As President and Chief executive, management Officer, David is responsible because that the day-to-day decisions connected in mar Kay Inc. The is a member that the mar Kay Inc. Board of Directors. David joined mary Kay Inc. In June 1993, and also in 1996, he ended up being Chief gaue won Officer and also Treasurer. In 2001, the was named President and also Chief operating Officer. In 2006, David suspect the title of Chief executive Officer. Prior to joining the mar Kay family, he was a Vice chairman at Citibank, based in brand-new York. Coming before Citibank, David was a jae won analyst for Union Texas Petroleum in Houston. Under his leadership, mary Kay has broadened into 14 new markets and also successfully diversified its revenue across much more than 35 markets worldwide. The agency also has made far-reaching progress on an essential strategic initiatives, including worldwide rebranding and global standardization of core systems and processes. During David’s tenure together President and Chief executive Officer, mar Kay’s global revenue has much more than doubled, with various markets around the world regularly setup sales and also independent sales force records David earned a Bachelor of scientific research in finance indigenous Clemson University, whereby he at this time serves top top the President"s Advisory Board. The earned his MBA native the college of south Carolina, where he to be designated the outstanding MBA candidate and, in 2008, received USC’s Moore school of organization Distinguished Alumnus Award.

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Sheryl Adkins-Green offer as mar Kay’s chef Marketing Officer. Sheryl leads mary Kay Inc."s worldwide marketing strategy, brand positioning, brand-new product development, advertising, digital marketing, social media, product education, and also customer insights to drive irreversible growth and also support the more than 3 million Independent beauty, beauty Consultants. Together CMO, Sheryl"s score is to strengthen mar Kay’s place as one irresistible beauty beauty brand around the world. Sheryl joined mar Kay Inc. In January 2009 together the Vice chairman of an international Brand development and was named Chief Marketing Officer and executive team member in July 2011. Sheryl has actually been important in developing and implementing the product portfolio strategy the is generating a sustainable stream of put in order skin care, color and also fragrance assets that are strengthening mar Kay’s competitive position globally. She has likewise driven the development of digital marketing and social media tools that permit independent beauty beauty consultants to successfully sell mar Kay commodities anytime and anywhere. Sheryl’s passion for helping world reach their fullest potential is evident in her regular blog write-ups on The mar Kay means blog. Sheryl is proactively involved in a variety of not-for-profit initiatives. Sheryl obtained a Bachelor of scientific research in retailing native the college of Wisconsin and holds a understand of Business administration from Harvard service School.Favorite mar Kay quote:



K.K. Chua serves together the president of the Asia Pacific Region. As local president, K.K.’s responsibilities include all locations of the agency that straight support the success that the Asia subsidiaries and also independent sales force members in the regions. That markets encompass Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, brand-new Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan and also Singapore. K.K. Joined mar Kay in 1995 together President of mar Kay China and, in 1998, was appointed chairman of the Asia Pacific Region. K.K. Was crucial in building the structure for mar Kay China come grow and also helped grow the Asia Pacific an ar to come to be Mary Kay’s largest international region in 2008.Prior come joining mary Kay, K.K. Held senior executive location in the media and also film industries in Asia for Hollywood studios and also has had extensive experience throughout Asia and in Europe. He assisted spearhead the opening of Korea, Indonesia and also China come Paramount, Universal and MGM’s products.K.K. Graduated in company studies native Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore together the most outstanding student in his faculty and also attended the Executive development Program in ~ Cornell University. When residing in Sydney, K.K. Was a member the the board of directors of Governors that the American chamber of commerce in Australia.Favorite mar Kay quote:



