You’d said Taehyung around wanting to wait for a bit, and he’d to be nothing yet respectful…maybe too respectfulOther than a couple of hot and heavy kisses, he appeared content with just hugging you goodbye at the door and also kissing your forehead…but friend were not content v that after a whileYou wanted more, and Taehyung was so sweet and considerate you weren’t afraid“Come in for tea,” you say, holding both the his hands, yet he ducks his head“Aw, Jagi, i shouldn’t.”“You really should. I have actually something to show you.”He cocks his head, confused, yet he follows you insideYou leaving him sit on your couch through his tea and also rush to the toilet to take it off your clothes and fluff her hair, touch up your makeupYou take it a deep breath and walk the end nakedTaehyung watch up and also chokes top top his tea, fumbling through it to put it under on the table, looking down and covering his eyes through his hands“Jagi! You…you can’t…this isn’t fair!” that sputters“Why not?” your heart is racing and your instinct is to cover yourself however you don’t, simply take a couple of steps closer to him“I’m make the efforts to be a gentleman,” that mutters, and also that’s as soon as you take one of his hands from his face and also place the high up on your inner thigh“I don’t desire you to be a gentleman, Tae.”He peeks at you with his long fingers, swallowing hardYou move his hand up even greater and the instinctively cup your pussy, making you moan outHe drops his hand native his face, wetting his lips through his tongue“Oh, Jagi, you’re therefore hot and wet…” His voice is low and also rumbling in his chest. “Could I…could ns taste you? would that be every right?”He watch up into your eyes for any kind of sign you might be uncomfortable girlfriend nod empathetically and he’s parting your thighs gently with both hands and licking a strip up her skirt in a minute flatYou’re trembling all over, warmth coiling in her belly and he keeps moaning low in his throat“You taste therefore good, Jagi. I’m so happy to it is in the first to taste you, yeah?”He all of sudden latches top top to your clit, suck gently, and you cry out and brace your hands on his shoulders, comes in simply a couple of minutes, clawing at his shirtHe keeps lapping in ~ you and making those noises, arms currently wrapped approximately your waist, pulling you to him“Taehyung…my knees room gonna buckle,” friend gasp out, and he was standing up and picks you up bridal style, dropping you tenderness on the bed and he starts crawling toward you prefer a panther and also spreads your legs again come go ago to his task however you take his hair and also tug on the a small and that jerks his head up, eyes wide“I desire you.”Taehyung is frowning, brow furrowed, as he climbs increase his human body to kiss the edge of your mouthYou reach in between your bodies to cup him through his pants and also he’s so tough alreadyHe hisses in a breath. “I just want to please you, Jagi, i don’t need…” yet he’s bucking right into your hand and when girlfriend unbutton his pants he doesn’t protest, leans up on his eight so the you have the right to pull the out, eye widening in ~ his size, moving your hand up and also down, curious, and also he bucks his hips again, sliding against your stomach, letting out a long, deep moanYou obtain bolder in ~ how influenced he seems and also you overview his prick down to slip him versus your folds, whimpering at exactly how hot and also hard the feels against you“Jagi…are girlfriend sure? We have the right to wait, I’m in no rush…”His human body is betraying his words as he keeps slide up and also down you, licking his lips together he looks down into your eyes“I’m sure, Taehyung, please…” you grab his cock and guide that to her entrance and he slides in to you slowly, but he doesn’t stop, burying self in you come the hilt, making the most sinful noises“Oh, God, Jagiya, you’re therefore perfect, were you made come fit me?”You whine and buck under him and also he start to move faster, blow his bangs back from his face“Jagi, I’m so close already, see what you perform to me? i can’t come there is no you, that would certainly be ungentlemanly.”He leans up suddenly and also licks his index and also middle finger, getting to down to rub at your clit fast, and you cry the end his nameHis hips stutter and he bites his complete lower lip. “Ah, Jagi, you’re so beautiful moaning my name. You recognize I love you, yeah?”All you can do is nod frantically as something snaps in you and also you’re coming roughly him just as that moans deep in his throat and also his thrusts acquire sloppy“I love girlfriend too, Tae,” you to speak in a hoarse whisper, but it’s enough and he comes inside you, kissing girlfriend hard and also moaning right into your mouthHe kisses everywhere your face and also collarbone, making girlfriend giggle, staying inside girlfriend as long as you’ll allow him, murmuring apologiesYou tell him it didn’t hurt, that he was perfect“I was simply trying to store up, Jagi. You’re the perfect one.”



