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This video clip streaming company feels best at home on the Vita’s diminutive screen; the purple and also white Twitch logo and also interface will certainly be familiar to anyone who has used Twitch ~ above the web. You deserve to search, browser a list of games, surf various channels of streaming content, and also log in to her Twitch account all from the main screen.

Neither the touch display screen nor the joysticks workin the Twitch app; instead, you’ll use the D-Pad come navigate to her menus and also other selections, pushing the X switch to select them. The app itself is relatively snappy, and while videos load slowly, lock do appear after a quick delay.


Similarly, the PS Vita Netflix app is helpful if no as simple to usage as, say, the streaming this firm mobile apps top top iOS or Android. Still, if every you have is her PS Vita, you deserve to stream every the Netflix contents you want via the gaming handheld.

You deserve to browse because that titles on the main display screen using the touch screen, D-Pad, or left joystick. Search the catalog with the triangle switch to uncover just the appropriate film or TV display to binge. The interface has ratings and also info, simply like contemporary mobile versions of Netflix.


This anime-streaming application works fine on the Vita, as well. You deserve to browse and search for your favorite anime titles making use of the shoulder buttons, D-Pad, or left joystick. The touch display doesn’t work-related here, either, but the interface is a bit much more responsive than the previous two entries above, and videos room a tiny faster come load.

If you a significant fan the the anime art form, this application will store you quite happy on your PS Vita. You have the right to watch videos for cost-free with ads, or log in to your Premium account. There’s additionally a 14-day trial you can accessibility on the Vita screen.


This quirky small music-making app may seem somewhat primitive currently that you can acquire professional-level sequencers for her iOS or Android device, but it’s a fun diversion from gaming on your PS Vita.

The main interface consists of 2 sections, one v drums and also pre-made key-board sequences, and also one through bass sequences. Top top the drum/keyboard screen, you tap the display up and also down a column to select how that details instrument sounds (bass drum, hi-hat, snare, cymbal, keyboard).

On the bass screen, girlfriend tap buttons to pick the particular sound and also sequence while relocating the symbol around onscreen to readjust its parameters. Girlfriend can change the main note the base sound hovers roughly (called a “keynote”), too. A settings button lets you set the scale and also tempo on the fly.

While this weather application has a couple of bugs and also a quirky design sense, the does indeed show the weather. The app starts by asking for your zip code or city to set a “home” screen. This no seem to work, and also after a few failed attempts, it allows you skip. Once you do, you’re taken to the main display of everything zip password you failed at entering in the interface. The weird however still usable.

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You’ll check out the temperature, “feels like” rating, and precipitation overview, with a high/low readout and also a percent opportunity of precipitation top top the left-hand next of the screen. To the right, you deserve to watch a live weather video from a arbitrarily location, or pre-recorded videos in a Weather On need section. The sound is distorted, with the former, but the latter is fun to see. You have the right to pull up a rain, ice, and also snow radar map, too. You have the right to zoom in and also out top top the map v the PS Vita shoulder buttons.