Nancy Silverton is an American chef and author, that is best known because that winningthe James beard Foundation’s impressive Chef compensation in 2014.

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She was born on June 20, 1954, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Her father to be a lawyer, when her mother wrote for the soap opera “General Hospital.” throughout a current interview, Nancy recalled:

”Moms cooked and everyone ate dinner together. Once we go out, it was a special occasion.”

Silverton first realized she calling for preparing food when she was a student at Sonoma State University cooking vegetarian dishes for she dorm mates. She said:

”I discovered my phone call in my first year in college, cooking in the college dormitory.”

Nancy went on to say:

”It to be a minute I’ll never ever forget since it actually was an epiphany.”

She dropped out of Sonoma State college in her an elderly year. Later, she started to train formally together a chef at Le Cordon bleu in London.

In 1982, Silverton to be hired at among the restaurants own by Wolfgang Puck, an Austrian chef who ended up being a celebrity favourite at restaurant Spago.

In June that 1989, she opened up the restaurant Campanile v partners Manfred Krankl and also Mark Peel. She said:

“People asking me what it to be like, starting a business like Campanile and La Brea Bakery with little children and also a newborn quickly after that and also a husband.”

Nancy later added:

“You simply do it since you are immersed in it and don’t stop to overthink it.”

In 1990, Silverton received the finest Pastry chef of the Year award from the James mustache Foundation. In the same year, she was called one of Food and Wine Magazine’s “Best brand-new Chefs.”


The couple divorced in 2004.


The two have three youngsters – Oliver, Benjamin, and Vanessa. She when said:

”I to be the mommy to dozens of needy – and very curious – children who are creative and eager to present off your skills.”


”I’ve never been there and also I really want to go since I know I would certainly love the cuisine.”

”To make a the majority of money in the bread business is come just, girlfriend know, churn those lump out.” (source)

”The finest pizza I’ve ever before had remained in Italy in ~ Pepe in Grani, situated in the city of Caiazzo.”

”I’m so stimulated by the civilization I work with in ~ my restaurants.”

”The farmer’s markets in Santa Monica and also Hollywood are terrific year-round.”

”I like to acquire my hands dirty. I’ve acquired a small little empire.”

”I recognized my calling at such an early stage. I still remember the day.”

”Gluten intolerance is a an extremely serious issue for civilization with celiac or other medical conditions.”

”Sometimes you have an idea so large you have to build whole restaurant approximately it.”

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In 2017, Mario Batali to be accused by four women of sex-related misconduct. Batali is one American chef, that co-owned restaurants in new Haven, Westport, Singapore, Boston, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, las Vegas, and new York City. Adhering to the sex-related allegations, Mario offered all his restaurant holdings.

After the sex-related accusations showed up in media, Silverton declared to Eater:

”It is a sad day in the restaurant industry. Mario has been a mentor, partner, and also friend.”

Nancy continued:

”Mario is likewise a guy with boundless bravado and a man with flaws.”

Her favorite salad dressing is composed of:

salt;extra virgin olive oil;shallots;balsamic vinegar.

She is active in fundraising for numerous charities.

When request by the James Beard structure about what item native the Pizzeria Mozza food selection she is many proud of, Nancy responded:

”I’d have to say ours pizza dough, the top quality of the crust. The the heart and soul of our pizzeria, and what I believe sets united state apart.”

At the start of 2019, she was called Culinary Ambassador the the brand-new Farmhouse food in Ojai.

Another famous American chef is Michael Symon.

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Nancy Silverton – network Worth

Silverton earned many of her riches from functioning as a chef and also co-owning numerous restaurants. For instance, Nancy established the world-renowned Campanile Restaurant and La Brea Bakery. She is additionally the co-owner of Pizzeria and also Osteria Mozza as well as Mozza2Go.

In 2001, she and her partners marketed La Brea Bakery. Her share battle for end $5 million. She invested many of the money intoBernard L. Madoff investment Securities.

Unfurtunelly, she lost the money after brand-new York financier bernard L. Madoff was captured running a enormous Ponzi scheme. On march 12, 2009, young name L. Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 commonwealth felonies.

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Later, she opened up several restaurants and also a high-end line the sorbetto and also gelato. Nancy additionally published a couple of books that offer pretty well, specifically on Amazon. Therefore, chef Nancy Silverton has actually an approximated net worth of $1.2 million.