Tara Eustace serves as President of the european Region. In this role, Tara oversees the 19 nations that make up the european Region: Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the joined Kingdom.After joining mary Kay in 1993, Tara to be a key member the the start-up team in mar Kay Russia. Tara was instrumental in the growth of mary Kay in Russia, and Russia is at this time one of mar Kay’s five largest markets. Tara led the start-up groups for mar Kay Ukraine, mar Kay Kazakhstan and also Mary Kay Poland, all of which have end up being successful markets for mary Kay.In addition to occurring markets, Tara took on raising responsibility in country management including in the Czech Republic and also Slovakia. In 2002, Tara was supported to president of the european Region, taking on administration of added countries and subsequently opening brand-new markets. Under Tara’s leadership, the mary Kay brand has come to be a leading cosmetics agency and among the most respected straight sellers in the europe Region.Tara holds a bachelor’s level in Russian studies and international connections from the college of Virginia. She resides in Moscow v her husband, Dmitry and also their daughter, Sophia and also son, Alexander.Favorite mar Kay quote:



As Chief operation Officer, Deborah Gibbins is responsible because that the company’s an international Supply Chain and also Research and advance organization. In addition, she oversees the Finance, public Affairs and Strategic Planning divisions at mar Kay Inc.Deborah joined mary Kay Inc. In 2013 as Chief financial Officer, and also in 2018, she was called Chief operation Officer. Before joining the iconic beauty beauty brand, Deborah spent 17 years at PepsiCo’s Frito Lay north America division, whereby she held an elderly leadership roles within the finance role including senior vice chairman of revenue management. Prior to PepsiCo, she excelled in a decade-long career at Arthur Anderson LLP, wherein she served as a senior Manager in the audit and also consulting practice. Deborah is a Certified windy Accountant and earned a Bachelor that Business management from southern Methodist University. In 2014, the Cox college of business named her a “Distinguished Alumni,” and she is a member of the Cox executive Board. An active community volunteer, she offer on the plank of the Jesuit university Preparatory college of Dallas Foundation, the Dallas chapter of the international Women’s Forum and also the SMU Texas-Mexico Institute. She also serves on the board of director for shrub Brothers & company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a member the various public organizations consisting of the Dallas Assembly and also the nationwide Association of corporate Directors.Deborah and also her husband, Robb, reside in Dallas through their 2 sons.Favorite mar Kay quote:



As senior Vice chairman – Chief scientific Officer for worldwide cosmetics gigantic Mary Kay, Dr. Lucy Gildea stands at the forefront of cutting-edge skin science research. Since joining the iconic beauty beauty brand in 2017, she has actually helped certain its status as a leading skin treatment innovator in the straight selling and also cosmetics industries.Mary Kay has an ext than 1,400 patents because that products, technologies and packaging designs in its worldwide portfolio, and also Dr. Gildea leads the company’s an international Research and Development role to create the future invention Pipeline. She likewise partners through Mary Kay’s cook Marketing Officer to develop and also execute the peak beauty brand’s an international product strategy.Prior come joining mar Kay, Dr. Gildea excelled throughout a 15-year career at Procter & Gamble, functioning in beauty technology and beauty/skin product development. She held an elderly roles, regulating the an international research and advancement teams for upstream technology, product advancement and skin measure up sciences. During her tenure, Dr. Gildea resided in Singapore, progressing her experience with global markets.A graduate that Georgetown university in Georgetown, Kentucky, Dr. Gildea deserve a Bachelor of science in biology. She ongoing her education and learning at the university of Cincinnati college of medication where she earned a Ph.D. In cell and also molecular biology, immunology and also infectious diseases. As a postdoctoral fellow, her research focused in part on developing alternate methods to animal testing because that skin sensitization screening by applying cellular and also genomics-based techniques.Dr. Gildea stays in Dallas v her husband, Jerry, and also their 4 children: Jack, Sean, Louie and Ty.Favorite mar Kay quote:


