together with featuring a progression device & a darker story, Mega man X replaces E Tanks v Sub-Tanks– unlockable items that store health and wellness for later.

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A staple of the classic series, E Tanks were introduced in Mega male 2 and also quickly ended up being the Blue Bomber’s go-to an approach of healing. With very few exceptions, every video game in the mainline Mega Man series from that suggest on featured E Tanks in part capacity. ~ all, with adversaries irregularly dropping health and wellness pellets, players essential some way to manage their Life Bar at any given moment. Totally recovering every one of Mega Man"s health when used, E Tanks make gaining through the classic collection all the an ext manageable.

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but like many things in classic Mega Man, E Tanks to be not considered fit to return because that the franchise’s jump into 16-bit: Mega guy X. MMX was a radical exit for Rockman, one that arguably separation the collection into before & after. Together with featuring a progression device & a darker story, Mega guy X replace instead instead E Tanks through Sub-Tanks– unlockable items that store health for later. 

Sub-Tanks are an ext strategic in use than E Tanks. While they’re not a one & done deal, drinking a Sub-Tank drains that full. Players should be responsibility of just how much wellness X deserve to afford to restore at any given time, lending some element of foresight come Tank system. There are 4 scattered throughout the game and most collection veterans will certainly swear by them– especially when it concerns the last boss fights against Sigma. A Sub-Tank have the right to be the difference in between life & fatality for X.

4 flame Mammoth

It should be preserved in mind the while there are Sub-Tanks that can be discovered at the very start of the video game without the require for any upgrades, suffering through stages without the dash no worth it. Instead, football player should automatically head to Chill Penguin’s stage, discover the foot Parts, and beat the ceo for good measure. 

currently that chill Penguin has actually been defeated, flame Mammoth’s stage will be frozen over. In addition to having accessibility to a heart Tank, a sub-tank will be tucked towards the leftmost wall inside the previous lava room. Dash jump in the direction of the wall surface and X’s leg parts will kick through the blocks guarding the Sub-Tank. Seize the tank and also start stashing away health and wellness reserves for later. 

Storm Eagle’s Sub-Tank is really no problem to acquire your hand on, but it’s at the very least tied come a reasonably memorable set-piece and constitutes as one of Mega male X’s much more clever secrets. Adhering to the rotating levators at the start of the stage, X will be able to walk on peak of the airport. As soon as players run into a turret, kill it and also stand on top of it. 

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The turret’s platform will certainly rise and also X will certainly be face to confront with one more room. Shoot with the glass blocking the room and X will be able to find a Sub-Tank inside. All things considered, the a charming small Easter egg and a fun method of hiding a Sub-Tank. Shooting your means through the glass as it breaks approximately X renders for some great visual flair and also a very memorable Sub-Tank encounter. Worth noting, Storm Eagle’s stage additionally featured a heart Tank and also an armor upgrade, so be on the lookout. 

about halfway through Armored Armadillo’s stage, X will certainly be chased by the Mole Bearer. Through spikes attached to its front, the Mole Bearer can very easily tear X apart. Players should be rapid to endure its onslaught, however if X holds earlier as he is sliding under the pit into the encounter v the Mole Bearer, he can actually gain behind him. 

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surprise behind the Mole Bearer is none other than a Sub-Tank. Unfortunately, letting the Mole-Bearer plow ahead method risking a shed Heart Tank. That smarter to take the end the Mole Bearer, double back because that the Sub-Tank, and also then head to the love Tank. Otherwise, you’re looking at much more than one playthrough the Armored Armadillo’s stage (and even an ext than the for anyone aiming for the Hadoken.) 

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obtaining the Sub-Tank in Spark Mandrill’s stage method beating Boomer Kuwanger beforehand in order to obtain his boss weapon, however it’s may be the easiest Sub-Tank to grab in the game. All players have to do is appropriately line up their Boomerang Cutter and the blade will hook the Sub-Tank, moving it ago to X. Through no enemies roughly to pains X & the tank located at the start of the stage, players have the right to take as lot time together they should grab their Sub-Tank. 

v all 4 Sub-Tanks in hand, the Sigma step shouldn’t posture too much of a problem. Mega guy X likewise features a fairly forgiving boss rush contrasted to other games. The said, the three part finale versus Sigma is quite daunting and those four Sub-Tanks will certainly come in handy. Don’t be surprised if X requirements to guzzle under each tank before credits roll. Thankfully, the final stage functions a very convenient grind spot for health & power drops. 

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