We space going to be spending some time in the ras Vegas/Henderson NV area shortly, and was wondering what there remained in the method of understanding Shops and Train tasks (RR clubs, dinner train, excursion, etc.). I live there in 1968-70 and been ago many times, however the last trip was around 5 years ago, and things change. Thanx!

happily modeling mySTRATTON & GILLETTE RAILROAD. A course A line located in a an individual fantasy civilization of semi-plausible nonsense on Tuesday, respectable 3rd, 1954.

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I assumption: v both of girlfriend will have to Google around, and see what girlfriend find. The shouldn't be that tough to find places to obtain started.

There to be a subject in here from April of critical year, exact same topic, different OP. I don't remember much of a an answer from any type of one top top here, that lives there.

You'll uncover it in the find the neighborhood box.


Google has a really hard time with model railroad shops.


"Model Train Store" is the term the works finest for me, yet it is tho not really good.


When i travel, I have actually had better results asking the member for this reason f this forum. They have proven to be a great source or understand shop information.




happy modeling mySTRATTON & GILLETTE RAILROAD. A class A line located in a an individual fantasy human being of semi-plausible rash on Tuesday, respectable 3rd, 1954.

Until mine health gained to me mine wife and also I hit vegas a couple of time every year. Together is pretty much everywhere the design railroad shop thing has hit las vegas too. The last time us were there (2010) the was down to two in Vegas and one on the roadway to Henderson. No one of the three impressed me.

April, 2019, issue list three in las Vegas area:

Hobbytown, USA

Train Exchange

West next rwandachamber.org ("7 mile west that the strip")

Have no been to any type of of those.

There is a rail museum closer come henderson the they expect to ultimately run come the strip. Component of the line has actually beed done.

If you usage Facebook, over there is a many of model railroad stuff, and also modelers, It could be an additional resource.


The Train Exchange was going come close up when I was there choose 8 year ago! five years earlier they were still open. Possibly they room stiull going...

Not lot has adjusted since girlfriend lived/visited here. As stated, there could be 3 understanding shops, 2 that them can be the interest......Westside rwandachamber.org and also The Train Exchange.

The Train Exchange is tho in the process of "closing up". His list is reduced and also he is reluctant to re-stock and also modernize. However if you're trying to find that "never to be found again" item, he can have it. Ns go come him for difficult to find stuff (Testors Dull Coat, can and liquid form; flex track
less 보다 $5 a piece).

I would recommend a couple of hours spent south of ras Vegas in Boulder City at the Nevada southern Railway Museum.There, you will not only uncover rolling stock and also locos of years past, but history regarding the duty of railroads in the building of the Hoover Dam.

The Clark ar Museum would be along the way to Boulder City. Not primarily devoted to the rail history, however they do have actually some items of interest.

You can also go come the Alan holy bible Visitor’s facility at Lake Mead and walk the line that supplied to be the rail down right into the Hoover Dam, the trail take away you v 5 tunnels.

There has actually been a significant project near the rail Pass, which contains re-establishing the rail line from across the highway from Boulder City-Henderson-Las Vegas. I think their on purpose is to create tours, but that's not up/running. The rail heat from Arden garden to Hendersonis still active with local freight deliveries.


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posted by Medina1128 on Tuesday, march 19, 2019 11:14 pm

I simply checked the Yellow Pages for las Vegas and this is what I come up with.



See images of the Clinton-Golden sink RR

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post by PennCentral99 on Wednesday, march 20, 2019 2:19 pm

I necessary some odds and ends, so i swung through the Train Exchange. He ultimately closed up, the service is empty.


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posted by SeeYou190 top top Wednesday, march 20, 2019 2:53 afternoon
I swung by the Train Exchange. He lastly closed up, the company is empty.


Oh no, i missed the by just a pair of months.


Hopefully every the various other shops on my "must visit" list out West can hang in there till I make it.




happily modeling mySTRATTON & GILLETTE RAILROAD. A class A line situated in a personal fantasy civilization of semi-plausible nonsense on Tuesday, respectable 3rd, 1954.

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posted by MikeyChris ~ above Friday, in march 22, 2019 6:58 am
I essential some odds and also ends, so i swung by the Train Exchange. He lastly closed up, the company is empty.


Bummer! He was close to mine hotel (Station). There provided to be a couple shops(same owners, perhaps Habbytown?), one closer to Fremont maybe? It was a long time ago, and I have actually been sleep a few times because then :-)

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posted by Autonerd top top Sunday, in march 24, 2019 12:27 afternoon
Google has a very hard time with design railroad shops."Model Train Store" is the term the works best for me, yet it is still not an extremely good.

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I must respecfully do not agree -- I take trip a lot because that work, and also Google Maps has actually been a large help in finding neighborhood stores -- and also Kevin, prefer you, I uncover the ax "Model Train Store" works well. Again, the Google Maps girlfriend want, not simply Google. (in fact, I simply did a Maps-fueled tour of the hobby shops between Sacramento and LA, and came away v some good scores.)

Reading the reviews deserve to be helpful, as they will certainly sometimes mention other good stores. (Most the the poor reviews room "I walked in the door and also no one identified me!")

I agree around Westside, it's a small-ish store however I score an Amtrak Horizon FS vehicle at a good price there. Dead if Train Exchange is closed, despite I've been there a couple of times and not really discovered anything.

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