As an elderly Vice president – Chief manufacturing Officer for mar Kay Inc., among the largest straight sellers of skin care and also color cosmetics in the world, Chaun Harper oversees the company’s global Manufacturing, an international Supply Planning/Inventory manage and worldwide Quality/Transportation functions. A member that the iconic beauty beauty brand’s executive team, Chaun leads the company’s it is provided chain operations and also partners v Mary Kay market teams to ensure all mar Kay customers have actually their commodities when lock want, how they want and also where castle want.With work in practically 40 worldwide markets, Chaun’s team is responsible for implementing one efficient, extremely flexible and also technologically advanced supply chain operation while delivering best-in-the-industry products. Chaun joined mar Kay Inc. In 2014 together Director of production Operations. During his tenure, he has been crucial in developing a culture of continuous improvement at mary Kay’s U.S. Production facility, including drastically increasing manufacturing efficiency and implementing key development avenues for employees to elevate technical skills and advance their careers.Prior come joining mary Kay Inc., Chaun excelled during a 17-year job at L’Oréal wherein he organized several positions in ~ the operations, logistics and also quality functions.Chaun earn a Bachelor of science in chemistry native Arkansas technology University in Russellville, Arkansas. He ongoing his education and learning at Webster college in St. Louis, Missouri wherein he deserve a grasp of Business management and a grasp of Management and also Leadership.Favorite mary Kay quote:


“I LOVE MY mar KAY due to the fact that OF THE great OPPORTUNITIESIT creates FOR all of US roughly THE WORLD.”

Nathan Moore serves as President, north America Region. Nathan joined mar Kay Inc. In 1995 as a employee Attorney and also has held several management positions in the Company’s legitimate department. Nathan to be a starting member the the mary Kay society Committee in 1998. The committee is dedicated to maintaining the culture and worths that were developed by mar Kay Ash. Nathan has a enthusiasm for the mary Kay opportunity and the straight selling industry, having served together chairman of the straight Selling Educational structure and the direct Selling Association.Nathan earn a Bachelor of Business administration in finance with honors native Texas A&M University and also a law level from St. Mary’s university in mountain Antonio, Texas.Favorite mar Kay quote:

“PEOPLE ARE definitely A COMPANY’S best ASSET. IT doesn’t MAKE any kind of DIFFERENCE even if it is THE PRODUCT IS car OR COSMETICS. A agency IS just AS an excellent AS THE civilization IT KEEPS.”

Nathan Moore serves together President, north America Region. Nathan joined mary Kay Inc. In 1995 as a employee Attorney and also has held several leadership positions in the Company’s legal department. Nathan to be a establishing member the the mary Kay culture Committee in 1998. The committee is dedicated to maintaining the culture and worths that were established by mar Kay Ash.Nathan has a passion for the mary Kay opportunity and the straight selling industry, having served as Chairman that the straight Selling Educational foundation and the direct Selling Association.Nathan earn a B.B.A. (Finance) v honors indigenous Texas A&M University and a law degree from St. Mary’s university in mountain Antonio, Texas.

Melinda Foster Sellers offer as mar Kay’s Chief human being Officer. Melinda is responsible for all human Resources, Marketing, Facilities and also Security initiatives around the world. She has been a member of mar Kay’s executive, management Team due to the fact that 2006.Melinda has been critical in leading a change toward global support for mary Kay’s operations. She has been responsible for implementing an international systems and processes that room providing much more efficient, consistent and strategic support for the service worldwide. Programs have a goal of uniting every employee toward supporting the mission of the agency and having everyone – employees, live independence sales force and also consumers – say they “love their mary Kay.”Melinda joined mary Kay Inc. In 1993. Over the years, she has actually held various positions in person Resources. She has likewise been a member of mary Kay’s society Committee because its start in 1998. The committee is committed to maintaining the culture and worths that were developed by mar Kay Ash. In assistance of ours culture, mary Kay’s an international mentoring program likewise contributes come the stamin of mary Kay’s workforce, v a growing variety of mentees and also mentors indigenous markets roughly the people participating each year.Prior come joining mar Kay, Melinda operated for mark IV Industries and also DSC Communications. Melinda earn undergraduate levels in psychology and biology indigenous Drury University and a graduate degree in commercial relations native Iowa State University.Favorite mar Kay quote:

“YOUR mindset DETERMINES her ALTITUDE. IT yes, really IS TRUE that IF you THINK you CAN, girlfriend CAN; and also IF you THINK YOU can not – you’re RIGHT.”

