With 28 periods under the belt, it’s no surprised Dancing v the Stars has had its same share of exceptional talent end the years. Yet with the very very first season stemming all the means back come 2005, it’s hard to mental every single star who’s shimmied top top the dance floor.

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Household names like mark Cuban and even Kim Kardashian (yes, really) have once set their sights top top the desire Mirror round trophy — and they’re no the just ones. Review on for 10 big-name stars who previously completed on Dancing through the Stars.

Kim Kardashian

Despite no being a an excellent dancer (and that’s putting it nicely), the fact star still contended during Season 7 alongside agree partner mark Ballas. After 3 less-than-impressive performances (including a Mambo to “Baby got Back”), Kim was sent out home. Overall, she come in 11th place, just beating out two other couples.

“You clear don’t have any type of performance experience. I’m not trying to be mean, you don’t,” referee Carrie Ann Inaba told she at the time, adding that she wasn’t in ~ the level of the other dancers ~ above the show, but she was proud of her for offering it all she’s got.

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Today, the mother-of-four stays far away from dance floors, admitting that she “doesn’t dance.”

Mark Cuban

Everyone’s favorite billionaire native Shark Tank completed during Season 5 alongside pro partner Kym Johnson, who ironically ended up marrying fellow shark, Robert Herjavec.

Mark came in 8th location that year, through Julianne Hough winning the in its entirety season.

Wendy Williams

The talk present host didn’t have actually the easiest time on the run floor during Season 12 and also was got rid of from the competition very early on. After obtaining the boot, she told ABC News, “I just wasn’t may be to bring my personality come the dance floor due to the fact that I’m not a dancer,” adding that she’s tho proud to it is in a Dancing v the Stars alum.

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Kristin Cavallari

indigenous Laguna Beach come The Hills to… the run floor? The reality star’s time on Dancing v the Stars was so brief, if friend blinked, you most likely missed it. Competing alongside mark Ballas in Season 13, Kristin to be sent home after performing a high-energy Samba come Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” which to be well got by the judges.

“I’m a small surprised, to it is in honest, yet I’ve had actually such a good time, and I’ve had an amazing experience, so that is what that is,” she admitted after discovering of her elimination.

Judge Len Goodman to be equally confused, calling Kristin’s leave “madness.”

David Hasselhoff

also paying tribute to his work on Baywatch couldn’t conserve David Hasselhoff — the actor to be the first star to it is in eliminated during Season 11.

“It’s to be a an excellent ride and also I feel negative for Kym Johnson since she functions so tough to acquire me going,” he stated at the time.

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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

maybe he should’ve just stuck come fist-pumping. The Jersey Shore household Vacation star took the stage at the top of his popularity from the MTV series, but was eliminated in ninth place after a grasp of lackluster performances.

“I really did think ns did my best. That’s why when it to be elimination job I claimed to myself, ‘If I acquire eliminated, I’m going to organize my head high and also know i that i tried my best and also put that all out there top top the floor,"” he claimed on Good Morning America after ~ his departure.

Barbara Corcoran

though the Shark Tank star didn’t critical long throughout Season 25, she was still may be to display off she personality v her cheeky Salsa come “Money Maker” alongside agree dancer Keo Motsepe.

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“It’s therefore much better to be a judge and tell everyone they’re terrible,” she admitted on Good Morning America after she elimination. “I thought I was fabulous, however nobody agreed through me.”

Rob Kardashian

In Season 13, rob Kardashian verified his older sister how it’s done by making it every the means to the finale and coming in second place. He and his pro partner Cheryl Burke regularly got hopeful feedback native the judges because that their impressive performances consisting of their Samba dances come “I walk To Rio” and also “Shake your Bon-Bon”.

Melissa Joan Hart

The Clarissa defines It every Star competed during the ninth season the DWTS and despite minimal run experience, her pro partner, mark Ballas, to be still proud of she for make it every the method to 9th place.

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“I assumed she danced beautifully,” that said. “We had actually a wonderful time working together. She’d never taken a step in her life.”

Trista Sutter

She’s a mrs of firsts, for this reason it only makes feeling that the OG Bachelorette to be the first star got rid of from Season 1.

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“People phone call me that they had actually no idea i was ~ above the show, and for an excellent reason, due to the fact that I to be the an initial one ever kicked off,” she said.