Minimax Charger is a portable charger that can charge any type of of your electronic devices that use a USB cord. This compact charger is powerful enough to an increase your car. It supplies a wall surface plug to fee so every you have to do is charge it up and bring it through you to constantly have a power resource by your side. Everyone have the right to use it many thanks to that is safe and also easy design. The small design allows you store it just around anywhere.

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Total price Breakdown

The expense of Minimax Charger is $99.75 and the shipping is free!

This price was derived from the As watched on TV commercial web page ( ) which to be taken offline due to Minimax Charger being discontinued. Minimax Charger might still be discovered for revenue on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was derived from the As viewed on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Minimax Charger being discontinued. Minimax Charger might still be discovered for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

Positive Points

any type of Electronic Device

You have the right to use Minimax Charger to charge nearly all of your digital devices. Every you need is the USB cord that generally charges the digital device. It does not issue if it is a cellphone, tablet, clever phone or camera.

an increase Your Vehicles

This powerful compact charger is stronger sufficient to boost virtually any of your vehicles. Use it come jumpstart the battery of her car, truck, boat, motorcycle and so lot more.

Compact Design

The compact style lets you lug this product with you just about anywhere. That is smaller than a cellphone and also fits perfectly in your gloves compartment, purse or workdesk drawer.

quick Acting

This charger is fast acting and will instantly provide power to whatever you space charging.


one of the main advantages of this maker is that it is convenient. Girlfriend never need to worry about missing crucial phone call, around being stranded with a dead battery or having actually to asking a stranger because that help. This product allows you jump begin your automobile or charge you call to speak to for aid if you require it.


Jumper Cables

Every order comes v a collection of miniature jumper cables that plug into Minimax Charger. This jumper cables space safe and also easy come use. You execute not need to worry about sparks or shocking yourself.


you will also be detailed with the universal multi-charger. This multi charger is a USB which attributes three charging heads so you can charge three gadgets at once.

wall Charger

To charge Minimax Charger just attach it come its wall surface charger and also plug it in. You deserve to plug it in overnight therefore the compact charger will have a complete charge the following day.

auto Charger

Every order likewise comes with a vehicle charger that deserve to be plugged right into the lighter of your car. This lets you fee the product while you space on the go.

moving Case

use the sleek carrying situation to hold all of the individual pieces consisting of the device, the chargers and the jumper cables.

Led Flashlight

This an equipment also has actually a high powered LED flashlight incase girlfriend have auto trouble at night.

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Easy to Use

charge it

This first step to utilizing Minimax Charger is to charge it. You have the right to do this among two ways. Either fee it in your automobile or by using the wall plug.

plug in Devices

The following step is to plugin your electronic devices or attach the mini jumper cables. Once everything is plugged in push the power switch to rotate the Minimax Charger on.

prompt Power

Your commodities or vehicle will have instant power. As soon as you are finished just shut turn off the power button and unplugged her devices.