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Female reader x man Deacon (or Joe!John)Summary: You´re on her honeymoon v John and you number it´s the perfect place to carry up trying for kids. And obviously, it leads to some hot baby makingWarnings: SMUT (18+ only), soft dom!John, fingering, teasing, woman receiving oral, lot of orgasms, unprotected sex of course, creampieA/N: ns mean, i don´t also want kids but I still have actually a breeding kink? Sure. So, have some self-indulgent infant making through our lover John. The summary of a dad. Word count: 3.4K


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It had been five days due to the fact that you married John, and also the work you invested in the warmth in Bali was something you found yourself desperately needing. You just didn´t understand it till now. The still feeling odd to have the gold tape wrapped approximately your ring finger, but whenever you looked under on your own or in ~ John´s you felt prefer you to be soaring. Floating. And you knew john felt the same. Friend hadn´t watched the guy smile so lot your whole life. It was nice. Yes, really nice.

Every day was the same. Girlfriend woke approximately John´s hand between your legs, his morning wood pressing into your thighs. Next, girlfriend ordered a so late breakfast and also ate it in just your robes. Girlfriend then checked out the beach to tan or just chilled at her own small cabin. If you were home, you had sex again. After ~ that, you showered and also got prepared for dinner which to be accompanied v a nice bottle of wine at the regional restaurant. To end the night, girlfriend cuddled, had actually sex again, and also ate snacks in bed before falling sleep in every other’s arms. It yes, really was perfect. Food, drinks, sex, and also each other´s company. However lately, you had been reasoning a lot around having kids. You knew john wanted castle too, you had actually talked about it for ages. Simply never as soon as you would certainly actually begin trying, and also you didn´t know how to lug it up. One time you considered just telling him to drop the condom right before he slide inside, yet you figured that would kill the the atmosphere a bit. Specifically if he claimed no. Therefore instead, you chose to carry it up during dinner.

You can feel John´s eye on you as you got ready, his gaze adhering to the curve of your body in the shower. He want to sign up with you, but you claimed you to be too hot for it. Really, you simply wanted that to save his staminas for tonight, however you couldn´t phone call him that yet. Instead, that insisted the he had to get ready the specific same time you to be showering. It to be a ridiculous excuse really, he did his hair because that 2 minutes and then he to be done, but you found it cute. Friend giggled as you watched him carry out it over and also over again, simply so he might stay and also watch girlfriend shower.

“Have girlfriend cooled down, sweetheart?”, john asked together you stepped out. He held your bath towel up, wrapping it roughly you when you to walk closer. The squeezed you into his body before pulling away, yet not prior to pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“Mhm”, you said, picking up her makeup brush. You swept it over her cheeks, no bothering to placed on a lot, just boosting your natural features. “I think I got sunburned today”

“I told you to put on more sunscreen after we went swimming”, john said. That wrapped his arms around your belt from behind, resting his head on your shoulder therefore he might look in ~ you in the mirror. A happy smirk pulling in ~ his lips.

“You to be the one that dragged me right into the water, remember?”, friend asked, choose up your mascara. Trying to ignore your clingy boyfriend. No, your clingy husband. Oh that to be a nice thought.

“I´m sorry, sweetheart”, the cooed, pushing his hips into your ass. He to be hard. “I´ll do it as much as you”

John pressed his lips come the base of your neck, his eyes conference yours in the mirror. God, you wanted to. Your heat already beginning to tingle. However you would never acquire the concern out if friend didn´t leave in the next few minutes.

“We have actually a reservation”, you stated reluctantly, pushing him far from you and walking out of the bathroom. John groaned but followed you, leaning against the doorframe together he watched you traction a sundress from your suitcase.

“We can order room company instead”, man suggested.

“John”, girlfriend started, walking over to him. You put your hand on his chest, leaning in to push your lips come his because that a quick second. “You deserve to have me every to yourself when we acquire back. 2 hours, tops”

John pouted, pulling friend close by her waist. His bulge poked her thigh, resulting in your will certainly power to be extended to just off the break point.

“Please?”, he asked, dipping his head to graze his lips over the spot on her neck. The one that knew drew you absolutely feral. And this time was now different. You had actually to force yourself out of his grasp.

