24-bit/96kHz CompactFlash Recorder via 48V Phantom Power, TRS and Line Inputs, and T-shaped Condenser Mic

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Sorry, the M-Audio MicroTrack II is no longer easily accessible. We"ve left this page up for reference just.Check out the good options on this page or contact toll-free (800) 222-4700 to soptimal with a rwandachamber.org Sales Engineer about comparable products.

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The MicroTrack II adds also even more top-level pro attributes to the wildly successful handheld recorder that audio and also film experts have actually offered for years for top-notch audio capture. Amongst the features of this newest generation of MicroTrack are a prolonged input obtain selection, analog input limiter, 48V phantom power (an innovation over the 30V phantom power of the original), and quicker file carry. Record WAV (BWF) and MP3 files, and then drag and also drop to your computer from the MicroTrack II. If you"re seeking portable recording power, choose the MicroTrack II!

M-Audio MicroTrack II CompactFlash Recorder at a Glance:The ideal portable songwriter"s notebook!Post MP3s to the Internet - instantlyCompactFlash storage for versatile recording timesSimple file transfers by means of USB 2.0

Take MicroTrack II via you as a songwriter"s notebookMicroTrack II"s mobility and also mic preamps additionally make it right for recording practice sessions and also gigs, not to mention capturing film-quality sound impacts in the field. Balanced 1/4" TRS line outs additionally make it easy to take a feed straight from a studio or club mixer. S/PDIF input implies that you deserve to even document the output of digital mixers and also execute transfers from various other digital recording/storage gadgets. And regardless of how you pick to document, you can monitor on the MicroTrack II using the 1/8" stereo headphone jack or RCA line outs.

Message MP3s to the Web - instantlyMicroTrack II"s capability to document straight to MP3 documents and carry them instantly to the computer suggests that you have the right to e-mail or short article high-quality recordings to the Web instantly. Musicians deserve to e-mail demos to writing/manufacturing partners and also document carriers as soon as the inspiration strikes. Firm customers have the right to quickly upfill meetings and presentations for testimonial and wider dissemination immediately. Educators deserve to article classes, lectures and also seminars without delay. Faith-based institutions deserve to easily broadcast worship services and also speakers. Professional presenters can develop and also sell back-finish collateral content nearly instantly-and also the list goes on.

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CompactFlash storage for versatile recording timesOne of the secrets to the MicroTrack II"s compact dimension is that, choose many type of of today"s digital camperiods, it records to CompactFlash or microdrives. Upgrade to a 2GB card to maximize your recording time. And via the brand-new BWF file marker capacity, you can develop marker points while recording a file fairly than the stop-and-record-method of the original MicroTrack.

Simple file transfersJust connect MicroTrack II to your PC or Mac using USB, and also it appears as a USB mass storage tool reflecting the distinct identification variety of each file. Drag and also drop the files to your computer"s difficult drive and also your audio is ready to edit and/or post to the Net.

Professional recording - anytime, anywhereAt about the dimension and also weight of a deck of cards, MicroTrack II will certainly go almost everywhere you must record-yet do not let its little dimension fool you. Thanks to leaps in miniaturization, this rugged device is in the exact same class as our critically acclaimed audio interdeals with. MicroTrack II"s pro-quality preamps complete with phantom power will certainly work-related via your favorite condenser microphones essentially all over you must capture audio - all the means as much as 24-bit/96kHz. MicroTrack II is powered using long-life lithium-ion batteries.

M-Audio MicroTrack II Features:2-channel WAV (BWF) and MP3 recording and also playago for pro recording, capturing live shows, songcreating, training, education and learning, worship, and moreImmediate drag-and-drop file move to PC and also Mac by means of high-rate USB 2.0 mini-connectorMulti-part recording of documents greater than 2GBEasily include markers to BWF filesProfessional balanced 1/4" TRS inputs qualified of mic or line-level signalsExtended input gain rangeAnalog input limiter via bypassSepaprice left and also appropriate input level controls through signal and height indicatorsDual microphone preamps with 48V phantom power for studio microphones1/8" TRS input through 5V power for usage with stereo electret microphone (microphone included)S/PDIF coaxial input for digital transfersMonitoring through RCA line outputs or 1/8" stereo headphone outputMonitor S/PDIF input through headphones while recordingCustomizable folders for arranging filesDedicated butlots for navigation, document, host, delete, menu, and also powerStorage by means of convenient CompactFlash or Microdrives (sold separately)Built-in CompactFlash speed test ensures optimal card performanceLarge LCD through backlight dimmerOutput level controlHibercountry modePowered using USB, built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery or included power supplyIncludes electret t-shaped microphone, software for editing and enhancing and also file format convariation, moving pouch, 1/8" stereo extension cable with lapel clip, power supply, and also USB cableRecord tracks all over, anytime with the M-Audio MicroTrack II!
m-audio microtrack ii