If the holidays have end up being a small much - and also you can’t to escape the music anywhere - I have just the fix!

Lil Dummer girl is the very first of numerous reimagined carols.

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Bliss, Korrupted Innocence, and also Ring that Kees all song - in reality sing - a reworked version of tiny Drummer Boy.



Bimbofication, male dominant female submissive (lesbian variation to follow), sexual submission and objectification, on purpose designed together an earworm to displace ahead Christmas carols. Hypnosis is a theme, but there’s no an induction nor a wakeup.



Deep fall Party!


Join united state at 9pm east Time.

It’s a party of kinky mind manage audio.

18+ Only.

This week’s theme is WARNING: Experiment! This week’s hosts room Bliss (me!!) and also Bambi Fucking Sparkles . The playlist features the hottest tracks out of Neuroplex Labs, including the incredibly strong Slavewave! Slavewave is a fantasy audio track in i beg your pardon the listener is tackled a tourism of the labs and introduced come a sound which have the right to enslave the listener on a brainwave level!We’ll also visit the pet Cunt maintain facility with two tracks from the Treatstick series, hole Call and also Princess!It’s walk to it is in so lot fun!



A comic created the standard patriarchy kink track

If she 18+, be sure to listen along ! I’ll finish the collection if this gets 300 note or more.

Friday Night Deep drop Party go Sexbot

Who: her hostesses, me and the lover Bun-li, and hopefully you!

When: Friday night, November 15, 9pm Eastern

Where: The Pink Room discord server!

Your invite: https://discord.gg/AsMh2tm

What: join us because that a bimbo group trance party collection to a fabulous playlist that hypno monitor by

Tonight’s theme: Technofetish

Bun-li and also I will be ~ above mic giggling and being slutty and also trancey and being perfect programmed puppets and also hopefully acquisition you there v us!

Why: due to the fact that it’s gonna be so fun!

Tonight’s playlist:

Mind Popper

Display Loop

Scrubbing Bubbles

Digital Assistant Hypnodomme Dream (by Kat Planchette)


Pink Pulse



Dumb Bell 8 - maker Mind






When: 7 afternoon Eastern standard

Who: anyone interested and also over 18

Where: https://discord.gg/AsMh2tm

What: Plug and also Play is a mind control audio production.

The premise is the dominant games when the submissive sucks him off.

Full CW in server.

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Deep autumn Party!https://discord.gg/eFzufEPhJoin us tonight at 9pm eastern Time.It’s a party of kinky mind control audio.18+ Only.This week’s layout is Follow her Bliss! The playlist functions the hottest monitor featuring ….. Me! ns designed this playlist to cover the span of my years working v Neural including two that my really favorite tracks ever:Studio 51: It’s extraterrestrial conspiracy mindfuck. Supervisor duper slow-moving burn. Has a killer hypnosis ar by Magenta together a psychiatrist and me together her an extremely confused patient. Girlfriend see, i’ve been having actually the exact same dream every night because that ages, and also well… i keep gaining …. Probed.gigglewave: It’s currently the newest track in the very solid Wave series, it stars me as a scientits… um… I average scientist, taking you ~ above a tour to present you the well known Giggle crate on website at brain Buzz Magazine. I challenge you to hear to this without giggling.