“Two hours, John”, friend said. Girlfriend tried come sound determined, but your voice failed you miserably. John didn´t protest, however. The swirled his finger to gain you to turn roughly so he might pull the zipper of your dress up her spine. His fingers felt hot versus your skin, goosebumps creating in their track.

“You forgot to put on underwear”, that mumbled, his finger dancing along your skin.

“Hmm, it was intentional, my love”, friend teased. Friend pressed your ass into his crotch, earning a groan type him. A mischievous laugh tugging at your lips.

“Such a slut for me, aren´t you? Hmm, it´s one of my favourite things about you”, john cooed, “Let´s walk then, sweetheart”. John pressed a kiss to the base of her neck before pulling earlier and grabbing his wallet.

The dinner was delicious, just like it had actually been every night. The waiters knew friend by now and also they were so friendly. They lugged you extra fries v your meal and made sure you were totally satisfied when you left.

You had ordered her usual bottle of wine and also was currently virtually done through it. That and also the cacao mousse you to be sharing. Or rather, John had ordered it, however you preserved stealing spoonfuls due to the fact that it to be so damn delicious. You constantly did that, not ordering something and the proceeding to take it his. John didn´t mind though, that had gained used come it by now. In fact, that even lugged it up in his wedding speech, telling you just how it was one of the adorable things he loved so much about you.

John stared in ~ you like you hung the stars in the sky, love filling his eye to the brim. This was your chance.

“John”, friend started, downing the critical mouthful of wine. You take it a deep breath and also grabbed his hand across the table. “So girlfriend know exactly how we have talked about having kids, right?”

John nodded, furrowing his eyebrows. Clearly curious to watch where this conversation was going.

“Well i was reasoning that due to the fact that we´re married now, and the home is every done, and you have over a year until your next tour, that we can maybe begin trying. Maybe”, girlfriend said, letting out a breath girlfriend didn´t even know you to be holding in.

John, however, was smiling choose an idiot. The looked like he just won the lottery. The signature toothy laugh of his practically making you melt into a puddle right there on the chair.

“Y/N”, the said, squeezing her hand, “Nothing would make me happier. I can´t wait to start a family members with you”

You couldn´t hold ago the grin that spread over friend face.

“Let´s go do a baby then”

The next few minutes go by in a blur. Friend barely registered that man threw some money ~ above the table prior to he virtually dragged you ago to her cabin.

John had actually you pressed versus the wall surface the second the door was closed, his thigh pushing itself in between your legs. Girlfriend let out a gasp when you clothed warmth made contact with it, your nails digging right into his back.

“I´ve waited therefore fucking long to hear those words slip the end of her mouth, sweetheart”, man growled, dipping his head to nip at the skin on your neck. He flicked his tongue end the bruise he simply created before sucking it right into his mouth. The delicious sting went right to your heat.

John slid his hand under your side, squeezing her hip before sliding his hand up her inner thigh. Goosebumps created in his tracts, your breath hitching in your throat as the inched closer and closer to your heat.

“Did you think the I can focus ~ above anything during dinner as soon as you were sat right throughout for me v no underwear on?”, he asked, dipping his fingers right into your folds. A gasp left her mouth together the turbulent pads of his digits spread your wetness around, teasing your entrance before sliding increase to push lightly versus your clit. Your legs were already growing weak, your breathing increasing. “Your cunt is currently fucking drenched, sweetheart”

You to be left merciless in his grasp, the grip on your waist the only thing keeping you from collapsing on the floor. You were speechless. The just thing on your mind to be the method John to be coaxing you in the direction of your orgasm with just his fingers. Appropriate inside the door.

“You know you have to use your words if you desire me”, man warned, pulling his fingers back. He lugged them to his lips, his eye locked on yours as he took the digits right into his mouth. His tongue licked them clean, a short moan escaping his mouth in ~ the taste.

You whimpered in response, pouting in expect of John showing you part mercy. You were putty in his hands.

“I don´t hear any type of words coming the end of the pretty tiny mouth the yours, sweetheart. Perform you desire me to to fill it because that you? with something other than words?”, man asked, cocking an eyebrow. Her mouth watered in ~ the thought.

John chuckled and also reached behind your earlier to traction at the zipper of your dress. It dropped over her hips prior to settling in a pile at your feet.

“Whenever you´re all set to talk, I will be in bed wait for you”, he said. John gave you a wink before transforming on his heel and walking in the direction of the bedroom.

