Moto G4 Tips, Tricks and also Hidden Features: A overview to acquiring the most out of her Moto G.

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The Moto G4 can be the latest addition to the finest affordable smartphone selection going, however cheap doesn’t have to mean restrictive. And also its solid brand-new 13-megapixel camera and also larger, 5.5-inch, 1080p complete HD display, the fourth-generation Moto G has actually a few hidden tricks increase its sleeve – you just need to to understand where to look because that them.

Sure, it can not be in the same organization as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or HTC 10, yet once you’ve discovered this an option of Moto G4 tips and tricks, you will do it be even happier girlfriend shunned the big boys and snapped up among the ideal sub-£200 handsets going.

1 . TWIST come SNAP

Every phone has actually a secret means to quick-launch the camera, you simply need to recognize where to find it. The Moto G4 is no different, and this sneaky capture assist doesn’t need you come press any type of buttons or go all over near the phone’s touch-friendly display. Instead, you deserve to launch the 13-megapixel camera just by jiggling the a bit.

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This isn’t some dance floor jiggle though – or one most likely to be set off in your pocket once you jog because that the bus. Just provide the phone two sharp twists along its upright axis and the camera will certainly instantly feather to life. Perfect for once that can’t miss shot i will not ~ be about once did you do it fumbled the end your passcode, this shortcut, turned on in Moto > Actions, deserve to be used when your phone’s unlocked, or direct from sleep mode. Handy!


C’mon, recognize it, you to be a bonafide Flappy Bird addict before the game was unceremoniously self-censored and withdrawn from app stores across the land. Don’t issue though, friend don’t need to scour the Play keep for dodgy knock-offs of perhaps the most frustrating video game in recent times, yes sir one currently installed on your phone.

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The recent in a trademark operation of Google-hidden easter eggs, the Moto G’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS hides a fun little secret. To play the scurried far game, you’ll need to go to settings > about Phone and also tap top top the ‘Android Version’ choice a entirety bunch of times. When you view a large marshmallow with Android ears appear, give this a lengthy press and enjoy trying to navigate your small Android mascot with a bunch the awkwardly location marshmallow-framed gaps. It’s fiendishly an overwhelming and time-sappingly addictive. Don’t say us didn’t warn you.


It’s time come wax on, wax off and also harness her inner Karate Kid. Fiddling because that a torch switch while wedged under a sink, wrench in-hand, is a pain. You recognize it, we recognize it, yet it doesn’t need to be that way.

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Instead of opened all path of menus and also swiping with quick-launch options, you can launch the Moto G’s torch function with a couple of spicy swings. As soon as activated in the Moto app > Actions, provide your Moto G a pair of karate chops and marvel together light spews forth. Another couple of swings and also the torch will rotate off.

4. Obtain TAP HAPPY TO come to be SNAP HAPPY

Struggling to with that dedicated digital shutter button in bespeak to capture a well-framed selfie? You have the right to stop trying to rotate yourself right into a person pretzel v this basic solution – the capability to take it a photo by touching anywhere on the screen.

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How? well it’s how amazing simple. In the camera app, pull in indigenous the left hand side of the screen and also you’ll be presented with a snap-improving menu. Here, clicking the Shutter kind command will current you through a brand-new Tap anywhere option. Press it and also you’re done!


As much as us love ours phones, there space times – vital meetings, key footy matches – whereby we’d quite not have it demanding our attention every 4 minutes v its incessant bings, bleeps, and also buzzes. There’s a rapid solution, and also one that doesn’t require fiddly back and forths with the ‘Do not disturb’ function: just turn the phone confront down.

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Activated in Moto > action > flip for perform not disturb, this handy attribute can acquire you through those concentration-demanding moments in distraction-free style. You don’t even have to fret around whether girlfriend remembered to revolve silent setting off. Simply turn it display screen side up again and also your messages will certainly come flooding in.

6. Evade CALLS IN calming SILENCE

Your phone’s ringing. That Jim. Friend don’t want to answer. What execute you do? girlfriend can’t decline the call, the will reduced off and also he’ll know you snubbed him. You can not sit and listen to that ill an option of ringtone because that a minute and fifty percent either though, it will send friend loopy. Oh the dilemma!


There is another option despite – a simpler, less awkward solution. Simply pick the phone up. No, we’re not saying choose up as in price the thing, just physically elevator the phone and also place it ago down, this will certainly let the call continue while silencing that bloody terrible noise, and Jim’s no the wiser. Cue angry laugh.


Like any kind of phone, the new Moto G4 will press notifications and alerts at you at all hours of the day. From spam shopping emails to irritating app updates, it seems like these obnoxious alerts constantly come v at the worst possible times, like when you’re simply drifting off right into the floor of nod. You can collection up night time peace of psychic with at an early stage hours alarm blocking though.


Found in Moto > display screen > Keep display dark , this handy tiny feature will ensure that no matter how countless emails, WhatsApps, or Twitter notifications girlfriend get during the hrs of darkness, your phone won’t bug you between the hours of 11pm and 6am and you’ll be able to sleep in tranquility – until that sodding alert wakes you increase for one more day the is.

8. LOCK THE FOCAL allude FOR cheater SHOTS

Smartphone cameras are enhancing continuously. They can still be a tiny frustrating at time though, especially when their focus goes walkabout and also your perfectly set-up selfie end up payment sharper attention to the bloke in the background mining his sleep for eco-friendly gold 보다 you and also your perfect practised trout pout.


There’s a systems though: just lock the focal distance point. To carry out this, merely press and hold on your desired part of the display screen until a new focal window appears v a tiny padlock on it. Now, no matter how much you wave your phone around, the camera will certainly treat that one spot together the primary photo filler.

9. Rotate YOUR call INTO ft KNOX

OK, this is a pretty excessive measure, yet if, beneath your tinfoil hat, you’re paranoid about hackers and mystery snoopers spying on your handset and accessing all your exclusive files and pictures, you can want to firm up your data’s safety. The solution below is full handset encryption.

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Turning whatever stored on her phone into meaningless code unless decrypted v a password that will assist give friend some much needed peace of mind. Be warned though, this is a lengthy process. As soon as you’ve gotten in Settings > defense > Encryption, you’ll need at least an hour spare and also you’ll have to keep her phone linked to the mains while the encrypts all your data.