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"Do You" is a 2007 solitary by American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo. It is around Ne-Yo questioning his ex-girlfriend if she ever thinks about him anymore. That is the 2nd single indigenous his 2nd album, since of You. The solitary was officially exit to radio the week of June 12, 2007. In one interview through BET, Ne-Yo stated that "Do You" is the second part to his song "So Sick" from his debut album, In My very own Words. "Do You" to be released top top July 30 in the UK together a download only single, despite receiving more video play 보다 follow-up single "Can us Chill" (which got a physics release), bring about a lower chart position of number 100 there, his lowest charting single. Ne-Yo premiered "Do You" top top BET"s access Granted on may 23, 2007.more »

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Maybe this decision was a mistakeYou most likely don"t treatment what I need to sayBut it"s been heavy on mine mind for months nowGuess I"m do the efforts to clean some psychological spaceI would love to speak to you in personBut I know why the can"t beI"ll leaving you alone for good, i promiseIf you answer this one question for meI simply wonderDo you everThink that me any moreDo you?First off, permit me to speak congratulationsHeard that you just had actually a infant girlIf she looks anything prefer her motherShe"s the prettiest point in the worldSwear that I"m no tryin" to start no troubleTell her fiancé he can relaxI"ll leave you alone because that good, i promiseThere"s a question I just gained to askI simply wonderDo girlfriend everThink of me anymoreDo you?I recognize what we have actually is dead and also goneToo numerous times i made girlfriend cryAnd ns don"t median to interrupt your lifeI just wonder, carry out I ever cross your mind?I just wonderDo you everThink the me anymoreDo you?(Do you, carry out you, do you?)I just wonderDo girlfriend everThink that me anymoreDo you?(Do you, do you?)I just wonderDo girlfriend everThink of me anymoreDo you?(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

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Ne-Yo Shaffer Chimere smith (born October 18, 1982), much better known through his stage name Ne-Yo, is one American pop and also R&B record artist, record producer, dancer and actor. Start his career together a songwriter, Ne-Yo penned the fight "Let Me Love You" because that singer Mario. The single"s successful release in the United says prompted an informal meeting in between Ne-Yo and also Def Jam"s label head, and also the signing that a record contract.

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He has actually won 3 Grammy Awards because that his musical work. An ext »