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We are delighted to be able to offer a pevaluation of the fonts easily accessible. Please keep in mind, that as a result of the size of each font we cannot usage eextremely font on every piece. Each listing consists of a set of fonts accessible for that specific item.

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We have several fonts to offer; yet, we are just able to administer a pevaluation of a few fonts for currently. We will proceed adding more fonts for you to have the ability to ptestimonial.


This is just a pevaluation. Due to our handmade procedure, each practice item is hand stamped. Slight variations in spacing and also depth are not flegislations but improve the among a type handmade nature of the piece. The letters might not line up perfectly. This adds to the cdamage of your piece and also helps make it one of a kind. Each piece is designed by hand, letter by letter. No two pieces will certainly look alike. This just implies your item is unique and also handcrafted through love. They are perfect for gifts to cherish for a lifetime. We hand-stamp each piece one at a time via products made in the United States and made to order. Each piece is handcrafted by us from start to finish. We perform not use devices nor engrave anything. Please make sure you are conscious that even though we strive for the finest we cannot guarantee perfection given that each item is handmade. 

The dimension on the pevaluation fonts are not the actual dimension of our hand stamp fonts. It"s just for you to preview the look of the fonts.


All residential and also international orders ship by means of USA Postal Service-First Class mailOrders ship from New Jersey, USA.All orders ship through a tracking numberInsurance is an include on choice at checkoutPlease encertain your ship to deal with is correct before placing your order. We are not responsible for any order shipped to the wrong address if customer inputs the wrong attend to or absent apartment #. If order ships to the wrong deal with as a result of customers mistake, once ceded back to us; we will sfinish an invoice to re-ship the order to the correct resolve as we would have to pay for shipping aget.If we made a mistake in your order, we will certainly make it right!Eexceptionally piece is shipped in a jewelry box prepared to be gifted


We are proud to share that our jewelry is made of sheet metals from the USA. We execute not outsource our fine luxurious pieces. We handcraft them from start to finish in our home studio.

Gold & Rose Gold Filled:is an actual layer of gold-push bonded to another metal. Gold filled is not to be puzzled via gold plating as filled literally has actually 100% even more gold than gold plating. Gold filled is a lot even more handy and tarnish resistant. It does not flake off, rub off or revolve colors.

Sterling Silver: is .925 or .999 silver. It is NOT plating. It will not flake off, rub off or turncolors.

Stainless steel: is an awesome alternate to sterling silver. It is bideal, glossy-mirror complete. However, it is not as dainty, soft or shinny as sterling silver. It will certainly not tarnish nor rotate shade. It is light weight.Aluminum : is a light weight material. It has some shine but its not as bbest and shinny as sterling silver nor stainless steel. It is hypoallergenic, will certainly not tarnish and will certainly not change color.

Is crucial tofollow these finest techniques to ensure the long, beautiful life of your piece

Remove jewelry during physical tasks consisting of intense cardio workouts gym, running, etc

Remove jewelry once making use of chemicals: such as shampoos, harsh soaps, lotions, makeup, hairspray, and so on

Regularly clean your jewelry making use of mild soap. Pat dry. DO NOT rub.

Avoid expocertain to pool, jacuzzi, or anypoint containing chemicals or sea salt.

Avoid abrasive products such asa terry fabric, bath towel, and shirt to polish your jewelry.

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Avoid any type of liquid such as water to stop the black oxidation of the letters to fade. The letters, deindicators, and also numbers will never fade as we hand also stamp each item. They are long-term. However, the babsence oxidation will certainly fade over time. On high end jewelry, we recommfinish you to not oxidize the jewelry.