acquiring the different Robot grasp weapons is crucial in the Mega male franchise, and these room the finest weapons to have in the whole series.

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The Mega Man franchise is recognized for two key things. Firstly, gift so darn an overwhelming that it provides the well known Dark Souls collection look like Barney The Dinosaur’s Super-Simple Adorable purple Platformer for Toddlers. Mega man’s fiendish level design—featuring perilous areas filled v insta-death spikes and also enemy spawns perfectly calculated come knock you into bottomless pits—speaks because that itself.

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Secondly, the flexibility to pick your own route through the game’s levels, and also so the bespeak you take it on the Robot master in. This is important because each usually has a weakness to another’s weapon, and also Mega man acquires each one upon your defeat. Today, we’re going to take it a look at at every one of these weapons from across the main collection and choose out some of the really best.

The Water Wave, obtained from Wave guy (unsurprisingly) in Mega man 5, is an unexplained weapon. The ‘splashes’ the fires take trip in such a way that they deserve to serve as a shield that sorts, taking particular enemy projectiles the end of the equation and keeping much more minor foes at bay. When things get especially hairy (which is all the bland time in these games), it deserve to be as useful defensively as it is offensively. It additionally works very nicely underwater.

in ~ the same time, though, the Water tide isn’t the most an effective pick in regards to raw damage. It’s additionally unwieldy to use, together it have the right to only be fired when Mega male is on solid ground. Definitely worthy of the shoutout, but we couldn’t rank it any kind of higher.

wait Shooter is one more weapon that’s a little of a double-edged sword. If you’ve fallen victim to Mega masculine shenanigans in Super stop Bros. Ultimate, you’ll have actually seen first-hand how effective this tool can be (at achieve Star KOs turn off the top of the screen). In Mega guy 2, that a peak pick for handling flying enemies.

The worry is, it’s fairly situational. Numerous of the greatest foes in the game, such together Mecha Dragon and Alien, space immune to its teeny tornados of doom. That an top-notch weapon, but it’s no as trusted as some of the various other entries comes up.

The initial release the Mega man 2 made the rapid Boomerang much too effective. Due to a programming error or oversight, no enemies in the game were immune to it, not also those who weren’t supposed to be able to take damages through standard means. It’s super strong by default, then.

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That worry aside, though, the weapon’s a good all-rounder. It has actually a short range, yet is an extremely fast and doesn’t eat through your weapon energy. Together such, it’s handy against a wide selection of opponents. It just doesn’t really excel anywhere.

The Laser Trident is Splash Woman’s signature weapon from Mega man 9. It has a many in usual with the rapid Boomerang: that quick, convenient and effective at taking care of a range of opponents. Energy management deserve to be an problem with several of the series’ most an effective weapons, but you don’t need to be rather so conservative with this one.

The Laser Trident is terrific for dispatching shielded enemies, together it strikes ideal through their defenses. External of that, though, it’s simply a very solid fast-moving projectile volley the doesn’t offer any special tip or abilities.

In the Mega Man series, tools aren"t just about offense. Corresponding the weaknesses of bosses is critical and will make castle much simpler to handle, however that’s not the only thing to think around when it involves picking the best tool because that the right situation.

weapons such as acid Man’s Acid obstacle bring other equally necessary to the table: defense. This one is much much more interesting than various other shield-type tools in the series, spawning a protective sphere of acid about our hero. It have the right to only absorb projectiles (slowly shrinking away favor a supervisor Smash Bros. Shield as it go so) and likewise gives Mega man an acid gun so as to be able come fight ago while protecting himself. It’s minimal but very unique, a an excellent pick because that the middle entry of our list.

The black Hole Bomb (courtesy the Galaxy man in Mega male 9) is among the series’ more unique weapons. The fires a slow-moving projectile that the player can manually regulate (vertically) to put it right into the best position prior to detonating it. Doing for this reason unleashes a black hole that pulls in surrounding enemies and their shots.

that effective against all type of enemies, permitting the player to eliminate irritating foes or keep themselves safe in one otherwise-tricky spot. The downside is the it can’t be spammed and also is challenging to use on the fly together it’s so unwieldy.


4 Pharaoh shoot (Mega man 4)

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Mega guy 4’s Pharaoh shot is a small controversial among series fans. Many will phone call you the it’s overpowered and among the ideal in the series, and also there’s some validity to that for sure. The capacity to aim it in six directions was a substantial plus currently in the series, it’s an effective (absurdly so when charged) and works simply fine as soon as uncharged too.

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It’s hard to argue any kind of of that, but there room a pair of determinants that lug the Pharaoh Shot under a peg or two. A lot of its popularity is the an outcome of a glitch that avoids charged shots from costing energy, and also the level old Mega Buster dealt an excellent charged damage itself too. It’s a contender, yet those disadvantages simply prevent that from declare the optimal spot.

for our following entry, we’re going to party choose it’s 1987 and revisit the initial Mega Man. That the weapons available in the above original, two in particular stand out: the Thunder Beam and also the defense-boosting Fire Storm. For us, the Thunder Beam is superior.

those to dislike around Elec masculine favorite device of destruction? Hitting listed below and over the player, it to be a super valuable at a time when Mega Man has actually basically zero manoeuvrability. Litter in the truth that the Thunder Beam can additionally deal many hits and handily deal with barriers, and also you’re dispensing thunder-based justice everywhere the darn ar like an angry Electric-type Pokémon.

What have the right to we say about the well known Metal Blade that hasn’t already been said? one more star of the Mega man 2 arsenal, this great weapon just seems to have everything going for it. That barely uses any kind of energy at every to fire, an interpretation that it deserve to essentially function as a main weapon (similarly to the Laser Trident). The fast, powerful and effective, and also you can’t yes, really ask for more from a Mega male weapon.

Well, you could additionally ask for it to be able to fire straight through darn walls as well. That’d it is in super greedy that you, yet don’t worry, due to the fact that the metal Blade can do the too! If this is just the runner-up weapon, what the heck come in an initial place?

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Naturally, the the Mega Buster. End the course of the decades-long Mega Man franchise, our robotic hero (in his assorted guises) has been able to find, unlock and equip all kinds the curious weapons. Some, together we’ve watched here, have been completely devastating.

as soon as it comes to the Mega Man personality himself, though, there’s only one above weapon worth mentioning: the one that’s been strapped to his darn arm the whole time. The Mega Buster is his default, primary weapon, which calls for no energy to fire and isn’t really efficient or ineffective against any enemies. That the completely standard, run-of-the-mill, normal mode of Mega Man weaponry. That’s exactly the thing, though. You don’t should scrabble because that ammo because that it. It deserve to (sometimes) fire charged shots that compete with the very best for damage (as seen with the Pharaoh Shot). It’s fully iconic, and you’ve got to respect that.

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