“Regards, Takeda Shingen” Level 140


Go to Momijigaoka through Dimensional Mirror.

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Go the Left portal come find Takeda Shingen.


Collect 40 Contaminated Goblin Detritus in total

Look because that this plant


Drop the garbage product 1 by 1 on the plant, till it grow to stage 4. Click the plant

10 drops per stage


*Pro tip* obtain a familiar/soul to help kill the spawns

Quest 3: 



Go through the left portal to start the next quest

Enter the holy place again and talk to NPC Ayame to receive 

Click and Choose a job (Hayato, Kanna, Ayame) and also roleplay

*Pro tip* You’re law all three classes, each room the exact same quest 

After perfect the quest, speak to NPC Ayame again.

Receive the potion 3 times and also roleplay all 3 jobs. You will receive the Sengoku sweetheart Set

 Once you’ve completed all the quests provided by NPC Ayame, NPC Princess Sakuno will give you a brand-new chain quest.

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Will that the five Planets (5 parts)

PART 2: Get Moon Sand from huge Moon Bunny 

(Map name has actually been readjusted to towards the Graveyard in Zipangu)




Go to Mushroom Shrine and also talk come NPC 100-Generation Blacksmith


Enter hidden Shrine v a tent in Momijigaoka


There friend will uncover Hayato. Talk to him and also you’ll get the pursuit item. 


PART 5: Go to cave of Pianus and also summon the yellow Fish utilizing the Fish Bait given. (drop fish bait at the pot)


Go earlier and complete the quest, you’ll gain a new skill (vary ~ above jobs)


Now you’re maybe to talk to NPC Ayame to loss Princess No’s transform ego and the real Princess No.