You to be glued come the spot, your legs trembling with excitement, you heat tingling. The fact that you can hear John´s belt struggle the ground adhered to by several soft thuds didn´t specifically help. God why go he need to be such a tease?

You groaned in annoyance prior to walking on shiver legs in the direction of the bedroom. John elevated his eyebrows in surprised at how fast you were. Normally, it would certainly take a lot an ext teasing and begging because that you to start talking.

He was satellite on the edge of the bed in nothing but a pair of boxers, a cracked smirk tugging at his lips.

“Already, sweetheart? You should really want me to fuck a baby right into you”, man said. He stuck out his hand come you, which girlfriend eagerly grabbed.

“I-it´s a-all ns want, John”, you stuttered, climbing right into his lap. “Please”

His hard cock nudged your heat through his boxers, leading to you to whine in pleasure.

“Hmm, there´s my good girl. Think me, ns can´t wait to do simply that, but first we need to acquire you ready”, john said. He ordered your waist and also flipped friend over, dispersing your legs while sliding to the floor in front of you.

“What? No!”, you protested, trying to grab him to traction him up. You simply wanted him, and also you want him now. “I don´t require it”

“I check out somewhere that you´re an ext likely to acquire pregnant if friend have already had an orgasm”

“That´s bullshit, John”, you said, frustrated.

John smirked prior to leaning in. He pressed his lips come the apex of her thigh, his face so close to her heat.

“Do you want me to stop?”, that asked, relocating his lips over to her clit. He grounding his tongue out and also flicked the perceptible nub just once before staring up at you with an expectant look on his face.

“N-No”, friend admitted, emotion yourself cultivation wetter by the second. John was literally an professional at eat you out, and even despite you want to feel his bare penis inside girlfriend as quickly as possible, you couldn´t to speak no to his mouth either.

“Good girl”, john cooed, winking before delving into your heat.

He flattened his tongue and dragged it with your folds, the reminder of the teasing your clit with every lick. John went slow, teasing you. Maintaining you top top the edge. That nibbled at her folds, pressed kisses come the hood of her clit, pressed his tongue versus your entrance. Nobody of the was enough to push you end the edge. That was just playing with you. Friend grew an ext and more impatient.

“John”, you whined, getting to down come tug in ~ his hair. Girlfriend tried to press his head closer to her heat, desperate for him to relax the tension he had actually built.

“What perform you want, sweetheart? usage your words”, john said, pressing yet one more chaste kiss to your clit.

“Fuck off, John”, girlfriend half-yelled, thrusting her hips up to satisfy his face. It was no usage though since John traction back, smirking. “Ugh, I want your mouth on mine pussy. Properly. I want you to make me cum”

“That´s better”, that teased before leaning back in. John got your thighs, pushing them additional out of the way as his lips met your clit. The flicked his tongue end the perceptible nub before taking it right into his mouth, making your earlier arch that the bed. Friend tugged harder at his hair, grinding her pussy under to meet his mouth.

John´s eyes were locked ~ above your as he brought you closer and closer to her high, taking in your every moan, every grimace. He sucked specifically hard, smirking at the noise, prior to pulling earlier to ar a few kisses on your clit.

The node in her stomach was cultivation impossibly tight.

“Shit I´m walking to- divine I´m going to cum, John”, girlfriend whined, feeling your orgasm approach at an great rate.

John hummed against your heat, putting an ext pressure on her legs. Advertise them more apart. He sucked harder on her clit, pushing his tongue against the sensitive nub. Girlfriend were excellent for. Her orgasm struggle you favor a tidal wave, leading to your whole body to tense up before snapping and also shaking uncontrollably. The delicious chop tingles spread out all the way out to her fingertips, girlfriend pussy convulsing under John´s face.

He did his ideal to host you in ar through her high, his tongue slow down as to not overwhelm you. His breath warm on your pubic bone together he had the perfect watch of his favorite thing in the world: girlfriend cumming undone for him.

John pulled back, inserted a soft kiss to her inner thigh before rising to his feet. His prick was straining against his boxers. There was a significant wet spot wherein the head laid.

“Now”, he said, pulling his boxers under his legs. His cock springing free and hitting his stomach. “I think you´re all set for me to fuck a baby right into you”

John driven you more up the bed before crawling in between your legs.

“I believed you were going to placed something in my mouth”, friend teased, spreading your legs. Friend shuddered once you felt John´s penis graze against your heat.

