Never ending double barrel shotgun

» Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:17 afternoon

ns just uncovered one in ~ level 14 on mine shotgun charecter. Have to I use this or my combat shotgun? They carry out the same amount of damage (about 105) yet the never ever ending twin barrel has about half the range.

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Richard ThompsonPosts: 3302Joined: Mon Jun 04, 2007 3:49 am

» Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:14 afternoon

A never-ending method you never have to reload, i m sorry is the double-barrels best flaw. So yes, use that until you find a Combat Shotgun.
Tamara PrimoPosts: 3483Joined: Fri Jul 28, 2006 7:15 am

The biggest advantage that Shotgun will have actually over the Combat Shotgun is if you provide it a Sawed-Off Barrel and also a Calibrated powerful Receiver - an important hits will certainly be damaging with it. Go the twin Shotgun have a reduced VATS expense than the Combat Shotgun?

I destruction the never ending weapons since you deserve to stock increase on a totality bunch of ammo, throw it on the tools workbench and also get it simply right and also then unleash hell.

I"m 95% a melee player...smash faces with a at sight sledge (Daddy Sledge w00t!) however if i decide to usage a gun, I have actually a never finishing laser rifle pimped the end to the max and I"m constantly loaded with favor 1500 rounds fusion cell for this reason I simply unleash hell lol

Double Barrel Shotgun"s have actually a much less VAT"s expense than the Combat Shotgun. Ns even adjusted my Instigating Combat out for the Wounding double simply because that this fact, until i discover an Instigating double that is

i think the Combat Shotgun is much much more viable if you have a couple of VAT"s enhanced Legendary armour items fitted together with a it is provided armour item (10% reduction cost for the intensified and enhanced AP recharge price for the Power).

Combat Shotguns will execute much much more damage with the later weapon mode so the a case of picking her time come swap lock over, personally I always stick with the dual over the Combat, it renders life a little an ext interesting and also certainly more complicated in some situations


Combat Shotgun will do much more damage and also since ns don"t use VATS with shotguns (why would you need to?), I would certainly stick v the Combat Shotgun myself. However, the never Ending double Barrel has it"s moments and also can be an extremely fun come use.

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The countless legendary is impressive for the slow reloading weps.

I had acquired a .44 with unlimited and also its just fun not needing to reload lol

Its already a very slow gun without needing come reload the


I love the reload animations because that rp purposes and because its funny for some factor lol

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