Works for PS3 and also PS4

Another fighting game, one more fightstick. This month foolish Catz is unleashing several sticks into the market, consisting of a below $100 option, and a couple of $200+ models.

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Do girlfriend really need an high-quality stick to play Street Fighter V? No, however a most you are going come buy it anyway.


The an essential here is the the touchpad buttonalso works, i m sorry isn’t an option for heritage controllers. In other words, theFightStick tournament Edition 2+ is a catch-all, where you can scroll v anything top top the PS4, and also have everything role in every game. For instance, Guilty gear Xrdplayers have the right to use the touchpad come reset location while practicing, and also Mortal Kombat Xuses it to queue increase chats. It also has L3 and R3 buttons in ~ the top. Start and also select room behind the stick, i m sorry takes obtaining used come for every one of one day or so.

Naturally there room some fightstick-centric concessions too. The typical lock toggle is over there to shut off the start and also select buttons (and top top this mode, share and also the touchpad, to protect against a tournament mishap), together is a heritage toggle to go backwards come the vault generation, and a move to change up the joystick sensitivity to suit the left or appropriate analog stick, or the d-pad. I prefer the layout personally, even if the offset setup the the SoulCalibur V Arcade FightStickis my an individual favorite rod in mine library. The eight-button order (square, triangle, R1, L1 / X, circle, R2, L2) is intuitive because that Street Fighter, and given that you don’t need 3xP and also 3xK as much as you did in the past, it’s even much easier to use. There space no an intricate LEDs however it does have actually its own Lightbar that mimics the PS4.

I supplied this stick on the PS4 and also PS3 flawlessly for the previous week (tested ~ above Street Fighter V, BlazBlue, Skullgirls, Mortal Kombat X, Ultra Street Fighter V, Guilty equipment Xrd, and Injustice), and I haven’t ran into one trouble yet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case on PC. To acquire it to occupational on the platform withStreet Fighter V, the whole reason this specific model exists, you’ll need to useJoyToKey. This is mainly on Capcom for putting out a negative PC port, not Mad Catz. It appears as if they space working on support for the future, but nothing is guarantee yet, and also there’s yes, really no excuse for not having an officially license is granted product like this work-related at launch. That did work on various gamings such together Skullgirlshowever, and funnily enough,UltraStreet Fighter IV.

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In addition to the the $80 FightStick Alpha and FightPad controllers, theother premium options are theS+ Arcade FightStick because that $199, which features a boxier design, and also TE2 Chun-Li and also generic variants. You additionally have the well obtained Hori actual Arcade agree 4 in terms of PS4-specific sticks. The choice is yours. Together for myself, I’m set with sufficient Fight Coins to buy the next three personalities in Street Fighter V, and theTournament version 2+ is my desired stick at the moment.