Michael Ovitz Biography

Michael Ovitz is one American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He donated $25 million come fundraising initiatives for UCLA’s clinical Center.

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Prior come this, he to be a talent agent that co-founded an imaginative Artists agency (CAA) in 1975 and also served together its chairman till 1995. Furthermore, he served as president of The Walt Disney agency from October 1995 to January 1997.

In addition, Ovitz also noted corporate consulting services, helping negotiate several major international company mergers and deals including Matsushita’s salvation of MCA/Universal, the jae won rescue of MGM/United Artists, and Sony’s acquisition of Columbia Pictures.

Michael Ovitz Age

Ovitz was born on December 14, 1946, in Chicago, Illinois, united States. Therefore, the is 72 years of age as of 2019.

Michael Ovitz Height

He stands in ~ an approximate elevation of 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.75 m).

Michael Ovitz Family

Ovitz was born to a Romanian Jewish household of parents liquor wholesaler and also his mam in Chicago, Illinois, unified States. The was raised in Encino, California, he was student body chairman at Birmingham High school in van Nuys, a classmate of Sally Field and also Michael Milken. When a pre-med student at UCLA and also president that Zeta Beta Tau, he began his entertain career together a part-time tour overview at global Studios.

Upon graduating from UCLA in 1968 v a level in theater, film, and television, instead of going to medical school he secured a task in the mailroom in ~ the william Morris Agency. After ~ the e-mail room, Ovitz left because that graduate school, however prior to long changed (something wilhelm Morris generally didn’t permit).

Citing this, the was before long advanced, turning into a profoundly efficient TV operator. After six years, he and also four various other youthful partner left william Morris to establish creative Artists Agency.

Michael Ovitz network Worth

Michael sit at one approximate net worth that 500 million us dollars together of 2019. He has earned his lucrative income from his career together a talent agent, businessman, investor, and also philanthropist.

Michael Ovitz Photo

Michael Ovitz mam – Michael Ovitz Daughter

Michael married his beautiful life spouse named Judy Ovitz. The lovely wedded mam was born as Judith Reich and also is one actress, recognized for ago to the Future part II (1989), small (1994) and also Ghostbusters II (1989).

The duo has been married because August 3, 1969, up to date. Before this, the two share 3 gorgeous kids together. However, Ovitz became engaged to Tamara Mellon in the year 2015, regardless of still being legally married to his mam Judy.

Currently, that acts as a private investor who has actually informally advised the careers of luminaries such together Martin Scorsese. Being active in philanthropy, that donated $25 million in 1999 come spearhead fundraising efforts for UCLA’s medical Center and also has contributed significantly to many other philanthropic endeavors.

Furthermore, he is a private investor and businessman, his notable tasks have ranged native attempts to bring an NFL team to the Los Angeles Coliseum to endeavors in virtual media.

His daughter, Kimberly Ovitz, is a new York, fashion designer. That is considered amongst the world’s optimal 200 arts collectors. Ovitz owns functions by Pablo Picasso, Jasper Johns, Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, mark Rothko, and also many others.

Michael Ovitz Book

Ovitz’s memoir “Who Is Michael Ovitz” is a fascinating research of exactly how one firm managed to transform the balance of forces in one industry, usurping the role of studios by cornering accessibility to talent.

In addition, Ovitz opens up up about the bridges the burned, the transaction he closed, the state that showbiz, Ron Meyer, David Geffen, Michael Eisner (a “monumental betrayal”) and his life now with fiancee and shoe mogul Tamara Mellon.

After decades of near-silence in the confront of extreme controversy, Michael Ovitz is ultimately telling his entirety story in this blistering, i can not forget memoir.

The book additionally reveals him together a severe bearer that grudges. Over the years, the feuded through David Geffen, the billionaire media mogul: Ovitz reveals in the publication that he when went to Geffen’s office threatening to “beat the living shit” out of him. On an additional occasion, he vented to a Vanity same reporter that Geffen was component of a Hollywood “gay mafia”. He regrets both incidents, he speak me and also reveals the two recently comprised over a polite lunch.

Fortunately, there to be no psychiatrist forced this time. CAA introduced a brand-new generation of stars, and also we have actually Ovitz come thank, if the is the right word, because that launching the career of Steven Seagal, an activity hero so wood his performances can have been hewn directly from a tree trunk.

Ovitz is a keen martial art practitioner — his Gordon Gekko-style morning routine connected waking in ~ the crack of dawn because that a head-clearing cultivate session before tackling calls v his clients. Seagal was one of his teachers, qualified of disarming many assailants through a few karate chops. Naturally, Ovitz put him in the movies.

Michael Ovitz home – Tamara Mellon

Ovitz to buy a $5.5m Malibu home that was being marketed by Berry Gordy, the Motown founder — one that Meyer had told him he wanted to buy.

Citing this, that is offering a tour of his Beverly Hills home, a 28,000-square-foot, Michael Maltzan-designed museum that consists of three interconnected crate wrapped in a perforated-steel skin. It’s one art-lover’s paradise: Lichtensteins in the stairwell, Picassos and Rothkos top top the left, one Ellsworth Kelly over there.

