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Mario Party 2 Cheats for Nintendo 64

access Bowser soil To get Bowser Land, complete the various other 5 scenarios ~ above the menu. As soon as you execute that, baby Bowser will kidnap Toad, and also you will be able to play at Bowser Land!

Contributed by: Undrtakr

an enig Minigames

1. Dungeon DashComplete the Mini-Game Coaster on Normal, then walk to the Park (with the trees). A Pirhana tree will offer you this Desert Dash remake because that here and also the boards.2. Rainbow RunBuy EVERY Mini-Game (including Item and also Battle ones) to acquire this Tightrope wake up remake indigenous old Pirhaney.3. Driver"s EdBuy all the Mini-Games, then speak to Woody. He"ll allow you inside of him for this 1 player 5 level mini-game. Drive with the cap in the indicated order and direction.

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Contributed by: Yoshi_348

Unlock 1P Coaster

Play all the minigames in Adventure mode to unlock this. You can also then buy any kind of minigame you have actually played at least once.

Contributed by: MI4 actual


Hold down the "L" button on your controller to taunt your opponents on their turn.

Contributed by: Vegetaman

win Coins when using a Mushroom

If you use a Mushroom/Golden Mushroom, you can roll 2/3 dice blocks. If you gain doubles (two of the exact same number) out of a Mushroom, Toad will offer you a 10 coins present. If you acquire two 7s, Toad will provide you a 20 coin present.Using a golden Mushroom is much better too. If you role triples (three that the very same number), Toad will give you a 20 coin present. If you get triple 7s, Toad will provide you a 50 coin present! Very complicated to pull off.

Contributed by: peach freak

Unlock a brand-new game kind

Buy every the mini gamings that woody has. As soon as you have actually bought every one of them you will unlock the mini video game stadium.

Contributed by: domiy

Get built up coins from infant Bowser

If you usage a Bowser Suit and also pass infant Bowser ~ above the board while attract it, he"ll think you"re Bowser and also give you all the coins he collected beforehand from the players that passed him.

Contributed by: wdearth007

purchase Mini gamings

Do the following and then Woody will certainly let friend buy Mini games off him.

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Unlockable Unlockable clean Mini game Coaster on hard clear Mini video game Coaster on Normal challenge
Buy battle Mini Games
Buy article Mini Games

Contributed by: peach freak

Unlock Credits an equipment

Once friend beat Bowser Land walk to the choice Lab. There will be a Credits device to the right. You can use this to check out who do the game, etc.

Unlockable Unlockable win Bowser soil
Credits machine in choice Lab

Contributed by: peach freak

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