the Nan's red curls stuck to she wet face. She bottom lip quivered together she stared up in ~ me with those sad eye of hers. Ns hardly ever saw lock happy. My mommy only offered her attention as soon as she required to dress her up and also show she off. The remainder of the time she to be ignored. Exceptby me. I did my best to make her feel wanted. "I didn't view him. He wasn't there," she whispered together a small sob escaped. Ns didn't have to ask that "he" was. I knew. Mom had gotten worn down of hear Nan ask around her father. For this reason she'd chose to take she to view him. I wish she'd said me. Ns wish I can have gone. The stricken watch on Nan's challenge had my hand balling right into fist. If I ever saw that man I to be gonna beat him in the nose. I wanted to see him bleed. "Come here," ns said, reaching out a hand and pulling my tiny sister right into my arms. She sheathe hers roughly my waist and squeezed me tightly. Times prefer this that was tough to breathe. Ns hated the life she'd to be given. At the very least I knew mine dad wanted me. He invested time with me. "He has other daughters. Two of them. And they're... Beautiful. Your hair is favor an angel's hair. And they have a momma that lets them play exterior in the dirt. They were wearing tennis shoes. Dirty ones." Nan to be envious of dirty tennis shoes. Our mother didn't enable her to be much less than perfect at every times. She'd never also owned a pair of tennis shoes. "They can't be much more beautiful than you," ns assured her since I firmly thought that. Nan sniffed and also then pulled ago from me. Her head tilted up and also those huge green eyes looked up in ~ me. "They are. I experienced them. I can see photos on the wall with both girls and a man. He loves them.... That doesn't love me." ns couldn't lie to her. She to be right. He didn't love her. "He's a stupid asshat.

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You have me, Nan. You'll constantly have me."