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Which of the adhering to are substances in plant foodstuffs that arenot digested in the stomach or little intestine?

Dietary fiber
Simple sugars

An infant receiving a well-child exam has actually his length, weight andhead circumference measured. This component of theexamination is the:

Anthropometric assessment
Physical examination
Biochemical evaluation
Nutrition assessment

Which term explains failing health that results from along-standing dietary intake that does not fulfill nutritionalneeds?

Inferior nutrition
Subclinical nutrition
Balanced nutrition

Which of the following measures does not assessnutritional status?

Clinical evaluation
Dietary analysis
Biochemical evaluation
Hair analysis

Subclinical nutrition condition suggests a person:

Will not exhilittle bit symptoms of nutrient deficiency
Is very malnourished and also enduring malnutrition symptoms
Is well nourished
Is at hazard for heart disease from excess calorie intake

One serving of Raisin Bran grain consists of 50 percent of the 18mg Daily Value for iron. How much iron will certainly one servingof your grain provide?

36 mg
15 mg
26 mg
9 mg

All of the following are vital referrals from the US DietaryGuidelines for Americans except:

If consumed, limit alcohol to fewer than one drink per day forwomales and also fewer than two for men
Choose nutrient-dense foods
Eliminate included sugars
Half of grain intake must be from totality grains

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