To defend themselves, butterflies have the right to blend in through their surroundings or ~ pretend to it is in something they"re not. Her students make a butterfly through shapes, designs, and colors that aid protect it from predators.

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Field pilgrimage Notes

The institution soccer team is around to pat a huge game, and they need a new mascot. Janet, Arnold's bossy cousin, argues the "Bog Beast" together mascot, and the class heads for Butterfly Bog searching for the beast. There, the bus shrinks come butterfly size, and the children are tricked, surprised, and also frightened by what lock think room "Bog Beasts.'" The kids discover the "Bog Beasts" space really butterflies — winged wonders that protect themselves v camouflage and also mimicry. The children agree: A butterfly will make a an excellent mascot. If just they have the right to unshrink us by video game time!

Tricky Butterflies

Time: 30 minutesGroup Size: One

What girlfriend Need


Per child:

Several sheets of building paperScissorsCrayonsSheet of notebook paperSeveral containers the glue for the group

Talk about It

Ask: exactly how does the method butterflies look assist protect them?

What to Do

Begin through asking your students the following questions:How would certainly a butterfly need to look to mix in v a log? v a field of yellow flowers? (Kids must think about wing color, pattern, and also shape — rounded wings may blend in with flowers.)What can happen come bright colors once a butterfly folds its wings? (Some wings space bright only on top and also dull underneath, letting the butterfly blend in v dead leaves or logs.)Why carry out butterflies require these colors and designs?Give each team the materials and have children style butterflies the can defend themselves. They should choose to style either a tricker (has eye clues or frighten colors, or resembles foul-tasting butterflies) or a hider (colors work as camouflage).When your students have finished your butterflies, asking them to swap butterflies v each other. Ask student to explain how their partners' butterflies protect themselves.

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