“I can´t wait any type of longer, sweetheart”, man smirked.

“So I´m need to wait when you want to go under on me but I can´t-“

You were reduced off mine John pressing his cock into her entrance. Her mouth fell open in pleasure. It to be the very first time girlfriend had ever before felt every one of him, felt his cock bare, and also you instantly wonder why friend waited all this time to carry out so. His penis was soft and also smooth against your walls. Rock hard at the very same time. You might feel every vein, every ridge that his cock. His swollen and wet head against your g-spot v every thrust.

“Holy shit, Y/N”, man moaned, his hips stuttering as he thrusted in and out in ~ a slow pace. “This feels therefore fucking good”

“I-I know”, girlfriend whined. You placed your hands about his neck and pulled him towards you, desperately pushing your lips against his. Needing to have him close. Yearn it like a drug addict.

His penis nudged girlfriend closer and closer to the edge, his pubic bone pressing versus your perceptible clit with every thrust. John went slow, yet his thrusts were precise.

Both the you to be moaning right into each other´s mouth, his hands supporting his weight beside your head, yours tugging in ~ his hair. Your legs wrapped roughly his waist.

His penis impaled friend over and over, the slick noises pour it until it is full the room combining through your hefty breathing. You had actually to pull away from his lips to stop passing out from absence of air. Both of girlfriend panting versus each other.

“I can´t fucking wait to watch you pregnant, sweetheart”, man growled, making girlfriend whimper. God you were so close. “I´m going to cum so deep within you. Going to fuck a baby into you ideal fucking now”

You clawed in ~ his back, arching right into his touch together you felt her orgasm wash over you. Girlfriend didn´t even have time to warn him, his words advertise you best over the edge. Man groaned together you clenched your walls approximately his cock, squeezing as tough as you can as her body shook through pleasure. His name left your mouth in addition to a cable of curses. John´s penis nudged her g-spot with your high, his body against your clit making sure you rode the end every last tide of pleasure.

“You´re for this reason beautiful when you cum, sweetheart”, man cooed. That slowed his hips slightly, angling his human body so the he wasn´t rubbing versus your clit anymore. “Do you desire to stop?”

Your eyes shot open to fulfill his.

“No! Please, John. I require you come cum inside me. I have to feel you, all of you”, girlfriend whined clenching her walls about his dick to advice him closer. “Cum because that me, John. You re welcome cum. Impregnate me”

Those words were every it took for john to emboldened his head right into your neck, sinking his teeth into your shoulder together he came. Friend shuddered as you feel something warm coat your walls. His penis twitched as spurt ~ spurt the cum shot out of the slit. His hips flush against yours, hidden as deep as he could. Your wall surfaces milking out every critical drop.

John fell limp into your chest ~ he came down, his breath hot against your neck.

“Why the posesthe did us wait until currently to have sex without a condom?”, the mumbled, his words barely audible against your skin.

You ran your fingers through his hair together you giggled, emotion your love flutter.

“I have actually no idea, John”, friend giggled, “But i don´t think I ever before want to go back”

“If us don´t, we´re walking to have hundreds the kids”, man said. The pulled the end of you and flopped onto his side.

“Bold of you to i think that currently that we´re married we´ll have sex hundred times”, girlfriend teased.

“Oh please, sweetheart, you recognize you have the right to stay away. And also if this last couple of days room anything to walk by, ns think we´ll have actually a house full of youngsters in no time”

“As lengthy as they space all with you”, friend smiled, leaning in to press your lips to his. They were soft and warm, familiar against your own. That was her home.

John grinned when he traction back, caressing your chin prior to reaching over your body come grab a pillow. That sat back on his knees and lifted her hips to location it under your body.

“What the fuck space you doing?”, friend laughed, lie there choose an idiot with your ass in the air. John looked at you like it to be the most apparent thing in the world.

“Making certain none of my cum slides out? Duh”, he said, laying ago down next to you. “Do not understand anything around getting pregnant?”

“Apparently not”

“Yet you´re sure that this is what friend want?”, john asked. There was playful ton to his words.

“I have actually you to teach me so ns think we´ll manage”, girlfriend said, turning your head therefore you could press her lips to his again.

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“You´ll it is in an remarkable dad, John”

“We will be impressive together, sweetheart”, he whispered, melting right into the kiss.