Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon is an international organization that was established in 1998 in the midst of the Polynesian tattoo resurgence. The first Amangs (Fathers) that the people went come Hawaii to learn more abouthow the Polys were reviving the tattoos of their culture.

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They feeling theMANA (Sacred Energy) that was present at every revolve of the journey and also eventually it led them come the most righteous civilization of the island. It gave them the opportunity to learn about the oral background and folklore of the Polynesian society which parallels that of the Philippines. The Amangs began to piece together this new information from your Polyfamily v the knowledge they had actually gathered from their very own elders and research. This further solidified their ambitions the revive the legacy of Filipino tattoos.

The Polynesians likewise experienced oppression at the hands of the Europeans, however they have battled hard to restore the wealth of their tattoo society that was as soon as extinct. Castle asked the Amangs why the Filipino world weren’t breaking the psychological enslavement the colonization and reviving tattoo traditions. The Amangs had read and also heard story of ancestors practicing tattoo but no one had actually yet dared to step up and also break complimentary to restore this tradition. Our Polynesian cousins aided to spark the idea and fuel the creation of this tribe and its mission.

Since then, we have now grown right into a team of much more than 400 members worldwide. We room constantly growing, broadening our knowledge and also evolving our impact on the community. Our mission is forever rooted in reviving culture and has emerged into many directions.



HOW TO obtain A practice TATTOO design FROM 4 WAVES

First, please answer the posted questionnaire.This is an important step to start the procedure of researching her background. There room 17 questions and the much more thorough your answers, the better we will have the ability to determine the patterns to express her family’s distinctive story and also your individual path. Friend will lug these markings on her skin forever for this reason we very encourage you come take her time while pour it until it is full it out but please try to store your attention on the inquiry that was asked.

Due to the an excellent sacred and spiritual definition of this patterns, we will only refer you to a tattooist that is fine trusted through the tribe. If you space interested in having actually us design your artwork, we ask the you respect our rule and work with our devoted tattoo artists.

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As we mentioned, the process can take approximately 4 weeks, so us ask again for your patience and also understanding together we build a architecture unique to you and also your family. We firmly was standing in the belief that these tattoos are sacred and also hold extensive meaning to the culture. This tattoos are not a fashion statement. They space rooted in an ancient culture, they hold an interpretation to ours identity and also heritage. It’s a spiritual journey and we always give the the respect the deserves.