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How unsafe is it to drive a Mustang in the snow considering it"s a RWD sporting activities car? ns am wanting to buy one, yet it would certainly be my daily driver and car ns would have to drive in the winter also. What kind of things can be done to improve taking care of in negative conditions; ie eye tires and sand bags? Is this a reasonable vehicle for me to want to drive year aronud life in SE Michigan?
Oops, this is in the not correct region. If a mod might mvoe this come Michigan that"d it is in cool. Thanks and also sorry.

I dislike to be the harbinger of bad tidings, but....I have actually tried control Mustangs in the snow. If the storm is walk on, or the roads have not to be cleared, it is a harrowing experience to say the least. You have actually a automobile that is irradiate in the rear, v fat tires, rear wheel drive and also lots the torque. The Mustang, in my experience, is generally a fair weather car. Of food tires and weight in the behind will aid somewhat, it will need to be driven an extremely carefully in incliment weather.
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How unsafe is it to drive a Mustang in the snow considering it"s a RWD sports car? i am wanting to buy one, but it would certainly be my daily driver and car ns would have to drive in the winter also. What kind of things have the right to be excellent to improve taking care of in negative conditions; ie eye tires and also sand bags? Is this a reasonable automobile for me to desire to drive year aronud life in SE Michigan?
I get roughly just fine. Human being drove RWD cars for most of the century -FWD was typical only in the 80s. Inspect out the archives, there"s already been a many of material posted on winter control tips. I"d download a restricted slip, and invest in winter tires.
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Front wheel journey cars through abs are best in snow and ice, however I have seen many of lock in ditches too. The an initial thing about driving in these problems is to use your head and be safe.
I had to placed 200lbs of water softner salt in mine simply to obtain it far from the curb, and also then its tho 20 mph every whereby I go.. I simply put mine in the garage now and buy a $200-$300 dollar winter get around car... Don"t let human being use the excuse that rear wheel drive cars were all people used to drive, becase back then they weighed about twice together much and also it was alot less complicated to drive them...

I had actually to placed 200lbs the water softner salt in mine just to obtain it far from the curb, and also then its tho 20 mph every wherein I go.. I simply put mine in the garage now and also buy a $200-$300 dissension winter get approximately car... Don"t let people use the pardon that rear wheel journey cars were all human being used come drive, becase earlier then they weighed around twice together much and it was alot less complicated to drive them...
I get approximately easier in the Mustang than the Focus. Room you using winter tires?PS. Mine 1968 Mustang 302 sweet 2750lbs indigenous the manufacturing facility my 3.8L weighs 3150. Contemporary cars weigh much more than enlarge cars, generally, because of every teh crash protection, software application systems, etc., It"s not weight, it"s distribution, tire compound, restricted Slip, etc, the make a difference in the snow. 90s T-birds are amongst the worst, and also they sweet even an ext than the Mustang. If you"re running about in sport tires, that harden up roughly 40 degrees, you"re gonna" have problems, no matter wha tyou drive.
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This is my 3rd winter in the stang. Acquired it Dec. "04. The is together safe together the driver. Ns have had no troubles getting around. Yes, the is really light and slides very easily yet if you usage your head you"ll be OK. Ns made the 10 mile highway drive to occupational last month throughout our quick snow storm when 4wd pick ups to be in the ditch.
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I"m looking forward to my first winter with my 2007 Mustang GT. I have actually noticed the following automatic tranny characteristics: When choosing lower gears manually, the tranny remains locked in that gear and takes more power to acquire her rolling. Cuts under on torque in ~ the behind wheels. Psychic the old Cruise-O-Matics? They to be the best on snow. Take off in second and role on.
Its sweet, i gained my stang a few months earlier and it just started snowing right here in michigan. If your mindful its fine, however if your not you"ll spin out everywhere.

Driven in the white stuff and did ok, however I choose to store my Stangs beded down for the winter months. Won"t :racer:them in the winter months and none of that chemichal ingredient on mine Stangs. No require when I have actually other wheels to drive, prefer my 90 Bronco ll or mine husband"s truck. I hope :santa was great to you all and also enjoy the rest of this year.

