This is a overview for under the Dark Muddy Path, a Quest showing up in Monster Hunter human being (MHW). Learn about Down the Dark Muddy Path"s availability, unlock conditions, target Monsters, and also rewards because that completing the search here.

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Down the Dark, Muddy Path
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Basic Information

How to Unlock down the Dark Muddy Path

Available native the occasion start time

Quest simple Information

LvDestinationTypeResearch PointsTime LimitReward MoneyObjectiveOther Conditions
 Challenge -
 50 minutes1080z
Slay a Barroth

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Monster Information


Here come a brand-new challenger! In this quest, friend will need to slay a Barroth in the Arena. It need to be a item of cake, especially due to the fact that Barroth cannot acquire his dirt armor here.Barroth Weakness and also Strategy Guide


Ryu complete Armor Set

Upon completion, you will certainly be rewarded through SFV Ticket I, so friend can get the complete armor set, Ryu
! That"s right; you deserve to now run approximately yelling Shoooryuken! in ~ everyone.

Main Rewards

ItemAppearance Rate
Earth Crystal%
Armor Sphere%
SFV Ticket%

Monster Materials

Barroth ShellBarroth Tail
Barroth ClawBarroth Ridge
Barroth Scalp

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