Tina friend Fat Lard: 10 Napoleon Dynamite price quotes That will Stick v Us Forever Napoleon dynamite is a quirky indie film that no only has actually a emotional story, but contains some of the best dorky price quotes in movie history.

In 2004, BYU alumni Jared and also Jerusha Hess, alongside the acting talents the a young Jon Heder, birthed a quirky indie comedy around a gawky Idaho teenager that donned moon boots and smuggled tater tots into background class. 16 years later, Napoleon Dynamite is a cult classic and also pop-culture phenomenon renowned for its cast of shockingly genuine characters and ingenious writing.

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The manuscript is a hit of pure comedic genius; insanely hilarious dialogue that isn"t tongue-in-cheek is refreshing, specifically in today"s sea of stale one-liners. The hoax land since they space authentic. Hess to be one of six boys living in a little farmhouse in Idaho, and he based the film"s plot greatly on his experience farming up in reputation (the genuine town where the film is set). The characters are based on real people, actual dorks. And also real dorks say some of the many memorable things. Below are ten quotes from Napoleon Dynamite the you"ll never forget.

couple of cafeteria tater tots live approximately the superb crispiness of reputation High School. High institution lunch durations are infamous for gift short-lived and method too early. There"s a long line come wait in, pistol sloppy goops come investigate and also forget around finding a decent and also socially respectable ar to sit. V such a painstaking process, it"s no wonder Napoleon bring away his having lunch to go, hiding delicious tots in his cargo pant"s pocket.

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While everyone likes to think Randy is the just bully in this situation, what with him kicking Napoleon and also crushing his lover potato nuggets, Napoleon is not without fault. Don"t forget the stole the tater tots indigenous Pedro in a previous scene as the 2 eat lunch together. Why Pedro wasn"t hungry for those golden brown jewels? We may never know.

9 "Your mommy Goes come College."

quite comeback indigenous the 32-year old guy child. How do those off-brand chips your Grandma bought girlfriend taste? Kip think he"s so cool, and honestly, many of his present kill due to the fact that he actually believes he"s gained exceptional wit and also matching swagger.

Deb may not be the most fashion-forward teen, however she"s a basic sweetheart with delicate feelings. She"s for this reason offended through Kip"s mediocre (at best) comment that she shoves her handy crafts into Napoleon"s arms and runs away. But hurtful, Kip"s lame retort is responsible for Napoleon and Deb coming to be friends, therefore it"s no all bad...

way to flex in prior of the new kid. Napoleon is one overtly obvious, unpopular nerd, so it"s puzzling why he comes to himself through trying come prove how cool that is. Up until this point, Napoleon appears pretty okay through his geekiness, however this quote is the very first glimpse right into his insecurity around being the "weird kid." Not just is this humblebrag a complete lie, yet it"s likewise entirely unrealistic. It"s extremely unlikely the frizzy-haired geezer clad in moon boots and MC Hammer pants can successfully wield a 6-foot tall employee made the red oak.

7 "But my Lips Hurt actual Bad!"

There"s nothing worse 보다 chapped lips and one unlawfully cruel brother who won"t lug you the ointment girlfriend require. Among the many iconic lines of conversation is throughout a call conversation between Napoleon and also Kip as soon as Napoleon asks to walk home due to the fact that he "doesn"t feel well."

We"ve every pretended to it is in sick in hopes a expedition to the nurse"s office way going residence early. Napoleon marches to the win of his own very poorly pull drummer, and also his struggle to fit in doesn"t end in the schoolyard.

top top his best day, we discover Napoleon"s older brothers Kip scouring web chat rooms for ladies desperate sufficient to stomach his stale poetic ramblings. But hey, what deserve to you intend from a middle-aged grandma"s boy who"s only life score is to understand the art of cage fighting? How"s the training coming along buddy?

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Kip"s intentions are innocuous, but one needs to wonder if he to be attempting to pull off fancy catfishing scam. Either way, the sibling rivalry in between Napoleon and also Kip is hilarious, and also this quote is emblematic the just how frustrating and also delusional big brothers deserve to be.

5 "Tina, friend Fat Lard, Come acquire Some Dinner."

together if Napoleon didn"t gain exposed to enough an enig meat in the cafeteria, he has to go home and also scoop unidentifiable helpings that goop to Tina, the family"s llama. Judging by the sound the slop provides as it access time the ground, the casserole can have to be a concoction that oatmeal and also mashed potatoes through a soggy cornflake topping. Everything it was, Tina is not having actually it, and also she makes that pretty famed with some well-placed llama scoffs and also scowls.

Napoleon"s admiration for Deb is heart-meltingly pure, yet he"s one awkward teenager therefore the conversation is about as romantic as he gets. When he"s more than likely really worried to method Deb, Napoleon"s deadpan shipment hides any high college crush jitters.

His intentions space sweet but what he choose to say couldn"t be an ext embarrassing. Deb"s great of baby fat is normal, and also with so plenty of girls at her school obsessed over the smallest difference in calorie count, it"s quite to have a guy display her she"s perfect just the way she is.

3 "The Worst job Of my Life. What execute You Think?"

High institution sucks. That"s most likely the most obvious statement in history, however for youngsters like Napoleon it"s specifically true. He"s forced into public speaking in former of his class, he"s bullied and also shoved into lockers, and also pretty girls deserve to barely phone call the difference between him and also a tetherball pole.

Come on, Grandma. You have to know better than come ask questions favor that. The only thing worse 보다 high school torment is having actually to relive it at the dinner table, or in Napoleon"s case, standing within earshot of his irritating older brother.

when he"s attract those negative boys? Forget around it! accomplish Rex, the self-proclaimed understand of the Rex Kwon carry out dojo and also frequent shopper at American Flag prints R"us. Rex teaches an 8-week regime for world who want to learn the arts of self-defense.

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It doesn"t seem too hard when you"ve got a grossly diluted ide of martial arts and also yellow safety glasses. Rex doesn"t f--- around, and also he provides that clean to Kip, Napoleon and also everyone rather in his intro class during a brief, however informative preview that the program.

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1 “Whatever i Feel like I Wanna Do, Gosh!”

probably the wisest words talked throughout the film room uttered in the very first scene that Napoleon top top the college bus. The kid"s question, "What space you going carry out to today, Napoleon," isn"t said with an oz of sarcasm. It"s more like the boy is ~ above a school ar trip to the zoo, and also he"s in ~ the monkey exhibit. Napoleon is a monster specimen to observe, and also his response couldn"t be an ext indicative of his individuality. Plus, he simply doesn"t give a crap what anyone thinks.