Outside of my day job as a project manager for a building and construction company, ns am an avid gamer through a good passion because that "Call of Duty."


You will require an arsenal in bespeak to achieve high ring in Alcatraz, lot of the Dead. Many of the objectives have the right to be difficult as the rounds progress. In stimulate to rise your opportunities of success, the is vital that you complete the goals as beforehand as possible.

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First, I will certainly list the jobs in the order that i will finish them. In order to finish in a stylish manner, i will job-related on several objectives at the same time. The descriptions below will explain how I control multiple objectives at the same time.


Feed the Beast (get Hell's Retriever)Collect the airplane partsBuild the acid Gat KitBuild the planeUpgrade the BlundergatGet the gold SporkTrain in the Cafeteria


You acquire 20 points because that each grenade you litter in the lava pit.

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Feed the Beast in bespeak to gain Hell's Retriever

Screenshot: COD, black color Ops 2


Lower the vital by shooting power at the electric panel.

Screenshot: COD, black color Ops 2

Start a Solo game in Alcatraz

The first objective ~ above my list is to build the Zombie Shield. Ns like having actually the shield since it protects my ago and permits me to obtain out of difficult situations. However, the parts for the shield are situated on the Docks and also the Citadel Tunnels.

We will need to open lot of doors i beg your pardon will need us come accumulate some points first. There space two wolf heads between the begin location and also the shield parts. In bespeak to conserve time, it renders sense to accumulate points by death zombies in the area the the wolf heads.

You have actually three limitations that deserve to prevent girlfriend from completing objectives quickly. You have a limited amount of Afterlives, points available, and also zombies. You have the right to overcome these limitations by death zombies in the suitable areas, acquiring the many out of every Afterlife, and proper point budgeting.

Round 1

Your target in round one is come accumulate the maximum amount of obtainable points for usage in future rounds. Friend will also be choose up the M14 due to the fact that it will permit you to protect against buying an high value gun beforehand in the game.

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Use your handgun to death zombies. Shoot them five times and then stab them. Shot to shoot the zombie in a line in order to conserve bullets. If friend shoot castle in a line you can shoot every zombie in the line an additional three times prior to stabbing them.