Have you had the feeling before wherein girlfriend felt like shedding the one you love, your far-ranging other or your better half? This feeling, suddenly made you change the usual. It provided you the chance of loving much more the human being that provides you happy. Giving all the love to the one that makes you believe that love is real and love has forever. It provided you more reasons to stick with her or v him, no issue how tough the situation is. This Valentine Season, Mo Pitney will present you just how does it feeling like shedding someone and will do you love more your companion through his tune “Love Her choose I lost Her”.

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The Song…

The tune is about a guy having actually a bad dream of shedding his lover. After ~ the dream, the guy had actually vowed to love her more, appreciate more his far-reaching other, and also make his better half his priority. This is prefer loving her an ext rather than shedding her.

Furthermore, the song “Love Her favor I shed Her” was written by Dennis Duff and also Mo Pitney himself. In addition, the tune was contained from Pitney’s album “Behind This Guitar” and also was exit in the fall of 2016.

The Lyrics…

I deserve to hear tires screeching, breaking glass and also twisting steel. There to be red lights flashing, an awful smelling smoke, and it was she behind the wheel. That little blue car underneath that huge semi-truck. was my whole civilization ending, so say thanks to God ns woke up.

simply for a moment, I believed she’d to be taken far from me. and my life was changed, ’cause i felt the pain, also though the was simply a dream.

So i made a vow starting right currently that every look and smile, every touch and kiss would certainly be longer, and also sweeter, and also softer, and also I love her favor I shed her.

And it Goes…

tho holding mine breath, I got to for the telephone. ns just had actually to recognize she was for sure at home. She more than likely thought ns was crazy once I wouldn’t let she off the line. ns bet i told she “I love you” at the very least a thousands times.

just for a moment, I believed she’d been taken away from me. and also my life to be changed, ’cause ns felt the pain, even though it was just a dream.

So ns made a vow beginning right currently that every look and also smile, every touch and kiss would certainly be longer, and also sweeter, and softer, and I love her favor I lost her.

The realization…

This Valentine Season, let’s display what is love to the ones we love. Stop tell them how we care. It’s never too so late to say exactly how much us love them because that we’ll never need to regret. Permit them feel the love castle deserve. The love the both of girlfriend deserved. The bottom line is, we should let them feel how strong our love is also if it’s no Valentine’s Day. Instead, we show them the every job is a love day.

Furthermore, this tune made us much more believe the Mo Pitney has actually a heart because that the country.

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