If you are having actually trouble with your Moto Phone and need service – we can help. Monitor the steps below to learn about your options, timelines, costs and also next steps.

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execute I need a company or repair?

When her phone isn’t functioning as friend expect, it’s definitely frustrating. However, not all worries need a service. Phone concerns fall into three key categories and it"s precious trying out some troubleshooting first.
Software concerns might refer themselves together a phone that won’t rotate on, is slow-moving or randomly turn off down. You could also notification your apps behaving differently. To aid understand if that a software application issue, shot our troubleshooting overview or our clever assistant tool.
This consists of buttons not working, broken charging jacks, or a battery the drains also quickly. Again, it"s worth troubleshooting very first to be certain it"s yes, really a hardware issue.
Physical and liquid damages are not extended within the conventional one year guarantee (but they space covered under ours MotoCare Accidental damage Plan). Physical damages includes broken screens, scratches, damaged or worn housing, and also damaged charging ports. Liquid damages can cause significant malfunction, and the sensors inside the phone will let the technicians recognize if this happened.

What are my service options?

We right now offer number of service options that vary through your phone model, the kind of damage, her warranty status and whether you have a MotoCare plan. Note: you can examine your warranty standing by visiting the mine Stuff web page and including your device.
We have considerable and growing network of authorized carry in centers the use genuine Motorola parts. Together you go with the repair entry process, we will certainly let you know the closest repair center to you.
We will share a Fed Ex label for you come send your an equipment to us. Climate we will repair your maker and send that back. If us can"t repair your device, we"ll send a like-new replacement an equipment for you to keep. The sooner girlfriend ship your device, the sooner we deserve to ship her repaired or replacement maker (usually within 4 days after receiving your original device).
Offered on select devices from $24.99 - $29.99 (+ any kind of repair costs and a protection hold), we will certainly send you a replacement machine to keep. As soon as you obtain and set up the device, you will send her original maker back to us and also we will remove the protection hold. Us ship your replacement to you in ~ 4 days in ~ the most, and we pay for the shipping.
If you space a technically-inclined and savvy do-it-yourselfer, you have the right to order an online repair kit native iFixit (www.ifixit.com). Most frequently used for screen or battery repairs, this kits encompass the crucial tools and genuine Motorola parts to finish your repair. The an obstacle of the repair varies v the phone model and also the damage incurred. Note: This option should only be used for gadgets that room out that warranty as repair damages may affect your conventional warranty.

How much will it cost?

The costs for fix vary depending upon the type of repair, the choice you choose, even if it is you have actually a MotoCare plan and whether your device is in or the end of warranty.
If your maker is within the one year standard warranty period, many repairs will certainly not cost anything. See listed below for exceptions. Note: friend can examine your warranty condition by visiting My stuff and adding your device.
Physical DamageBroken screens and also other physical damage are not extended under our conventional warranty. Friend will need to pay because that the fix seperately.Liquid DamageIn most situations liquid damages will reason a major malfunction. A machine with liquid damage is not extended under our typical warranty and cannot it is in repaired.Note: Both liquid and physical damages are spanned under the MotoCare Accident protection Plan.
If your machine doesn’t qualify for the conventional warranty (by age or condition) and also you carry out not have actually a MotoCare plan, the price will depend on the company program friend choose.Mail in regime costsAs you go with the online entry process, you will view a price estimate prior to you submit. In many cases, we carry out not fix out-of-warranty gadgets through this option; instead, us send a like-new replacement. Replacement expense varies through model. Note: fluid damaged tools cannot be replaced.Walk in facility costsThe out-of-warranty walk in facility will triage your maker and then quote the out-of-warranty cost to you based on the issue. With this option, you will obtain your original maker back. This is generally the less expensive out-of-warranty option.
Every motorola smartphone comes with a one year limited warranty. MotoCare plans expand or broaden on the coverage. The extended Service arrangement provides 12 months of coverage against mechanical failure with deductibles varying from $5-$99 depending upon your device. Plans are obtainable to acquisition while your machine is in vouch (up to 12 months).The Accident Protection setup gives girlfriend the same coverage together the Extended organization Plan, plus extr coverage for liquid and also physical damages caused through drops and spills. Deductibles selection from $26-$99 depending upon your device. As you go through the online repair submission process, girlfriend will check out the estimated expense including deductibles before you submit.

How lengthy will my repair take?

Repair time are based on the company option girlfriend choose. For our Premium mail in Service, we will certainly ship her replacement in ~ 24 hours, Monday to Friday. For typical Mail in Service, we will ship your maker within 4 company days after we receive and examine your initial device.

How carry out I send a repair?

The procedure can be done totally online. Log into the website, to fill in the form, submit any kind of payment, enter your deal with and submit. We will certainly send you monitor up emails come let you know the following steps and to save you educated throughout the process. You have the right to start the submission process here.
You will receive an email with accuse on how to prepare your machine for shipment, however in short, it’s back-up & Erase, Remove and Pack up.Backup & EraseAll the data ~ above your maker will be erased when we obtain it, so us recommend friend backup and also then erase the data yourself prior to sending come ensure you don’t shed anything important.RemoveRemove every little thing that is not bolted under to the device, and also DO no send these in. This method SIM and also SD cards, Moto Mods, chargers, removable backs or battery or other accessories. We will certainly not be able to return this if lock are sent out in! Hint: If friend don’t have a removable back, you absolutely don’t have actually a removable battery.Pack upPack your machine carefully. We recommend the pack materials uncovered at FedEx. Then affix the brand that we (or FedEx) have sent to you and drop it off at a FedEx location.
We have various repair/replacement options depending top top the Moto mode or accessory. In many cases, if the Moto mod or accessory division within 30 work of purchase, friend can obtain a refund or a instead of by going back to the original place of purchase. If it’s past the 30 day period, yet within the one year typical warranty period, please contact us for options.

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Cracked or shattered display screens are not extended under our standard warranty; however, they space covered under the Moto care Accident defense Plan. If girlfriend don’t have actually an Accident defense Plan, you can still use one of our service options above, yet you will need to pay for the repair or replacement.