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You don’t think to tell her boyfriend Jungkook that you’re a virgin because at first, he’s nice shyWhen he starts to acquire comfortable with you, sometime quickly after your an initial kiss, her goodnights acquire hot and also heavy however it always ends with him leaving, all purged face and not looking directly at youYou also start to acquire bolder, grabbing his hardness v his sweats if you’re do out and he beginning kissing girlfriend so difficult it provides you dizzy, hand up one foot of your shorts, functioning your clit between two fingersAround the third time this happens you’re in his bed and also you all of sudden want more, more than simply his finger although they’ve lugged you come orgasm double alreadyYou’re on the edge of the bed with him pumping 2 fingers in and out of friend fast, and you sit up and also yank down his sweats and underwear, letting his prick spring freeHe looks under at you, shocked, and also lets the end a quiet moan once you wrap your fingers around his baseYou’re curious and also take that in your mouth as deep together you can, and Jungkook’s hips twitch violently“Oh fuck, babe, your mouth!”He’s virtually shouting and also there’s something for this reason hot around how he’s influenced so easily, about how he hardens even much more in your mouth and also you relocate your head up and also downHe throws his head back and gasps in a breath like he’s drowning“Wait, wait….” the takes your challenge in his hands and also you come turn off him v a pop“What’s wrong? Am ns doing it wrong?”Jungkook shakes his head vigorously. “No, no… you’re doing it too right, babe. I… I’ve never ever done this before. Any type of of it.”You’re shocked for a moment before you breath a large sigh that relief“Me either.”Jungkook’s eye widen in surprise“You… you’re a virgin?”You nod. “But ns don’t desire to be any more. The is, if you want to.”“Of…Of course I want to,” Jungkook stutters. “Are you sure?”You nod and also realize you still have actually your hand wrapped about his cock and start stroking slow“Oh, God,” Jungkook breathesYou let that go and also he allows out a little whine that makes your face heat upYou earlier up ~ above the bed and spread your thighs, beckoning him through one finger“I can’t think this is happening…” Jungkook mutters and also crawls toward you, planting kisses on your inner thighs and also sliding his finger right into you again“You’re for this reason tight…” he says, nearly in awe, looking under at her pussy“Just go slow, okay?” You’re beginning to get nervousJungkook’s eyes shoot to your face“We don’t need to do this, babe. We have the right to wait..”You shake her head. “I desire this. I want you. Execute you desire me?”He looks in ~ you favor you’re crazy. “Of course! I desire you therefore bad…”He slides into you and also his confront looks prefer he is virtually in painIt doesn’t hurt, simply feels prefer you’re extending somehow in all the right ways. “How does that feel?” girlfriend ask, worried by his silence“You feel….God you’re therefore hot…so tight…oh fuck, I’m going to come in 3 minutes tops, you feel so fucking good…” the trails off and starts to relocate his hips slowly, and also you feeling him sliding against a part of you that you’ve never ever felt touch before and also it sends warmth shooting up your body“Oh, Jungkook,” friend moan, and he reaction viscerally come his name on her lips, pumping his hips faster, sloppy“Y/n, oh God I’m so sorry i can’t… I’m gonna come…” You’re fascinated by the strangled sound that his voice, the way he’s throwing his head back and obtaining up ~ above his knee to fuck you harder, hand firm on your hips and you feeling bold enough to with down and also rub her clit, wanting some sort of releaseJungkook has actually his eyes squeezed shut but when that looks under at girlfriend he groans loud“Fuck, baby, friend look so hot, God, i wanna to fill you up….can I? Please?”He’s fucking you virtually desperately now, watching you v blown pupilsHe start fucking you even harder and also you come roughly him, crying out, and also his eyelids flutter close up door again“You’re clenching approximately me choose a vice, Jesus fuck girlfriend feel prefer heaven, Y/n, please…”He’s babbling and you’re not sure what he requirements from you so you spread your legs a little bit wider“Come inside me, Jungkook,” you to speak in a short tone, and also he’s crying out your name over and also over and you feel wetness on your inner thighs“Jesus fucking Christ,” the mutters, rolling off you and also throwing a forearm over his eyesYou’re suddenly shy, nervous, biting her lip“Was ns okay?”He twisted his head come look at you“Okay? You were amazing, babe. I thought I to be going to explode.

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I can’t think I’m so lucky. Ns love friend so much.”He will 100% wake you up begging for sex in three hours