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Like Vembutech stated it might be a an easy broken battery however if the dosent work-related then it could be a poor USB board. Right here is a attach to the battery replacement if you desire to save some money. IFixit>https
/>iFixit Battery Replacement

It is simple enough to obtain into the case and also replace the battery, which friend can obtain from Amazon or EBay. Be cautious with the ribbon connector clamps. They break so easily. If they break you will certainly never obtain a good connection. Your only option is to send come Samsung Depot Repair and also they will fix for a nominal fee. If girlfriend send in, REPORT EVERRYTHING wrong with the tablet. For example, my tablet also needed to have actually the stylus replaced under the level fee, but due to the fact that it to be not at first mentioned, Samsung returned the fixed tablet computer with a damaged stylus.

Mine began to no charge. Changed battery and also still no charge. As soon as charge port was loose I plugged charger in and also it would occupational intermittently if moving the flat ribbon . I think the ribbon is located behind cover where I held maker and that pressure led to an open up in the ribbon. Changed USB charge port and all is good. Mine was about $8.00 ~ above Amazon native China. Ordered one indigenous California and it was used and did no work. Ordered two much more from China and both worked for spare.

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Im not certain how plenty of of you still have actually this issue, or have actually upgraded to next revision of this tablet. Ns bought it because that a replacement together Im upgrading shells an instead of a keyboard on my white acrylic macbook. Ive been sooo disappointed v its performance
ns too had this charging issue. At very first it took a couple of hours come charge, then 8! then only to 13%. I observed others had same issue. Ns think, as soon as it is loaded v apps the battery drain is huge. Might only be one application causing the drain. However, i am a mfg tech, trained from the soil up. Plugging in parts for circuit boards to high tech makers to plank level repair to reverse engineering. 35 yrs. I never ever recommend tearing into equipment unless you actually have evidenced the problem warrants that. Study is the best method to find a an excellent fix, uneven you have everything at her finger tips and also can execute diagnostics.. However I also believe never ever take no because that an answer. Which bring me to this fix.if that is a charging issue, most likely not the inner battery. I have actually been struggling to favor this machine lol. No charge, then would charge speak me ~ trying a couple of different tests, that it is internal yet not the battery. An ext than likely the 6 pin regulator is not correct out put for the battery. Ultimately saw the post by a male who figured that out, much more or much less confirming what ns was thinking. These tablets dont charge well v USB charger that comes with. 5.0 volt 2a is not enough. You have to buy the "super charger" as its called...5.3v to 5.5v 2A...standard wall plug connection with 30 pin connector come device. Google it. Bam! This thing charges favor a dream. Ns think it is a bug they didnt fully research when creating this model. I have no idea what the newer ones do.if they have same issues, however this thing totally charges in a pair hours. Also, ns couldnt multi task. Would drain in a couple of minutes. Currently it fees while you do other things. So far difficulty fixed. Cross my fingers. Oh and also follow the directions...remove the brand-new charger from power first, climate disconnect the 30 pin connector from an equipment pulling right out. Pulling the away and also out in ~ an angle have the right to mar your link fingers that mate through the 30 pin connector, leading to a poor connection. This is not a USB charger. Ac wall surface mount w/30 pen connector. Only expense 8$ free shipping