Clara is most likely my favourite name at the moment however I’m having trouble thinking of the perfect middle name to enhance it.

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Clara appeals come me due to the fact that it feels standard and innovative and a little enchanting. Ns live in England and don’t think I’ve ever met an additional Clara. It’s very vintage chic come me as well. I desire a center name that conveys all of this too. I’ve no idea whether other people have the same idea around Clara so I desire a middle name that reinforces the idea I have actually of the name. Hope that makes sense!So usually I want a name the is classy and also has an waiting of vintage glamour and beauty about it yet is classic and also down-to-earth together well. Nothing also fashionable or out-there. Rule are: No names ending in ‘s’ or ‘a’. Preferably no vowel beginnings unless there are any type of that flow specifically well with Clara. And preferably 1 or 3 syllables together my last surname is 2 as well.

kim_w march 22, 2020, 5:05pm #2

My favourite Clara combo every is Clara Jane. Therefore classic.

riverbio march 22, 2020, 5:05pm #3

My grandmother’s surname was Clara Catherine. (I to be Claire Cathleen). I love Clara! i agree that a 3 rate mn sound great. I’m not very good at suggestions but let me see:

Clara CatherineClara BeatriceClara GeorgianneClara VioletClara Juliet


Love Clara! Perhaps:

Clara Catherine/CateClara GraceClara Madeline

Also love Clara Jane

a11 march 22, 2020, 5:05pm #5

My grandmother’s surname was Clara Pearl. I think the perfect!

bonnie1107 in march 22, 2020, 5:05pm #6

Congratulations! i adore the name Clara – and also lucky friend – I choose it even much better the method it is pronounce in England (than in the claims where i live).

I’m walk to simply throw some principles out over there –

Clara MargaretClara JuneClara PrimroseClara GwendolenClara JessamineClara MaeClara LouiseClara RosemarieClara GenevieveClara LavenderClara Hyacinth

Clara Josephine sounds great.Other ideas-Clara VivianClara TessClara RosalieClara IreneClara MelodyClara LillianClara MargaretClara PenelopeClara Marjorie

Oooh many thanks for every the lovely proposal Berries! Some great ideas here. I’m specifically liking:

Clara Beatice: LOVE this, back I’d probably spell it Beatrix to change the sound in ~ the end. I’ve got a real thing around not having an ‘ess’ sound prior to my ‘S…’ surname. Do you think that would sound ok?Clara Violet: really prettyClara Grace: might have been perfect if Grace no so hugely well-known for very first and center names below at the moment. Also there’s that ‘ess’ sound again. Grr I’ve had to discard so plenty of names since of it! tho really choose it though.Clara Pearl: i don’t typically like P-names but this is a beautiful comboClara Jane: ns going to have to think about this one and also see if it grow on me. I’ve always been dismissive the Jane together I feeling it was a little bit boring but it walk fit well v Clara.

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Clara Mae/May: May is my grandmother’s name so the a an excellent choice. Plus mine DH likes it. But it’s not the grandm I’ve always been closest to. Mine closest grandmother hates her name so ns never thought about it as an option yet I’ choose the idea that honouring she by using it. That a name most human being will probably hate yet I’m walk to put it the end there… what execute you think of… Clara Beryl?Clara Lillian: Lillian is additionally a household name, another possibility!Clara Vivian: Love how innovative and grown-up this sounds.Clara Rose: This one simply popped into my head. I’m liking it a lot!

Bonnie 1107 i agree it does sound much better in one English accent. To be I appropriate in reasoning it’s pronounced favor Clare-a over there?Please save the suggestions coming, and also I’d really choose people’s thoughts on the options I’ve discussed here. Thanks!

Clara AnnabelleClara VivienneClara MargaretClara IsabelleClara EvangelineClara Felicity

From the movies and also my very own experience, granted minimal sources, I have the impression that is pronounced:

EnglandClare-a: The “are” is like the verb.States – Clar-a – The “ar” is prefer the noun “air.”

I choose that "are" sound a lot! (Although I prefer the “air” sound too.)

^ it is what i thought. I love the sound of the name and also I think that’s what it all boils under to in the end, you have to select a name the you love saying aloud

And if she ever before goes come the claims she’ll have actually a slightly different, also an extremely pretty sounding surname there too!