I feeling asleep! mgsv observations from someone who played metal gear for the NES and MGS only. (long, non-sequitur, rambling) some

It is kinda strange come be playing Metal gear again after every these years. I have some observations. I'm 40, and I was 10 year old as soon as the NES to be released. Ns beat both MG and also MGS once they were released. I quit play consoles approximately the time MGS 2 was released so for this reason I missed the end on all the MG because then.

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I'm around 25 percent in and also dying come talk about it. So forgive me for this long post. I really want to talk around it.

So supposedly Snake is a demon now. Okay. Didn't view that coming. I guess the Colonel passed away somewhere due to the fact that he is no whereby to be found. Acknowledge old MGS guys.

If someone might give me a quick readers digest variation from MGS 2 to MGS V that would certainly be great.

MGS V still has translation issues that castle still decide to keep on the sounds weird to an American choose myself. Things like "The mommy Base" is other no American would ever before say. Metal equipment seems to just analyze Japanese straight into English that makes whatever delightfully weird. (I feel asleep! confused the hell out of me together a kid). Walk Hideo Kojima not realize or not care that when translating things from Japanese to English points don't translate 1 come 1? i don't know the answer, however is this the reason of the Konami strife? What is the Konami strife?

Sneaking approximately is fun, interrogating soldiers while surrounding by your friends 10m away has some genuine drama come it. Utilizing a controller to play third person is really weird now... I'm so supplied to keyboard and also mouse. I'm yes, really really negative with a controller and also frequently make mistakes.

I dislike corridors whereby you are forced to hit things ruining my perfect stealth score. (the zombie men near the bridge)

Oh i failed my perfect stealth mission due to the fact that a truck drove by while the helicopter was acquisition off.

Dog is overpowered because that stealth. Jeebus i think I can beat the entire game this way. How would a Dog recognize someone is a prisoner vs a guard?

Accomplished my goals with complete stealth. Surrounding by guards now. Why doesn't Snake usage the balloon to extract himself?

So this mommy Base thing is yes, really really impractical and empty. I'm call it now as a collection piece because that the last battle. Or possibly the online mode which i haven't play at all?

I'm together a 12 year old child, ns made mine emblem "BOX MASTER" used leaf pattern and also an O to do lady parts.

I wonder if they just throw lock overboard as soon as they dismiss employee from the mommy base. They totally missed out on that cut scene.

Some chick hanging the end at the strength plant? I'm completely there. Spend an hour gaining there by jeep. I run roughly for three hours checking the power plant for secrets. Uncover nothing. Damn. Stand up to the advice to cheat and also look the up.

Oh surprise battle.

Quiet sniper battle. Unexpected. Quite humming, fairly calming. I'd do much better at night, however she isn't killing me, just hurting me really badly.

Beat Quiet using my stealthy self utilizing my overpowered Dog. Threw grenades in ~ her once I acquired close.

Holy boobs. Holy nearly naked. Castle aren't kidding. Kojima is a perv. I choose his selection in appearance though. (sexist comment around women who don't talk) i bet Kojima has been to plenty of a dinner with someone that was babbling the whole time. I know I'll do my perfect girl quiet! Quiet! get it.

Oh, i beat her yet I don't obtain her yet. Damn. Ns was looking front to practicing my choose up lines.

Do a few more missions... Eh i don't seem come be gaining Quiet even though I save landing near her and also stalking her in her cell. Damn. Okay, I'll cheat and look it increase on just how to acquire her. My Dog is as well overpowered, possibly she'll be balanced more. Googles recruiting Quiet. Oh, girlfriend didn't have to fight her in the day. You can skip and also come back. Didn't recognize that. Oh I need to do one an ext mission and then i can obtain her. I thought it was a timed point or something, so ns did a bunch of side missions waiting because that her reduced scene... Bleh.

Shower scene. Oh and also she breathes v her skin for this reason no clothing for her. It's about character!

The Nintendo generation is 40 now. Can we have actually sex in video games now? Am ns old enough yet? castle bang prefer bunnies in ~ the Olympics. It's only natural people working close with each other with an excellent bodies gain it on. Snake and also Salamander girl would be banging faster than you can say, weird tiled porn. Googled Quiet... Five nude mod. Eh. Well that sounds choose Kojima wanted. Eh doesn't it seems ~ to be working. Ah well. Oh people banned for utilizing mods. Yikes. Firewall the video game off. I didn't want people raiding my base anyway. Don't care.

Take Quiet out on missions. Five I gain it. The Dog is tho a much better scout. Yeah I claimed it. She's freaking overpowered if shit hits the fan though. We put an entire base to sleep v tranq darts.

Googled Quiet again. Oh based on a actual person. She boobs aren't that big.

Gerbils room in both Africa and also Afghanistan.... That knew?

Walker buddy. What could you carry out that Quiet and also Dog couldn't carry out better? Eh. Don't care. Haven't offered yet.

Rocket Launcher vs APC. I watch someone has actually been the town hall Syria top top liveleak. Almost identical burning turn off animation.

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Quiet humming over the radio is bad. I wish they had used the hum native the battle itself (clear hum rather of radio hum) rather of the humming end the radio. Look for mod... No mode exists. Castle missed the watercraft on that one. Looks prefer the mod scene died out. Skyrim has 10000 mods and also I can't find a basic sound record replacement...