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Addonics NAS 3.0 Adapter (NAS30U2) is a miniscule USB NAS that can handle gargantuan storage. It"s effective to usage as a document and print server, and has actually a few other goodies prefer multimedia streaming, BitTorrent administration and compatibility via iTunes playlists. Plus, it"s a steal at $65 list price.

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PROSVendor states deserve to take care of up to 256TB NTFS storage gadgets and up to 128PB exFAT storage gadgets.Speedy performance.Affordable.Simple, uncluttered interchallenge.Printer assistance.Excellent documentation on webwebsite and also in user hand-operated.

CONSLimited printer assistance.Not all USB outside tools compatible.May call for also a lot tech knowledge for average user.


Cloud Engine"s Pogoplug software turns a Mac or COMPUTER into an individual cloud for streaming multimedia papers, file sharing and also remote access to your data. It"s not without quirks, yet its pros much outweigh its cons.

PROSInexpensive.Countless installs.Easy to share papers and stream media.

CONSActive Copy replication attribute has actually lengthy delay replicating.Machine via Pogoplug-allowed folders constantly requirements to be digital to accessibility information from it.


Simple to setup and basic to usage, remote accessibility to USB drives does not acquire any type of easier than with DockStar.

PROSProvides access from almost everywhere to your USB drives or FreeAgent Go drive.Sleek and professional looking drive dock.

CONSUsers charged to accessibility Pogoplug-based Net organization for drive monitoring.


The CiragoLink+ is a rudimentary device without pretense. It"s a basic method to share USB storage gadgets and also printers. It likewise have the right to manage a whopping 8 TB of USB-based storage. While the CiragoLink business offers remote access, it"s also slow-moving for effective performance.

PROSAffordable tool for sharing and also streaming information from USB storage gadgets.Supports printers.Handles up to 8 TB storage capacity.Simple interchallenge.

CONSCan"t browse common folders via web browser.Painfully sluggish remote access to information.


A distinctive USB-based NAS, the iConnect can be accessed using wiremuch less and also through the Web. It"s affordable, works well and also has an intuitive interchallenge.

PROSAffordable.Easy to use.Doesn"t sacrifice functions.

CONSUpload time for a large file making use of wireless was paintotally slow.

Cirago"s Network USB Storage attach might be the tiniest NAS for your USB-based storage yet and also the price is great, yet it"s not on par with the pricier competition.

PROSStorage on the cheap.Effective iTunes and also Media Server.Decent web server.

CONSPrint Server does not assistance all printers.No aid obtainable within interface.

NAS devices, in many scenarios, deserve to replace a server in a house or tiny business. Today"s NASes are feature-loaded and also deserve to be offered not just for centralized, network storage, yet as likewise as FTP, Print, and also Web servers, too for multimedia streaming. Some deserve to also be provided to collection individuals up with their very own "individual clouds" for remote access and administration. NASes are progressively coming to be multi-functional items via capabilities showing the latest innovation trends; for instance, many type of NASes currently sell social netfunctioning integration, which allows customers to publish video and also imeras quickly to sites prefer Facebook and also YouTube.

But what if someone doesn"t require those extras? Some users only need what a NAS" was originally intfinished purpose—storing and accessing data throughout a regional, or remote, network-related. For those users, USB-based NAS devices are a great alternative.

USB NASes differ from traditional HDD-based NASes in that they usage outside USB drives for centralized storage. This is why they are frequently marketed as "USB Adapters." Users connect external USB drives (most also assistance USB printers, as well) to USB ports on the NAS.

Pros There are both advantages and also disbenefits to USB NASes over HDD NASes. The best upside is that they are incredibly affordable. USB NASes are frequently under $100, ranging in price everywhere from $60 for fundamental NAS use to around $130 for advanced attributes like cloud-based remote access. Normally, USB NASes are little gadgets as they don"t contain tough drives. Due to the fact that you need to usage outside USN drives, you desire to factor the cost of drives in. Drives can range from inexpensive memory sticks to large-capacity USB drives, which deserve to be costly.

Because USB NAS are quite tiny, they can sit quite unobtrusively, linked to a rexternal. Because they use external tools for storage, USB NASes have actually practically zero components that are subject to hardware faientice (besides the actual device as a whole), so they reprimary usable for a lengthy time without requiring maintenance. Like HDD NASes, they usually job-related cross-platdevelop able to occupational via Windows, Apple or Linux machines and also file units. Many of the USB NASes additionally have actually the very same use as their HDD cousins. They can percreate multimedia document streaming, work as file and print servers and be used to manage Bit Torrent downlots. However before, the feature collection is not as extensive as you obtain with HDD-NASes, but still sufficient for many customers. For circumstances, many kind of HDD NASes have integrated, user-friendly remote access techniques, progressed protection and also can act as Internet, print, and FTP servers.

