This write-up covers a simple method to check the many tweeted words from a Twitter account. If you ever wonder i m sorry words you have tweeted the most from her Twitter account, climate you deserve to use TweetWords to find that out.

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TweetWords is a complimentary web app that can accessibility tweets of any type of public Twitter account and also find the end the native that have been tweeted the most from the account. It supplies AI algorithms to analyze all the tweets native the corresponding accounts and also then find out the many used words. Climate it mirrors those words in a rectangle-shaped text balloon with options to sort out the most used words by years. It additionally gives you an option to download the message bubble together a PNG photo file. With that said, let’s check it the end in detail.

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Check the most Tweeted Words from a Twitter Account

To inspect the many tweeted words from a Twitter account, simply visit this link. This take away you come the TweetWords landing page where friend can type a Twitter account name to uncover it’s many used words. Do note that, it just works with public Twitter accounts as it has actually to accessibility all the tweets.


In the account name, you have actually to go into the precise username of the account. It does not work-related with account names and also does not shows the account either. Friend just get in the username and also it instantly starts analyzing the tweets of the Twitter account connected with that username.


It soon starts developing a word balloon from the tweets it analyzes. Within a few seconds, it mirrors you the most used indigenous from all the visible tweets native that particular account. By default, it reflects the many used indigenous in the life time of the account. However you can sort that out for each year because the account is created on the platform.

Alongside the year option, there is a switch to download the image. V this button, you deserve to download the present word bubble in the form of a PNG image. The picture is in decent readable top quality with a resolution the 930×600 px.

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Closing Words

This is just how you can check the most tweeted indigenous from any Twitter account. You have the right to use the to examine out the many used words of any kind of public account. Unfortunately, over there is no alternative to conserve the outcomes apart from downloading and install as a message bubble image. Having actually an alternative to export that to CSV, text, or any kind of other paper file format would be nicer.