Cheritz Team Welcome come the main Cheritz!Cheritz is a south Korea-based game firm that develops and also services storytelling gamings for female individuals (otome games).
Mystic Messenger heat sticker Release

Mystic Messenger line Stickers room available!Thank you because that making good suggestions :)

Mystic Messenger Line stickers

v.1.9.3 Update hold-up Notice

Hello, this is Cheritz.

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The upgrade for new contents in celebration event of 2nd anniversary the , initially scheduled for release on July ninth (KST), is gift delayed due to delayed confirmation.

We would prefer to sincerely apologize to the customers who have actually been wait for the 2nd anniversary of the game, because that the truth that the event could not start on the really day the the 2nd anniversary. The confirmation generally took a day, so us did not intend the delay to be an issue. We were conscious providing service at the appropriate time largely impacts your happiness, because date greatly comes to this event. However, we are an extremely sorry we can not beginning the brand-new contents on time.

We are currently communicating v both industries for components to it is in updated as soon as possible. As a compensation because that delayed event, we will prolong the event (originally to it is in serviced only on July 9th) as lot as it has been delayed.

We will be earlier as quickly as the day of update and event schedule have actually been re-finalized. Us will carry out our best to make certain you will certainly not miss the time event that pertains to your memories. We sincerely apologize because that the inconvenience.

Also, we would favor to give thanks to everyone who has actually celebrated 2nd anniversary of the game, in spite of the reality that 2nd anniversary occasion has no been listed yet.

Thank you.


The adhering to is the perform of things that have actually been included and to update in the brand-new version for Android and iOS.

Update for variation 1.13.0

- enhancement of After ending - V - enhancement of DLC - Rika Behind Story- issue fix : iphone phone X screen- Illustration development on 31 CGs and BGs- Minor pest fix

v1.5.1 iOS UpdatePlease update your app. Mystic Messenger v1.5.1 the adhering to has been fixed/updated.- resolved partically cutoff photos in the picture album for some devices.-...\" width=\"500\" height=\"500\">
v1.5.1 iOS Update
Please upgrade your app. Mystic Messenger v1.5.1 the adhering to has to be fixed/updated.- fixed partically cutoff images in the photo album for some devices.- enhanced the recovery mechanism for data rollback issues.- included 707’s spaceship.- Optimized assets for the party step for some characters.A UFO sailing in outer space toward the love husband Buddha chip has been included in version 1.5.1.You have the right to now peek right into each character’s thoughts by tapping ~ above the UFO. Once the UFO reaches the chips, hourglasses or hearts will certainly be rewarded.

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Q : Is there any type of other hidden attributes in the UFO? For example kidnapping one of the characters or stuff like that.A : Tragically, no, there isn’t.Thank you.