Cons The main drawearlier once managing USB NASes is limited storage. With many HDD-based NASes, you not only have actually multiple tough drives, however you often have actually extra USB ports for even more storage alternatives. Business NASes also support normally support iSCSI, enabling for also even more scalable storage on a netoccupational. New to tthe industry are USB NASes that are qualified of storage sizes that would suit the typical home individuals or little business user very well. The latest USB NAS adapters have the right to conveniently host terabytes of data. One seller, Addonics, says its USB 3.0 Adapter can take care of as much as 256 TB on an NTFS formatted drive and 128 petabytes on exFAT drives! If you have actually storage needs that requires PetaByte drives, you most likely require a much more innovative HDD-NAS or SAN rather of the consumer-targeted USB NASes.

You"ll also take a performance hit via USB NASes. The Read/Write speeds of USB NAS drives simply can not contend through SATA and SDD drives that HDD NASes residence. If you are buying a NAS mainly for high-meaning video streaming you"ll desire to think twice around purchasing a USB NAS, although the majority of of them have actually streaming capcapacity. I"ve yet to check out USB 3.0 NASes concerned the sector, but USB 3.0 need to give the gadgets a performance increase.

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Finally, although USB NASes are less complicated tools than HDD NASes, some of them take even more technical skill to usage. For example, Cirago"s NUS1000 does not have native remote access like Pogoplug does with its individual cloud solution. You"d have to manually open ports and also connumber port forwarding for remote connectivity. If you require remote accessibility and you prefer tinker, this shouldn"t be a trouble. If you require remote access and are not certain how to configure things prefer port forwarding or put up drive mapping to access information on drives associated to the NAS, you will desire to go with more user-friendly USB NASes from Seagate, Iomega or Pogoplug.

USB NASes have the right to differ in price and not all are produced equal. Some have better performance, exact same have actually even more features, some have the right to support even more file devices. Here are some of the peak USB NASes we"ve tested:


Iomega iConnect Wiremuch less Documents Station Price: $99.99 list %displayPrice% at %seller%A distinct USB-based NAS, the iConnect can be accessed via wireless and via the Net. It"s affordable, functions well, and also has actually an intuitive interchallenge. The iConnect boasts a lot of attributes, such as the capability to define and schedule backup tasks, restricted power monitoring settings, and also added security. It serves as a UPnP and DLNA certified AV Media Server, plus supports BitTorrent monitoring and Apple"s Time Machine backup software application. Storage capacity does not seem to be an concern either, as it handled a number of TB of storage on one USB 2.0 port superbly. Read the complete evaluation ››

Pogoplug Price: $99.00 direct %displayPrice% at %seller%An Editors" Choice winner, CloudEngine"s Pogoplug gives you quick access, locally or remotely, to your USB storage devices—approximately 4 of them. You can stream nearly any type of video file, do automatic media synching, and percreate call administration. Read the complete review ››

Seagate FreeAgent DockStar Netjob-related Adapter Price: $99.99 for device, $30.00/year for web based business (first year free) %displayPrice% at %seller%Seagate"s FreeAgent DockStar Netoccupational Adapter is the follower to its FreeAgent GoDock+, the optional docking station for Seagate"s line of Seagate FreeAgent Go portable drives. DockStar sets the Go drive cost-free by making it not just network-allowed however also remotely-obtainable. Ssuggest plug the DockStar right into your rexternal via the Gigalittle bit Ethernet port to access the linked FreeAgent drive. Connect as much as 4 different USB drives—also non-Seagate drives—for everywhere accessibility. Read the full testimonial ››

Cirago NUS1000 Network USB Storage Link

Price: $69.99 list %displayPrice% at %seller%Cirago"s NUS1000 Netoccupational USB Storage Link is a no-frills, easy network attached storage (NAS) and also is more than likely the littlest file, media and also print server you will certainly ever watch. The $69.99 device weighs just a few ounces, is around the size of a digital camera, and have the right to handle as much as 8 terabytes of attached storage. A incredibly sporadic interconfront makes it more suited for users with even more technological know-just how Read the full review ››

Addonics NAS 3.0 Adapter (NAS30U2)

Price: $65 list %displayPrice% at %seller% A diminutive USB NAS that deserve to take care of gargantuan storage, this drive hasan extremely well recorded user hand-operated, surprisingly speedy performance and an sufficient attribute set make this wonderful, tiny, and exceptionally affordable ($65) USB NAS an Editor"s Choice pick. It"s effective to use as a file and print server, and also has a few various other extras favor multimedia streaming, BitTorrent monitoring and compatibility with iTunes playlists. Read the full review ››

CiragoLink+ (NUS2000) Network-related USB Storage Device Price: $80 list %displayPrice% at %seller%The CiragoLink+ (NUS2000) Netjob-related USB Storage Device ($80, list) is the upday to Cirago"s NUS1000 Netoccupational USB Storage Link. The NUS2000 is supplied to share and access USB gadgets, either printers or storage, from any kind of machine in a home network or remotely. The massive enhancement in the NUS2000 is the ability to remotely accessibility USB drives attached to the device and also to remotely administer. It"s additionally about an inch larger than the tiny NUS1000, although it"s still rather little. Unfortunately, accessing files remotely from a USB drive, or trying to stream or copy huge documents is so painfully sluggish that it"s not really worth the initiative. Read the complete testimonial ››