Match every term v its meaning by composing the letter that the correct an interpretation in the right column on the line alongside the term in the left column. 1.__carbohydrate. A.inorganic compound 2.__carbon. B.element discovered in water 3.__water. organic link 4.__oxygen. D.element that is component of most organic compounds 
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1. Carbohydrate = energy- well-off organic compound (c)

Carbohydrates are among the three biomolecules the biotic organisms use as power sources (the other two room proteins and lipids).

2. Carbon = facet that is part of most organic link (d)

organic compounds are made by organic processes. Instances of...

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1. Carbohydrate = energy- rich organic compound (c)

Carbohydrates are among the three biomolecules that biotic organisms usage as power sources (the other two space proteins and also lipids).

2. Carbon = element that is part of most organic link (d)

Organic compounds room made by organic processes. Examples of necessary compounds space lipids, proteins, and also carbohydrates. Many organic compounds contain carbon atoms. 

3. Water = not natural compound (a)

Inorganic compounds room are no organic ("in" = not). These space substances that room made during geological procedures (such together rocks, minerals, and also salts).

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4. Oxygen = facet found in water (b)

Water is do of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O). 

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