Head the Franchise Nathan Stewart call Dungeons & Dragons‘ current popularity the result of “a arrangement 40 years in the making.” (Wizards that the coast image)

Dungeons & dragon is an ext popular currently than it’s ever been, and also its publisher Wizards of the coast has announced multiple brand-new projects in stimulate to store that round rolling.

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This consists of a 2023 attribute film; a partnership v the relaunched G4 cable and also digital tv network come air this summer’s D&D Live show; Wizards’ an initial foray into publishing D&D-based video games; a special event in respect of D&D‘s most renowned signature character; and of course, much more books and also content because that D&D.

Founded in 1990 by Peter Adkison, Wizards that the coast is headquartered in Renton, Wash. With satellite offices in Bellevue. Its an initial major success was the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, which debuted in 1993. Wizards subsequently gained the rights to Dungeons & dragons when it bought the owner TSR for $25 million in 1997.

Wizards announced Wednesday morning that 2020 to be D&D‘s ideal year ~ above record, additional confirming sales number reported in February. As per Wizards’ stats, they’ve tracked much more than 50 million players for D&D worldwide, v a 33% increase in year-over-year sales.

2020’s Tasha’s Cauldron that Everything, a D&D sourcebook exit in November, set a record for the franchise by receiving more pre-orders than any kind of other publication in the game’s history.

The contemporary Dungeons & Dragons is appeal to a surprisingly vast array of demographics, as per Wizards the the Coast’s inner data. (Wizards that the coastline Image)

It’s simple to assume the D&D‘s spike in popularity critical year was as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which produced a boom in sales for every tabletop and also board games. The development goes earlier pre-lockdowns, however; 2020 was in reality D&D‘s seventh consecutive year of overall growth, and also 2019 was D&D‘s previous highest-grossing year ~ above record. This ball’s to be rolling because that a while.

Nathan Stewart, head the franchise for Dungeons & Dragons. (Nathan Stewart Photo)

“2019 to be the culmination the a few things,” Nathan Stewart, head the franchise for D&D in ~ Wizards the the Coast, called rwandachamber.org. “It wasn’t just one year in the making. D&D’s 5th edition came out in 2014, and also on its own, that’s been a pivotal adjust for us. One of the great things the the fifth edition rules have done is they’ve made it much more approachable for fans of every levels the understanding. It created a base the was so easy to gain into.”

Another element in D&D‘s recent success has actually been the climb in the last few years that multiple popular streaming shows and also podcasts dedicated to live D&D sessions, together as crucial Role and also Acquisitions Incorporated.

“We witnessed an to explode in ’16, ’17, ’18,” Stewart said, “in the number of D&D streamers, in Twitch growth, and also on YouTube Live. One of the things around that, which we really credit towards our growth, is the it help demystify the game.”

“From the outside, D&D looks choose math,” he added. “But friend watch civilization livestreaming D&D, and also you think, ‘it’s a group of friends drink beer and making each various other laugh. Ns didn’t recognize there was a game for that.’ It yes, really helps make it more approachable. The game’s a sort of social lubricant.”

Wizards’ own streaming show, D&D Live, is booked for July 16-17, billed together a unique two-day event. Its schedule has interviews, distinct product announcement, and a Dungeon Masters’ roundtable discussion, yet is centered approximately four “star-studded” live-play games. The specific lineup because that this year’s gamings has yet to be announced in ~ time that writing.

By method of comparison, critical year’s D&D Live featured sessions v actors from A game of Thrones and also Stranger Things; a complete adventuring party of WWE wrestlers, consisting of Xavier Woods and also Alexa Bliss; and also a table complete of comedians playing D&D to advantage the charity company Comic Relief.

Wizards likewise announced early this month the it’s partnered through the gaming-focused cable/digital channel G4 to broadcast this year’s D&D Live ~ above TV. The regards to the partnership also include 4 brand-new live-play miniseries, the cast and also details that which space still undisclosed, that will certainly premiere top top G4 this fall.

Brian Terwilliger, VP that programming & creative strategy in ~ G4. Follow to the initial push release, he’s only 12th level. (G4 Photo)

“It just made too lot sense,” said Brian Terwilliger, VP the programming and creative strategy at G4. “We’re every nerds. As soon as I was supervising producer top top ‘Attack that the Show,’ we had a weekly D&D game. It’s yes, really just around taking the things we love and also providing a spotlight for them. This to be really straightforward to acquire everyone come rally behind.”

Wizards is additionally publishing following month’s Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, a revival of the hack-and-slash D&D spin-off which allows players to take it the functions of the well-known D&D signature character Drizzt Do’Urden and also his other Companions that the Hall. If D&D video games room nothing new, Dark Alliance is Wizards’ debut as a video clip game publisher.

Dark Alliance is set to debut on June 22 because that PlayStation 4/5, Xbox collection X, Xbox One, PC, and, together of previously this week, the Xbox game Pass.

Drizzt is likewise the focus of an occasion that Wizards announced on Thursday, called the Summer the Drizzt. Branded together a “summer-long celebration of all things Drizzt Do’Urden,” this marks an abnormally busy few months because that the character.

In enhancement to his playable revolve in Dark Alliance, yes a brand-new Drizzt novel, Starlight Enclave, comes on Aug. 3, and also Drizzt will certainly make his Magic: The gathering debut on July 23 when he shows up in Adventures in the forgotten Realms.

This brand-new set is the very first official crossover in between D&D and also Magic, and also introduces a collection of cards based upon several classic D&D items, monsters, and also characters. Naturally, Drizzt is top top the covering of the box.

As an advent to the Summer the Drizzt, Wizards has actually released a new animated short, “Sleep Sound,” narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch (Avengers: Endgame) and written by Drizzt’s creator R.A. Salvatore. The quick is meant to introduce brand-new fans come Drizzt as a character, together an accelerated retelling the his origin and also adventures for this reason far.

As for D&D itself, Wizards proceeds to release resources for the tabletop game, with assures of more tabletop announcements at D&D Live in July. It launched a new sourcebook on Tuesday, the 256-page valve Richten’s overview to Ravenloft, which revisits and also revises D&D‘s 1983 Gothic horror setting for 5th edition.

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With video clip games, live play, the TV deal, and also the upcoming function film, Stewart claims Wizards’ arrangement for D&D is to continue to expand the game’s audience, as well as its international accessibility. The long-term plan is to bring D&D to brand-new fans about the world.

“Finding new mediums and also meeting children where they’re at is key,” Stewart said. “Any ar where you can imagine a D&D experience, we’re do the efforts to find best-in-class partners to carry it to those platforms. Nothing’s turn off the table once it involves what would naturally carry the D&D human being to life.”