Julia Simon serves as mar Kay’s cook Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary and oversees the company’s Legal, risk Management, corporate Communications and also Corporate Social obligation functions. In addition, she serves together the senior Privacy Officer for the company. She teams protect the company’s reputation and operations in much more than 35 markets approximately the globe.Julia has actually held plenty of roles since she joined the mar Kay Legal department in 2000. She works to protect the agency when tested with litigation, and she helped to develop the company’s worldwide Data Privacy Compliance Program. She has proudly offered as a mentor to mar Kay employees and is deeply committed to developing strong talent. Julia is very honored the she had the opportunity to meet and talk v Mary Kay Ash personally throughout her former employment through the agency in 1995-96 and continues come be motivated by mary Kay’s legacy and the company’s mission to enrich women’s lives. She believes the is the role of the Legal division to help clear the path so that numerous Mary Kay Independent beauty Consultants about the globe have an opportunity to pursue success in your businesses.Julia earn a Bachelor’s level from Texas A&M University and also a law level from the university of Texas college of Law.Favorite mar Kay quote:

“LEARN come EVALUATE your SUCCESS through THE BALANCE YOU accomplish IN your LIFE.”

Jose (Pepe) Smeke serves as the president of the Latin American Region. Pepe joined mar Kay Mexico in march 1994 and also worked in the sales breakthrough group together a manager. In January 1997, he came to be the sales team manager and also quickly completed success together sales director and general manager. In July 1999, Pepe was supported to chairman of mar Kay Mexico. In December 2000, Pepe was advocated to President, Mexico and also Latin American Region. In his role, Pepe monitor operations for the whole Latin American Region, which contains Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and also Uruguay.Favorite mary Kay quote:

“YOU can not TEACH WHAT YOU don’t KNOWAND YOU cannot LEAD where YOU won’t GO”

Richard Rogers serves together Executive Chairman for mar Kay Inc. Richard co-founded mary Kay Inc. In September 1963 through his mother, mary Kay Ash. He served as the Company’s general Manager till 1965, once he was elected Vice President. In 1968, that was chosen President and also Chief executive, management Officer, and also in November 1987, Richard was named Chairman of the Board. He offered as Chairman and also Chief executive Officer of mary Kay Inc. In 2001 and assumed the location of executive Chairman in 2006.Richard has distinguished himself as an innovative marketer and financier. He received the 1968 “Marketing male of the Year Award” native the phibìc Texas thing of the American Marketing Association, becoming the youngest man ever before to get this award. Throughout the exact same year, Richard took the firm public on the O.T.C. Market and subsequently listed the firm on the new York stock Exchange in 1976. In 1985, Richard led a leveraged buyout of mary Kay Inc., returning the firm to a privately held, family-owned business.Richard offered in the U.S. Naval Corps and also attended the university of phibìc Texas.

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Favorite mar Kay quote:

“PEOPLE WILL assistance THAT i m sorry THEY help CREATE.”

Ryan Rogers joined mary Kay Inc. In January 2000 together a financial Analyst. In December 2001, the was called Project Manager, and also in January 2005, he came to be Director of strategy Initiatives.In may 2007, Ryan was named Vice president of strategy Initiatives and Chief investment Officer in June 2013. Before joining mar Kay Inc., he to be an associate in the Transaction Services group of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Dallas.In his existing position, Ryan is responsible because that strategic direction, financial evaluation and resource allocation decisions on vital investments being considered across various mary Kay departments and at mar Kay worldwide subsidiaries. He also is a member that the mar Kay Inc. Plank of Directors. Since 2001, Ryan additionally has offered as Vice chairman of The mary Kay FoundationSM. The foundation was developed by his grandmother, mar Kay Ash, in 1996 to money research ~ above cancers affecting women. In 2000, the Foundation’s mission was increased to include the removed of domestic violence. The structure issues numerous dollars in grants every year.Ryan graduated summa cum laude from southern Methodist college in 1998, where he earned a Bachelor the Business administration in finance and also was named Standard Bearer for the Cox college of business – graduating with the highest possible grade allude average in his class. In august 2002, Ryan earn the hired Financial Analyst designation indigenous the CFA Institute.Ryan and his wife, Maleiah, live in Dallas v their daughter, Everlee.Favorite mary Kay quote: