http://www.wideopencountry.com/mo-pitneys-just-dog-aims-animal-lovers-hearts/Mo Pitney is a new artist in the industry. He’s been working tough to do a surname in the country music. There are numerous songs the recorded, and also some received hopeful feedback while others room unreciprocated. “Come carry out A small Life” is the tune that he describes as his modern day that “Forever and Ever Amen” through Randy Travis. Loan your ear for you will certainly be astonished of exactly how truly country his voice is. Also, the song will define him and the old and traditional country music.

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Furthermore, Mo Pitney has released singles such together “Country,” “Clean increase On Aisle Five,” “Boy and A Girl Thing,” “I Met Merle Haggard Today,” and many more. Also, he made covers of legends that has “Who’s Gonna fill Their Shoes” by the legend George Jones.” these songs describe how an excellent and deep Mo Pitney’s voice is. Doubtless, it will recollect the pleasant sound of the yesteryear’s country.

Come carry out A tiny Life…

Byron Hill, will Nance, and also Mo Pitney himself created the words and also lyrics the “Come do A tiny Life.” The tune is part of Mo Pitney’s album “Behind This Guitar.” It was released in 2016 together with the songs pointed out above.

Moreover, “Come do A tiny Life” just depicts a story of unlimited love between two world who genuinely love each other in spite of barriers.

Mo Pitney…


Morgan Daniel Pitney is a twenty-five-year-old native of Cherry Valley, Illinois and also was born on march 24, 1993. Mo Pitney started playing drums at the period of six. At the age of twelve, he learned come play the guitar. Also, Mo Pitney learned just how to beat the banjo. He formerly played through his brother and a friend in a tape plainly the Bluegrass nation songs.


His very an initial singles to be “Country.” that debuted at the Grand Ole Opry, a platform because that all nation music beginners. After his debut, he began recording songs and releasing them as well. Plenty of country music obsessives especially the traditionalists love his style and selection of music. Perhaps, it’s due to his deep voice and also how he truly embraces the root of genuine country.

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