Frame Material: MetalColor: BlackBatteries Required: YesOverall: 9.7'' W x 8.4'' H

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This metal wall surface clock is created with a high-grade aluminum steel coated through a semi-gloss complete making it perfect for every wall. The contemporary design to add a feeling of creative mastery while being practical for any type of setting.

Frame Material: MetalColor: Gray/Black/YellowBatteries Required: Yes

Join in the fun with these Mickey computer mouse Clubhouse Capers giant wall surface decals. In a issue of minute you can quickly transform a bedroom, nursery, or playroom.

Overall: 16.75'' H x 39'' WOverall Product Weight: 0.3125lb.

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The wall decal is a stylish and also quirky enhancement to any child’s room. This wall surface decal functions Mickey computer mouse in the iconic posture that has actually been associated with the character ever due to the fact that its creation. This wall surface decal is made utilizing high-quality vinyl ensuring the it is long-lasting. Sporting the top colours that the iconic Disney character, this Mickey Mouse wall decal has red, yellow, black, and shades of white top top it. Self-adhesive and also reusable, this decal can be applied with the utmost that ease. It have the right to be removed and reapplied continuously as that does not damage the surface ar it to be stuck on. Make in the United states of America, this decal promises quality and also durability. It can be applied on either textured or non-textured flat surfaces, such together walls, glass, or also steel. Right for a children room, this decal have the right to be applied even in the living room, foyer or the kitchen together per her requirements. Washable, non-toxic, VOC free, and JPMA certified, this wall decal is for sure for use at homes about children.

Overall: 36.5'' H x 36.5'' WOverall Product Weight: 0.65lb.