I wouln"t take my Mustang end the Colorado passes in the winter ~ above a bet. Even with studs on all 4 tires it"s not a winter car. It"s a wonderful automobile but not a year round car where you gain several months a year that white roads. Being careful doesn"t really matter if you don"t have the capacity to get out the the means of the other man that"s sliding towards you. If you obtain ice storms there, be actual sure you obtain a stick rather of an auto so that you deserve to feather the clutch (autos top top ice will sit and also spin a tires at idle-autos of any kind of make and also model carry out that). I have actually a Ford Escort wagon and also Explorer for my winter driving as soon as the roadways are white.
i have actually a 140 mile a job commute and with snow tires the a tank. 05 gt through an auto. Just gotta know... No abrupt moves!!! however i journey 150k a year (in a big truck

driving in the winter go to farm and also fleet and buy part narrow steel rims u gotta aske because that then theyll understand what you space talkin around they are favor 50 bucks and put some cheap tires with an excellent tread then put 300lbs in the ago of your car. Its functioned for my friend me i simply rive it v the weight however really closely the ideal advice is to just drive careful in the turns and permit plenty the time to stop.. Oh and also hardly any type of gas if any type of when placing it right into gear
I live in Ohio and also I have actually studded snow tires. Ns ususally dont put lot weight in the back. Simply make sure you have actually atleast half a tank of gas and also just be basic with the gas. Its one auto,so a stick might be much more tricky, except you simply start out in 2nd gear. The finest advice for winter steering is take it it easy. That doesnt matter what friend drive, nothing go or stop on ice, eye is a small better, but not through much. Be smart and remember that you have the right to wreck going right in bad conditions, no your limits and also stay away from them if you worth your ride. Also, make sure your washing your car a lot during the winter come get all of the salt and also grit off, girlfriend dont want a rust-stang.

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Stangs are great in the snow. Girlfriend get great gas mileage due to the fact that you don"t go anywhere. I store mine in the garage! I had my daughters out the various other day in snow, she was v me. WOW did ns scare the to pee pee out of her. The does not have actually snow tires on it and this was a perfect time to present her how negative it remained in snow. After that i think she will certainly think twice prior to she even considers going anywhere if that is snowing.I am certain with the appropriate snow tires you would be OK. Ns did it back in the old days!
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If you have actually 3.73 gears in your automobile do not drive that in the snow! Mine was marginal at best in the snow through stock gears, snow tires and extra load in the back, climate I got the 3.73 gears and it to be undriveable in the snow! simply buy a beater and also drive the in the white stuff. I hate to view mustangs driving about in the salt and snow.
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We have actually had countless rear drive cars in the Midwest winters, consisting of two Mustangs, one stick and also one automatic. There are a couple of tips that help immensely. The auto should have actually a limited slip axle and the finest winter tires possible. I usage Blizzaks all around. I do not location weight in the trunk as this is a negative factor because that getting about corners.With one automatic, as soon as coming to a prevent on slippery surfaces, specifically with a cold engine, shift to neutral. This take away the engine journey away from the rear wheels and makes braking an ext effective.If stuck with an automatic, that is difficult to stop the wheels from spinning once in gear. The trick right here is to set the parking brake, put the shifter in gear, then release the brake tenderness to control the torque to the wheels. Typically this will enable you come drive ideal out.The various other trick if grounding is to rock the car. However, excellent badly, this deserve to tear up a transmission. V the automatic, what I execute is to put the auto in D through the parking brake on, then gradually release the brake and move it forward till spinning begins. Then push the brake pedal to organize the automobile there. Communicate the parking brake, pick R, and also repeat backwards. Each time you execute this girlfriend should have the ability to move the auto farther and eventually out, and also there is no abuse the the tranny.I know this is gift posted in the spring however remember for next year.Kern FischerPerformance steering Coach