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(J-J-J-J-J.R.)Girl ns gotta be beside you *2X* + (Mike Jones) + BOTHI'm waiting, anticipatingFor you infant (cause i gotta be beside you)And I'm wanting, you cause you obtained meBoy you obtained me (cause ns gotta be next to you)(Ayyyy!) Baby friend on mine mindLong together we safety time girl reason I gotta be beside youBaby you on mine mindLong together we spending time girl reason I gotta be next to youI ain't trippin about the limelightCause once I'm through my shorty she store my mind rightWhen we up in the mall, she fill up purchase bagsShe love to popular music them tags, she love to journey the JagWhenever us alone, she litter away mine phoneCause she don't desire no interuptions while we goin strongMy baby, mine baby, don't it is in on that bullshitMy baby, mine baby, understand I keep a complete clipThat's why I, let she hi-side in 745Thats why I, take pride as soon as I slide up in lock thighsMy infant boo she true, you know she organize me downSo as soon as I acquire some time, I invest it v her now, YEAH!
My lil' momma she know exactly how the video game goShe recognize if it's 'bout the money she know daddy gotta goShe know if it's 'bout the file then document I'm gon' getBring it ago to the crib, then record we gon' splitShe recognize what ns do, she trust me and keep it trueEven though i leave she lonely she knows that ns love she tooWhile I'm warm I gotta get it, gotta remain on the grindAnd she already know once I'm home, she take all my timeI - love come cuddle up, love to do her blushGirl i can't acquire enough, reason I gotta be beside youLove to cuddle up, love to do her blushGirl i can't obtain enough, reason I gotta be alongside youNow ns knowwwwThat daddy gotta go out there and also get itI knowwwwThat as soon as he acquire some time he spend it v meI knowwww, the he gon' always be aroundSo I'll let him hit his ex outta town, yeahhh

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And ns knowwwThat lil' momma gon' hold huge daddy downI knowwwThat she gon' make me smile as soon as I frownAnd i knowwwThat shorty's more than a friendThat's why ns ride wit her 'til the end, yeahhhHeyyyyyyy