The Moto 360 is now obtainable at virtual for $249.99 – and also only at the Un-carrier™ can qualified customers acquire this brand-new smartwatch because that $0 down (and $10.41 for 23 months; $10.56 because that 24th month) v a straightforward Choice™ setup in participating stores start Nov. 19.

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powered by Android Wear™, the Moto 360 is a sleek and modern smartwatch, giving client the capacity to carry out far an ext than just telling them the time. For example, the Moto 360 syncs to a customer’s compatible smartphone via Bluetooth to administer text messages, emails and also calendar updates, check the weather and also even monitor fitness tasks thanks to a integrated pedometer and heart-rate monitor— all within a basic glance of their wrist.

A contemporary smartwatch v an LCD touchscreen, the Moto 360 responds come voice commands for added convenience and also is compatible v smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher – making the a great companion because that a number of devices easily accessible at

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Moto 360 Pricing because that Well-Qualified Customers: $0 down + $10.41/month x 23 mos & $10.56 for 24th month. If you cancel wireless organization remaining balance on phone becomes due. Complete price $249.99. 0% APR; O.A.C. Count & fees addit"l. Use of some functions requires pairing with compatible Bluetooth-capable Smartphone v qualifying service. See for details.

LG G clock R coming to November 19

simply in time because that the holidays, customers deserve to purchase the LG G watch R for $299.99 in participating stores beginning November 19. In true Un-carrier fashion, is the only place where qualified client can get the LG G watch R for just $50 under (and $10.41 because that 23 months; $10.56 for 24th month) on our Data Strong™ network.

The LG G clock R sporting activities a full circle Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display and also while it looks favor a traditional timepiece, client will experience much much more when synced with their compatible smartphone running on the more quickly 4G LTE network nationwide. Customers have the right to stay up-to-date through email, texts and social media while on-the-go, track your heart price and task levels and also even say “Ok Google” to find for directions to the closest keep for all their holiday shopping needs.

The LG G clock R is it is provided by Android Wear™ and is compatible with devices running Android™ 4.3 or higher, which includes the LG G3™ smartphone, also available at the Un-carrier. The LG G clock R will certainly be accessible for purchase at online later on this month.

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LG G watch R Pricing for Well-Qualified Customers: $50 down + $10.41/month x 23/mos; $10.56 for 24th month. If you cancel wireless service remaining balance top top phone i do not care due. Total price $299.99. 0% APR; O.A.C. Taxes & fees addit"l. Usage of some functions requires pairing with compatible Bluetooth-capable Smartphone v qual’g service. See for details.