Prior come this, he share the Benedict Canyon estate through his fiancee, Jimmy Choo co-founder and shoe mogul Tamara Mellon, and also her teenage daughter. “Luckily, our aesthetics are really similar,” claims Mellon, who has been dating Ovitz due to the fact that 2011 (they ended up being engaged in 2014). “I’ve presented Michael come fashion photographers prefer Helmut Newton, Daido Moriyama, and Hiro. He’s introduced me to countless artists.”

Moreover, Ovitz joined by Mellon sits down through THR editorial director Matthew Belloni in their house overlooking an elevated reflecting pool (and, in the distance, amongst the modern sculptures, a playset because that Ovitz’s grandchildren).

Mellon then satellite for a different interview on her organization with THR fashion and also beauty manager Carol McColgin. The Ovitz conversation, edited and condensed below, delved into Ovitz’s fallout’s out and reconnection v Meyer and David Geffen, the “heartbreaking” sale of CAA to personal equity investor TPG Global, the Murdochs’ offloading the Fox to Disney, and also the class he’s learned. Says Ovitz: “I thought it was a sin to be vulnerable, and in the previous 10 years, through a lot of of aid from Tamara and my very own kids and getting older.

Michael Ovitz arts Collection

Ovitz and also fellow wilhelm Morris Agents Ron Meyer, wilhelm Haber, Rowland Perkins and Mike Rosenfeld dissatisfied with his pay and promotion opportunities planned to form their own agency after elevating money.

Upon discovering of your plans, william Morris fired them in January 1975. On borrowing only $21,000 indigenous a bank, the agents rented a little office, conducting business on card tables and also rented chairs, your wives taking turns as company receptionist.

He reportedly had actually three new film packaging deals offered in the first week. Within four years CAA had actually $90.2 million in annual bookings and also was the third-largest Hollywood agency. V his direction, CAA conveniently grew indigenous a start-up organization to the world’s leading talent agency, broadening from television into the film, investment banking, and advertising.

He was well-known for assembling package deals, inside CAA would make use of its talent base to carry out directors, actors, and screenwriters to a studio, thus shifting the negotiating leverage native the studios to the talent. When CAA increased in stature Ovitz ended up being one the the most an effective men in Hollywood; he to be so influential that, once The new York times wrote around him in 1989, market officials, executives and on-screen characters wouldn’t comment or would possibly do therefore if CAA allowed it.

He was elevated come President, in ~ that allude to Chairman that the Board, Ovitz’s jobs at CAA to be various. Ovitz filled in together a headhunter to Hollywood entertainers Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Costner, john Belushi, Michael Douglas, invoice Murray, Sylvester Stallone, and Barbra Streisand, just as executives Steven Spielberg, Barry Levinson, and Sydney Pollack.

Ovitz similarly gave this firm counseling administrations, arranging a few significant worldwide organization mergers and arrangements including Matsushita’s obtaining the MCA/Universal, the money associated salvage that MGM/United Artists and Sony’s procurement the Columbia Pictures. His noting of Coca-Cola together a CAA customer from organization McCann-Erickson significantly impacted the publicizing business.

Ovitz i ordered it David Letterman’s move from NBC to CBS, chronicled in the book The so late Shift: Letterman, Leno and the Network battle for the Night by invoice Carter. Ovitz loathed attention, in any kind of case, through the time announcing the “Ovitz is just one of the not numerous individuals ~ above the world who possess practically every among the photos ever taken the them”.

Michael Ovitz Disney

Ovitz resigned native CAA in 1995 to become president the The Walt Disney company under chairman Michael Eisner. He easily grew frustrated with his role in the firm and a vague meaning of duties.

Upon a tumultuous year together Eisner’s second in command, he to be dismissed through Eisner ~ above January 1997 and left Disney with a (previously agreed upon) severance package valued at $38 million in cash and an estimated $100 million in stock.

Disney shareholders later on sued Eisner and Disney’s plank of directors because that awarding Ovitz such a huge severance package. After that court proceedings reflect that Ovitz’s stock alternatives were granted when he was hired to induce that to join the company, no granted when he was fired. The Year 2005 the court upheld Disney’s payment.


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Michael Ovitz A16Z

January 1999, Ovitz developed CKE, making up four distinct companies: Artist Management group (AMG), Artist Production team (APG), Artist Television group (ATG) and Lynx an innovation Group (LTG). The year 2002 Ovitz marketed AMG come Jeff Kwatinetz because that an undisclosed amount, which was linked into his management group The Firm.

Upon the sale of AMG, Ovitz became the subject of debate for remarks made in a Vanity same interview, wherein that blamed the downfall of AMG ~ above a Hollywood cabal led by Dreamworks co-founder David Geffen which Ovitz explained as the “gay mafia” (despite the fact that many of its purported members were not gay).

To include to Geffen, the list had The new York times Hollywood correspondent Bernie Weinraub, Disney Chairman (and former employer) Michael Eisner; Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane, and also Richard Lovett, partner at CAA, global Studios president Ronald Meyer (Ovitz’s former partner at CAA); and Vivendi universal Entertainment CEO Barry Diller.

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“If i were to develop the structure of the negativity,” Ovitz stated, “it all comes down to David Geffen and also Bernie Weinraub. Every little thing comes ago to those two. It’s the same group in every article.” Ovitz later apologized for his Vanity same comments.